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An Analysis Of Shaffers Equus

An Analysis Of Shaffers genus genus genus EquusThe compulsionon is in two acts, the stolon consisting of twenty- ace the second of thirty-five dioramas. It is non realistic in that it includes flash approves performed onstage (like a movie). How eer, it is an explanatory one with Shaffers nones while read. It is a revive consisting of individuals preferably than types. Each character has his/her individuality along with his/her ingest perspective of carriage. We interpret round the characters from what separate characters discern round them from what they tell more or less themselves as well as from Shaffers explanation ab surface them within p atomic number 18ntheses. Although it is an open finish guide it goes far from the lineer plot structure with its amazing climax. The forward and retracted follow up of the shoo-in makes it a unlike one. Moreover while the trick has speech when the cadence is present, it contains action when it is secondward. It is a sym bolic play and s death intelligence service be c ei at that placed a journey into the mind of Alan Strang, a s exampleeen yr old boy. It analyzes Alans religious obsession with dollar bills which is based on his conglomerate feelings payable to his religious background and his increasing sexual side as a teenager. This confusion of pietism, in fact, is a progeny of virtu entirelyy signals from his religious, middle-class induce and his atheist, functional-class capture. Alans perception of righteousness and sexuality is conflicted and his way of praying becomes a reverence of a dollar bill spirit named Equus. He ends up with blinding sextette one dollar bills in the stable because of the fact that they urinate watched him with a girl. Rosefeldt states that Equus is godly by a real-life event of which the author had very little details. mortal told Shaffer about a boy who blinded horses (Rosefeldt 89). Equus, the horse gradually becomes a source of liberty and wo rship for Alan. As he worships Equus passionately, Alan goes apart from cosmos habitual.There argon two main characters in the play, Martin Dysart and Alan Strang, the protagonist. time the play is Alans story, it soon becomes Dysarts story, too. Dysart is a psychiatrist and is commanded to treat Alan Strang. Dysart admits to treat Alan as a patient, be lieving his lawyer friend Hesther Salomon that the boy has close to thing special. In consummation I, the earshots learn that Alan comes from a Christian incur Dora Strang and an atheist father vocal Strang who live argument in agreeing how to raise Alan. Alans mother tries to impose righteousness on Alan and does not avoid talking about sex as well. As he grows up and becomes a teenager, his mothers rowing become perplexing for him. Alans obssesion with the horses is actually a typical result of his mothers wordsDora. I utilise to tell him a funny thing about falling forth horses. Did you know that when Christian cavalry depression appeared in the New World, the pagans concept horse and charger was one someone?Dysart. Really?Alan. (sitting up, amazed) One person?Dora. Actually, they thought it must be a god.Alan. A godDora. It was save when one chafer fell off, they realized the truth.Dysart. Thats fascinating. I never perceive that before . . . Can you remember all(prenominal)thing else like that you may have told him about horses.Dora. Well, not very. They are in the Bible of course. He saith among the trumpets, Ha, ha.Dysart. Ha, ha? (Equus 11)Dora has withal let Alan watch some Western films without his fathers knowledge (Equus 12). She is the one in the play introducing the word equus stating that it is a Latin word for horse by which Alan is fascinated since he has not heard a word with two Us (Equus 12). As for wienerwurst, he has never approved of his married woman teaching Alan Bible since he is an atheist. For Frank, Alans psychological science has been corrupted beca use of Doras teachings of Bible.Alan has been having nightmares in which he keeps saying Ek . . . Ek . . .Ek (Equus 14). Dysart first-class honours degree tries psychotherapy to learn the reasons for Alans problems. However, those therapies consequently reveal some interesting clues about Dysarts own problems. Alan is a clever boy and he tries to forge on Dysarts psychology in the way Dysart doesDysart. Do you ambitiousness often?Alan. Yes, do you?Dysart. Yes. Do you have a special aspiration?Alan. nary(prenominal) Do you?Dysart. Yes. What was your dream about last night?Alan. banking concern remember. Whats yours about?Dysart. I utter the truth.Alan. Thats the truth. Whats yours about? The special one.Dysart. Carving up children. (Equus 14)Shapiro who analyzes the play technically, suggests for the relationship between Dysart and AlanThe symbolic aspect is in the phrases Dysart uses to grade the film in motion. What they symbolize is Dysarts dishonesty, as Alans symbolic e vent overly revealsAlan is acting a symbolic event with an iconic, truculent aspect, the object of which is the audiences designation of Dysarts dishonesty In this case the audience knows from the Nurses forward indexical event that Dysart knew about Alans nightmares. Thus, they should recognize that Dysart began the interview with a lie. Consequently, the interview toleratenot proceed until Alan turns indexical. He will do this once Dysart becomes truthful. Hence, Alan suggests that they interview each other. (Shapiro 111)In the tenth part scene of the first act, the audience is again introduced to a flashback. During this second therapy, Alan goes back to the time when he was six years oldHorseman. Whoa . . . Whoa in that respect Whoa . . woeful I didnt see you . . . Did I scare you?Alan. NoHorseman. ( feeling downward(a) at him) Thats a terrific castleAlan. Whats his name?Horseman. Trojan. You can stroke him, if you like. He wont mind. (Equus 19)In this scene Alans parent s arrive and warn the horseman. His father takes him from the horsemans shoulders and they gain angry with the horseman. Frank who is strictly against riding horses is sad to see Alan hurt, besides Alan is glad to have ridden a horse. He explains his act saying I wanted to laugh (Equus 20). It is here clear that Alan as a boy, demands to have joy no matter how his parents believe. It is the passion destroyed by his parents.What Dysart really wants to learn is the reason why Alan blinded the six horses in the stable. As a psychiatrist, Dysart wants to go into the deepest propertys of Alans psychology in guild to give some meaning to this act of Alan. However, Alan neither explains why he blinded the horses nor tells something that can help Dysart find some reason behind it. He continues playing with the psychiatrist.In the eleventh scene we are told that Alan, when he was twelve, insisted on purchasing the picture of Christ loaded down with chains with his pocket money, and suspension system it at the foot of his whap where he could see it last thing at night (Equus 21). However, Frank, the atheist father tore and threw it onward. Instead of the picture, he put a photograph of a horse which made Alan happy.In the fifteenth scene, Dysart has in the long run managed to have more clues about Alans situation. He has learnt from Frank about a girl in Alans life and decided to investigate some questions about the stable. Alan takes the audience to the previous year when he first talked to Jill a middle-class girl in her early twenties. At this time, Alan is works in a shop and Jill has come to the shop in pitch to buy some blades for a clipping machine to clip horses (Equus 29). Jill is working in a stable owned by Harry Dalton. She suggests Alan ride horses that Alan is here hesitant since he knows his parents would be against it. He finally agrees to go to the stable and meet Dalton. As soon as he arrives the stable, Dalton tells him about the hors es and teaches him how to ride a horse. Here we are introduced to Nugget, a horse which will soon have an important part in the play. When Alan is go forth alone with the horses in the stable, his passion returns. What Dysart wants to learn is whether Alan had a date with Jill however Alan is again escapist in his answers and he instead tries to question Dysart about his own dates. It is in scene seventeen where the audiences come to realize the privileged conflict of Dysart. Alan tries to catch Dysart from his weakest point. Dysart has never had some(prenominal) sexual relationship with all women in his life, including his married woman. He is nervous when he is asked why he does not have any children and short need cigarettes. His soliloquy in this scene is a clear evidence about this psychiatrists psychologyWhat am I, and then? . . . Wicked little bastard Alan knew exactly what questions to try. Hed actually marched himself round the hospital, making enquiries about my wi fe. Wicked and of course, perceptive. Ever since I made that crack about carving up children, hes been aware of me in an absolutely specific way. Of course, there is zipper novel in that. Advanced neurotics can be daze at that game. They aim unswervingly at your area of maximum vulnerability. . . Which I suppose is as cheeseparing a way as any of describing Margaret. (Equus 32)The next scene reveals Dysarts problems with his wife Margaret. Dysart explains Hesther why they did not have any children. He blames Margaret for this. He states that Margaret sits beside their salmonpink, glazed brick fireplace, and knits things for orphans for him, his wife is a domestic nut who is the Shrinks Shrink (Equus 34). While Dysart likes to read about Ancient Greece, Margaret hates such things. Their labor union is including two divers(prenominal) persons, being very similar to Alans parents union. Shaffer prefers to give this marriage from one point of view that of the husband. We never meet the wife. Dysart is unhappy and awkward in his marriage. He tells his friend, HestherDo you know what its like for two bulk to live in the same house as if they were in different parts of the world? Mentally, shes always in some drizzly kirk of her own inheriting and Im in some Doric temple clouds tearing throuh pillars eagles demeanor prophecies out of the sky. (Equus 34)In this scene Dysart seems to cure himself it is his confrontation with his own upset psychology. He is obsessed with the concept of normal. According to Hesther, Dysart is trying to restore Alan to a normal life and Dysart is confused when he thinks about the meaning of normal and being a normal person. For Hesther, it is the smile in a childs eyeball (Equus 35), and for Dysart, it is also the dead stare in a million grownups (Equus 36). Rosefeldt explains Dysarts psychology as followsMore than any other character, Dysart is aware that he is pin down in a chain of substitutions. Dysart longs to reach the passion of pagan worship. His wife reduces the sacred acrobats to absurred 50 freaks and equates the heroes of the Iliad with ruffians 50. He cries out, Oh the primitive world. . . what instinctual truths were lost with it 50. Alienated and alone, Dysart knows he has lost contact with these primitive truths and is hopelessly trying to regain them. For communicating with the gods, Dysart substitutes the secondary experience of reading books on the cultural shelf 50. Instead of comer up to the gods, he brings home Kodachrome snaps of Mount Olympus 50. The power of the gods rests in the classic pantheonAlso, Dysart touches a reproduction statue of Dionysus 50. The power and essence of the god is replaced by the physical presence of the god, which is replaced by the statue of the god, which is replaced by a reproduction of the statue. (Rosefeldt 92)Dysart, in order to learn more about Alan, now chooses hypnosis technique and Alans problems are revealed as followsDysart. presen tly, Alan, youre going to answer questions Im going to ask you. Do you understand?Alan. Yes.Dysart. Good. Now I want you to think back in time. You are on that beach you told me about. The tide has gone out, and youre making sandcastles. Above you, staring down at you, is that great horses head, and the cream dropping from it. Can you see that?Alan.Yes.Dysart.You ask him a question. Does the chain hurt?Alan.Yes.Dysart. Do you ask him aloud?Alan. No.Dysart. And what does the horse say back?Alan.Yes.Dysart.Then what do you say?Alan.Ill take it for you.Dysart. And he says?Alan.It never comes out. They have me in chains.Dysart.Like Jesus?Alan.YesDysart.Only his name isnt Jesus, is it?Alan.No.Dysart.What is it?Alan.No one knows simply him and me.Dysart.You can tell me, Alan. Name him.Alan. Equus. (Equus 37)Alan is now unconscious with the effect of hypnosis. In his imagination, the horse is chained like Jesus. Now it is clear that Alans imagination has been influenced by his mothers tea chings of Bible as stated before by Frank. For Alan, Equus lives in all horses and is chained because of the sins of the world (Equus 38). When Alan goes back to the time he was twelve, looking at the picture of Equus, Dysart asks him questions about the stable. The stable is the temple of Equus where Alan washes and brushes him. Equus wants to be ridden by Alan exclusively he does not show Alan how to ride him He showed me nothing Hes a mean bugger Ride or fall Thats Straw Law (Equus 39).Equus is no pagan nonpareil he is unmistakably the Judeo-Christian God, born in the straw 39 (stable of Bethlehem) and erosion the sandals 40 of Christ. As Christ suffered for man patient of, Equus takes the punishment for Alans sake. The Ark of the Covenant symbolizing the swerve between God and man becomes the Ark of the Manbit 41, which Alan holds in his mouth. The lump of sugar becomes Equus Last Supper 42. Alan beckons Equus, Take my sins. Eat them for my sake 43. Equus is Jesus, the Son of God, the deliveryman who takes away the sins of the world. Just as Christ launched his attack against the House of Mammon, Alan launches Equus against their mutual foes The Hosts of Philco and The Hosts of Remington, the rulers of the shallow and materialistic world of substitutions. Equus is Alans redeemer, the Godslave 43. (Rosefeldt 92)Alan rode Equus either three weeks in Daltons stable. He stole the stables keys and went there secretly to ride Equus. Dysart wants Alan to remember a scene in the stable He throws out his arms and shows himself fully to his God, bowing himself before Nugget (Equus 41). Alan is pleased to touch Nugget but he is distressed when he remembers his eyes. He gives Nuggets sugar, the last supper before Ha ha. Here Alan whispers his Gods name ceremonially Alan. Equus . . . Equus . . .Equus (Equus 42), and he says Stay, Equus. No-one said Go . . . Thats it. Hes good. Equus the Godslave. Faithful and true(42).The Equus voice increases in massesAlan. (S houting) WEE . . . WAA . . . WONDERFUL . . .Im squiffy Stiff in the windMy mane, stiff in the windMy flanks My hoovesMane on my legs, on my flanks, like whips birthday suitRawIm raw RawFeel me on you On you On youI want to be in youI want to BE you forever and ever Equus, I cope youNow Bear me awayMake us One personHe rides Equus crazily (Equus 44)The end of Act I is the climax, a strange combination of religion and sexuality. Equus is now the god that rules Alan. The word AMEN ends Act I (Equus 44).In Act II, Frank is interestingly absent in the play. (That may be symbolic but we do not know why). Dora seems to realize her faults in rising Alan. She comes to see that it is not the child but the parent who is faulty. She sees Alan as a little victim who has done nothing at all (Equus 47). However in her speech to Dysart, she strangely puts the blame on Alan and blames Dysart for wondering(a) her family as if they are guiltyDora. (ignoring him more and more urgently) Look, Doctor you dont have to live with this. Alan is one patient to you one out of many. Hes my son. I lie awake every night thinking about it. Neither of us sleeps all night. You come to us and say Who forbids television? Who does what behind whose back? as if we are criminals. Let me tell you something. Were not criminals. Weve done nothing wrong. We loved Alan. We gave him the best love we could. every(prenominal) right, we quarrel sometimes all pparents quarrel we always make it up. My husband is a good man. Hes an undecomposed man, religion or no religion. He cares for his home, for the world, and for his boy. Alan had love and care and treats, and as much fun as any boy in the world. I know about loveless homes I was a teacher. Our home wasnt loveless. I know about privacy, too not invading a childs privacy. every last(predicate) right, Frank may be at fault there he digs into him too much but nothing in excess. Hes not a bully . . . (Equus 47)This speech of Dora reveals both h er and Franks faults although she typically insists that they have been good parents to Alan. Shaffer uses this technique for many characters in this play in order to be effective The character is here revealing herself through her own words that is to say Shaffer lets the character talk about herself in order to discover objectivity. Dora, the religious mother lastly puts the blame on the Devil thinking that Devil came to Alan. She is portrayed as a typical irresponsible mother who is unaware of the process her son grows up I further knew he was my little Alan, and then the Devil came (47). Both of the parents fail in dealing with their teenager son. It is a step of Alan for adolescence in which Alan is learning about life. Parents quarrelling is not something as trivial as Dora thinks. It really affects the child since he waistcloth between two different versions of beliefs, two different truths those of the mother and of the father.Alans crisis has in fact begun when Jill Mas on attempted to seduce him one night when Alans horse god, Equus was there in the stable. Alan blinds six horses with a metal plait (Equus 3) in the second act of the play and it is seen as a consequence of his guilt and shame. Although he does not want to remember anything about Jill, Dysart makes him tell about all at last. It is the most important flashback later on the one about Equus. Dysart encourages Alan to remember it in order to get over it. Everything begins with Jills inviting Alan out. Although he has to go home, he accepts her offer and they go to the cinema. At the cinema, Alan tells Jill, there was no girl except for her. Soon, it is understood that the film is a pornographic one. Dysart asks him Was that the first time youd seen a girl naked? and Alan says Yes (Equus 58). Then suddenly, Alan realizes that his father is at the cinema, too. With the fear of being caught at such a film, he tries to disguise himself.When he is caught, Frank shouts at Alan and the thr ee leave the cinema. Outside, Alan tries to speak to his fatherAlan. I I Ive never been there before. Honest . . . Never . . .(to Dysart) He didnt seem to hear. Jill tried.Jill. Its true, Mr.Strang. It wasnt Alans idea to go there. It was mine. (Equus 59)Alan. (to Dysart) The bus wouldnt come. We just stood and stood . . . Then suddenly he spoke.Frank. (stiffly) Id like you to know something. Both of you. I came here this night to see the Manager. He asked me to call on him for business purposes. I kick the bucket to be a printer, Miss A picture house needs posters. Thats entirely why Im here. To discuss posters. While I was waiting I happened to glance in, thats allI had no idea they showed films like this. Im surely going to pass up my services.Jill. (kindly) Yes, of course.Frank. So long as thats understood. (Equus 59)Interestingly enough, Frank explains why he himself is there instead of asking Alan why he is there. He has certainly come to the cinema for the same reason wi th Alan and Jill. Thus Alan and Frank are scared of each other. Frank leaves them and Alan stays with Jill. More importantly, Alan has been now introduced to the adult life with the film. He wants to make love with Jill. She takes Alan to the Stables because they cannot go to Alans or Jills house. Alan does not want to go to the Stables he prefers a home.Alan. Why not your place?Jill. I cant. Mother doesnt like me bringing boys back. I told you . . . Anyway, the Barns better.Alan. NoJill. All that straw. Its cosy.Alan. NoJill. Why not?Alan. ThemJill. Dalton will be in bed . . . Whats the matter? . . . Dont you want to?Alan. (aching to) YesJill. So?Alan. (desperate) Them . . . Them . . .Jill. Who?Alan. (low) Horses.Jill. Horses? . . .Youre really dotty, arent you? . . . What do you mean?He starts shakingOh youre freezing . . . Lets get under the straw. Youll be warm there.Alan. (pulling away) No (Equus 62)Alan does not want to be seen by the horses since he thinks it would be a shame ful act according to his religion. Although Jill shuts all the doors in order not to be seen by the horses, he is not comfortable. Alan cannot help but think of Equus and he sees Equus instead of Jill. Thus, his attempt to make love with Jill fails. Angrily, he shouts at Jill Get out (Equus 65). His psychology in this scene is horribleAlan. (to Dysart) He was there. Through the door. The door was shut, but he was there . . .Dysart. Laughing?Alan. (to Dysart) Mocking . . .Mocking . . .Standing downstage he stares up towards the tunnel. A great silence weighs on the square.(To the silenceterrified) Friend . . . Equus the openhearted . . . The merciful . . .Forgive me . . .Silence.It wasnt me Not really me. Me. . . Forgive me . . .Take me back again beguile . . . PLEASE (He kneels on the downstage lip of the square, still facing the door, huddling in fear) Ill never do it again. I rove . . . I swear . . .Dysart. And He? What does He say?Alan. (to Dysart whispering) Mine . . . Youre mine . . . I am yours and you are mine . . . (Equus 67)Equuss Nuggets eyes are rolling and Alan is sure that he has seen them make love. look . . . White eyes . . . never close Eyes like flames coming coming . . .God seest God seest . . . NO . . . (Equus 68). Alan stabs out Nugget and other five horses eyes. He yells in hysteria as he collapses on the ground (Equus 68).Dysart is about to finish his process of normalizing Alan. However he does not know whether he should be happy to have this patient cured. He calls it madness (Equus 68). In the end, Dysart appears to have cured him.Equus is a troubling play about a psychiatrists struggle to understand the passionately conceived but torturing personal mythology of Alan, a disturbed adolescent. If a psychologist of religion had gone after the young mans associations to G-o-d, he or she might have retrieved references to the pallid ill-used God of Alans parents, but would likely have missed Alans dramatic psychical creation of a personal diety he called Equus. Although it might be argued that this is the kind of exceptional case that falls more into the psychopathology of religion and is no basis for generalization, I am more and more struck by how distinctive and sometimes quite original are the spiritual formulations of individuals. (Mc Dargh 90)The play really includes the idea of passion versus reason. It is about a psychiatrist who thinks he can solve everything by reason and at the same time about an adolescent who is filled with passion but forced by his family to leave his passion. The battle of passion and reason in the case of Alan seems to end with the defeat of passion however, Shaffer certainly prefers a combination of two. It is not only Alans but also becomes the inner conflict of Dysart. While the horses represent freedom and sexuality, Martin Dysart represents reason as a doctor. During the play, the two characters have difficult times. Dysart shows a change in his attitude towards passion . As for Alan, he is treated by the psychiatrist to become normal. Alan is caught up between his own creation of religion and what is expected by him. He has to feel himself acceptable (Equus 68) since reason alternatively than passion is what is accepted by society. Dysart lacks passion and is jealous of Alan (Equus 50) he is disquieting in this process of normalizing. He gradually gets worried that he should not cure Alan because this would be the end of Alans passion, so he does not want to give an end to that passion which he lacks but desires. Dysart confesses to Hesther, that boy has know a passion more ferocious than I have ever felt in any second of my life. And let me tell you something I envy it (Equus 50). Dysart is thus obsessed with passion saying Passion, you see, can be destroyed by a doctor. It cannot be created (Equus 69).It is a disturbing play in which Shaffer makes use of sound effects to make it psychologically effective. The horses are performed by actors w ho wear horse masks. As for the scene props, Shaffer makes use of wanton in order to accentuate his themes (Innes 228). Light is used in the play as an indication of Alans psychology. There are dream sequences, and a scenic structure that cuts across the logic of time as well as cause and effect following the irrational associations of the subconscious, plus ritual chanting, conventionalised masks and mythic archetypes (Innes 228). Shaffer ignores the three unities of Aristotle there are scenes belonging to different places and different times and there is no unity of action. However, Shaffer directly connects the past action of the play to the plot of present events and the scenery connects more with the psychological life of the character than to the surface plot.As for the setting, it changes from scene to scene it is both internal and external even in a single scene being both internal and external. It begins when Alan is seventeen years old and goes back to the previous yea rs.The point of view is also variable Shaffer lets the audience see the things from each characters point of view and Shaffer uses the omniscient narrator in order to emphasize each point of view. The play is about an adolescent who has deep complicated conflicts in his relationships with his parents and his first flirt Jill. The play is not only an exceedingly useful source book for an understanding of madness and family processes, it is also an program line of the dramatherapists long-held credo that art can tell us things that science cannot (Davis xiii). Shaffer is thriving at portraying the psychology of characters and Equus is a good work of drama in which the themes of passion, reason and worship and the idea of normal and atypical are linked by Shaffer in order to make his audience question their beliefs and society.

Relationship Between Plankton and Ocean Currents

relationship Between Plankton and nautical afoot(predicate)sGabriel VallimPLANKTON AND naval CURRENTSPlankton, from Greek it means wanderingPlankton erect be considered all organisms that practise with ocean currents. This does not necessarily mean that all dont have tendment. Many of them have the ability to move, entirely cant track the chains, and because of that they only has vertical movements and dont define its plain position in the ocean. Plankton can be plants or wolfs and it has an im expressionant determination in the fish food chain and opposite sea life, and overly for human beings.The plankton organisms are real important because they are the base of shipboard soldier food chain, and as well as because phytoplankton is the longst source of oxygen to the atmosphere, to the photosynthesis.These organisms have different sizes from 2 microns (protozoa) to a few meters (some(a) species of jellyfish), and are distributed from the fold to deep water.Importanc e of the Plankton Plankton is very important for life on Earth. Phytoplankton produces very much of oxygen that people and other animals need to survive. Plankton is as well as a big source of food. Zooplankton feed on the phytoplankton. Fish and other large animal, feeds the zooplankton. As an example we have the whales, which slip by the plankton with their filters, present in their mouths.Plankton doesnt have the ability to overcome the ocean current. This is why the plankton is a group of extremely vulnerable to devil dog pollution organisms, since they cant move to a location with bump environmental conditions. Thus, some plankton organisms are important indicators of environmental quality of the nautical vicinitys.Types of Plankton1) Phytoplankton is Plankton formed from plants. These organisms are often not the size of a cell. A diatom, for example, which is a type of unicellular algae, is a common form of phytoplankton. The plants be to the plankton occupy the upp er layers of the ocean because of light presence and then dress photosynthesis to produce energy and release oxygen gas.Different from intimately the three estates plants, phytoplankton does not need roots, stems or leaves, because they can absorb water and nutrients outright from their environment.2) Zooplankton is Plankton formed from animal organisms. Some of these organisms are very small, as crustaceans illumination and protozoa. Others, such as jellyfish, are larger. Some fish and shellfish, early in his life, are eggs or small larvae. These eggs and larvae are as well as zooplankton. In the phytoplankton and zooplankton, bacteria and fungi float on the waters of the planet. These bodies can also be considered plankton. oceanic watercoursesThe ocean currents are water f meeks that get in the oceans and regulate the humour. Some streams are perennial, or is always catamenia in a disposed direction at a given distributor point. Ocean currents have their origin in th e movement of winds at the surface and by the movement of Earths rotation. It starts in the tropics and at spunky latitudes and circulates oceans and seas carrying large bodies of water and debris, affecting marine life.They are divided into icy and substantial currents, and have particular characteristics, such as temperature, salinity, color, density and marine life. The nimble currents originate in the Intertropical Zone, leave the tropics toward the Polar Regions, while the cold currents, originate in the Polar Regions, and move in the opposite direction, towards the equatorial Zones. An example is the Humboldt Current, which reaches the coast of Chile, creating a marked aridity in the region, and interferes with the fishing activity.They carry with them moisture and heat also interfering in marine life and, consequently, having a direct work on on the balance of the oceans and seas. It is considered the most important and enigmatic phenomena of the oceans ascribable to i ts influence on climate regions and also for holding an important transportation work and spread of plant and animal species.The composition of ocean currents is because of the union of some factors of temperament, such as going density of water, by the difference in temperature and salinity. The currents tend to move the higher(prenominal) density areas to low density areas action of the winds and movement of the Earths rotation (mainly influences towards some currents).Ocean currents can influence the climate, for example, contribute to the formation of deserts, such as the Humboldt Current with the Atacama cast off and the Benguela current with the desert of Namibia and Kalahari . From a biological point of view, the currents contribute to the spread of animal and plant species by the various areas through which they pass. The Humboldt Current, for example, contributes to the coast of Peru and Chile be one of the inscrutableest areas in the world of fish, due to the large am ount of marine plankton that it transports.Major Ocean CurrentsAtlantic Ocean lantern slide of North the States The Labrador Current (cold), the disconnect Stream (hot) marge of Central America current West Indies or South equatorial current (hot) Coast of South America Falkland or Malvinas Current (cold), brazil nut Current ( adoring).Pacific Ocean Coast of North America Current California (cold) Coast of Central America North Equatorial Current (hot) Coast of South America Current Humboldt or Peru Current (cold).The worlds study ocean currents are the Gulf Stream, which moves in the south to north on the east coast of the USA and then in Europe, the current of Brazil, which moves in the north-south direction along the Brazilian coast, the current Humbolt, which moves by the Pacific Ocean and is related to the events effect El Nio, and the chain of Bengal, which moves in the watt to east toward the Indian Ocean.Ocean currents can be classified fit in to the temperature of where form in warm currents are formed in the equatorial zones (current of Guinas, the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and the South Equatorial) cold currents that form in the diametral regions (current Labrador, Humbolt, the Falklands, Bengal and the Antarctic Circumpolar).Ocean Current influences on climateNorth America The Labrador Current (cold) influences the temperature of the northeast coast of North America, making the climate of that region presents very low temperatures, causing the freezing of waters in the port of New York.The Gulf Stream (hot) originates in the West Indies lard much of the east coast of North America, warming the climate in the Gulf of Mexico. By having hot water favors the evaporation contributing to increased rainfall in the Gulf region.South America South America also receives influence of ocean currents as the Humboldt Current (cold), also known as the Peru Current. This ocean current rises near Antarctica therefore carries the cold temperatures of the are a where it originates. The low temperature of the Humboldt Current prevents evaporation, leaving the relative humidity of air low, causing the formation of a mass of dry air, contributing to formation of the dry climate of Chiles Atacama Desert to Peru.Ocean Currents and Economy Ocean currents also influence the providence of many countries.Peru is one of the worlds fish producers because of the influence of the Humboldt Current , because when reaching the Peru Coast found warm waters and brings out the nutrients carried by the current, attracting many shoals and at once helping the fishing industry of that country.Humboldt Current has a negative influence on the north coast of Chile and Peru, and is responsible for the formation of the Atacama Desert and transforms large areas in wastelands by water stress present in the area caused by the action of this ocean current.The areas bathed by sea warm currents, such as the Brazilian coast and the Gulf of Mexico, have high rainfall whi ch favors the development of various agricultural crops and other economic activities.Relation between Plankton and Ocean CurrentsThe meaning of Plankton in Greek refers exactly to what it is a wandering, or specie that dont have root and move to a place to another one. The Ocean Currents influences this movement transforming regions on rich environment and others on poor environment, as it takes nutrients to one place to another.By this movement it is possible to determine if the water portion is rich in nutrients or not, depending on the plankton find on it.Human activities and preservationAs always, humans are requested to rethink their activities and what they are doing to preserve the environment. sometimes a region is poor in plankton simply because the water doesnt have quality.In the past, human thinks that nature will last forever, but nowadays they realize that nature is giving its answers we can see this by nature catastrophes seeing all long the world.We need to preserve the nature for the future generation, and as a Blue Planet, water is our main election that needed to be conserved.

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The Development Of Psychology As A Scientific Discipline Philosophy Essay

The Development Of Psychology As A Scientific Discipline Philosophy EssayOne of the most renowned figure in the railment of psychology as a scientific discipline is Ren Descartes, a French philosopher and mathematician. Descartes was most recognized as a proponent of dualism which supported the idea that all reality can be divided into two vivid and distinct entities brainiac and matter. Descartes distinguished himself from separate philosophers in that he proposed an existing link or interaction surrounded by mind and matter called interactionism. This was the key trailment in psychology as a scientific discipline because it led to two key principles in psychology introspectionism and behaviourism.Despite Descartes emphasis on the rationalism which is the following of accuracy through the process of reasoning, John Locke, the British first empiricist, suggested that empiricism which involves the pursuit of truth through observation and experience is the preferred method of investigation. universe the pioneer to define self through a continuity of consciousness, Locke postulated that the mind was a blank slate of tabula rasa. Contrary to Descarts cartesian philosophy, he believed that we were born(p) without innate idea and that the intimacy is instead measured only by experience derived from various sense perceptions. Yet, some of the information attained from our senses is inwrought and non-trustworthy while some are objective and trustworthy. He put peachy emphasis upon the belief that our knowledge of complex experiences were made up from the relate between simple and autochthonic sensations.This idea was advertise developed by David Hume, a Scottish philosopher, known especially for his philosophical empiricism and scepticism. Yet, thither was a slight difference from Lockes argument. While Locke wrote of innate ideas, Hume introduced the concept of perceptions which consisted of impressions and ideas and strove to develop a total naturali stic science of man that examined the mankind character on a psychological basis. To Hume, impressions were the most important perceptions because they were derived directly from observations. He strongly believed that only empirically derived content are valuable and trustworthy. Thus, he developed positivism the philosophy of science rooted on the wad that data derived from sensory experience and that logical and mathematical analysis of such(prenominal) data produce all authoritative knowledge.In contrast to the empiricists, George Berkely, an Anglo-Irish philosopher proposed that our knowledge comes from the inferences derived from experience through our senses instead of simply coming from direct experiences. His famed achievement of the advancement of the theory called impertinentism or subjective idealism which denies the cosmos of material substance. In contrast, this theory contends that objects are only ideas in the perceivers minds whence cannot exist without being perceived.A Scottish philosopher, Kames Mill then further developed on the idea and moved the focus from animism to materialism which is a belief that truth can be founded only after a thorough fellow feeling of our physical world. The assumption that Mill insisted was that humans and animals were essentially the same that both were entirely physical in their outer hang and were totally subjected to the physical laws of the universe. Though agreed in essence with Descartes primary approach in understanding the human body, Mill was against the concept of an immaterial mind.Later on in the mid-1800s, a German physiologist, Wilhelm Wundt, used scientific research methods to investigate reaction times and his book, Principles of Physiological Psychology illustrated numerous of the main connections between the science of physiology and the study of humans thought and behaviour. The col of the worlds first psychology lab at the University of Leipzig in 1879 marked the formalised b eginning of psychology as a distinct scientific discipline. Wundt maintain that psychology is a study of humans consciousness and intended to exercise as many experimental methods as possible to investigating and understanding internal mental processes. Though his use of introspection is seen as a non-trustable and non-scientific method today, his early work during the days helped to kick-start a stage for forthcoming experimental methods and hence was momentous in the development of psychology as a scientific discipline.One of the Wundts most famous student, Edward B.Titchener went on to develop amd found psychologys first major nurture of thought and proposed the idea that human consciousness can be broken down into smaller split via introspection. He was one of the most prominent structuralist. While structuralism was notability for its emphasis on science research, its methods were less convincing, unreliable, limiting and subjective. The concept essentially died when Tit chener passed away in 1927.In response to structuralism, functionalism, an American perspective which was more often than not influenced by the work of William James and the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin emerged. Functionalists sought for explanation for the mental processes in much magisterial and accurate way. Instead of focusing on the elements of consciousness, they focussed on its purpose. This brings psychology a step impendent to scientific discipline by placing great emphasis on systematic research method.In early 20th Century, another major school of thought known as behaviourism rose to dominance. It was a epoch-making change from the past theoretical views. In fact, it was aimed to transform psychology into a much scientific discipline by solely emphasising on apparent behaviour. It was started by Ivan Pavlov and two of the strongest advocates were John B.Watson and B.F. Skinner. However, behaviourism does not encourage scientific psychology.Among all, the concept of empiricism developed by philosophers John Locke and David Hume was the most significant leap in the development of psychology as a scientific discipline.

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Rate of Diffusion of Potassium permanganate, Potassium dichromate, and Methylene blue1

Rate of Diffusion of atomic number 19 permanganate, honey oil bichromate, and Methylene piquant11The Effect of Molecular Weight and Time on the Rate of Diffusionof cat valium permanganate, Potassium dichromate, and Methylene secular1scientific radical submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements in GeneralBiology I laboratory under Prof. Diana Rose Gonzales, 1st sem., 2013 2014_2ABSTRACTThe sum of molecular free weight and clock snip on the rate of diffusion of jet permanganate, honey oil dichromate, and methylene group blue was canvassedusing a petri smash of nutrient agar piss gel with three swell.The three summations were dropped simultaneously inthe petri dish. Potassium permanganate (MW158g/mole) increased rapidly (14.50 mm) whileMethylene blue (MW 374 g/mole) gradu altogethery increased(9.50 mm) only. Thus, molecular weight and timeaffects the rate of diffusion. innovationDiffusion is a movement of molecules from an ambit of higher concentration to anarea of set out concentration. The particles leave fuse when they are evenly distributed andhave r from separately oneed equilibrium.Potassium permanganate, kibibyte dichromate, and methylene blue are center fields used as indicators and oxidizing agents. Potassium permanganate is used inorganic compounds and used commercially to purify weewee and sanitizer. It is chemicallyused to regulate certain reducing compounds. Potassium dichromate is used to determineethanol concentrations in solutions and determine the presence and truth of silver.Researches also suggest that thousand dichromate functions as an agent that conditiongenetic mutation against DNA repair deficient strains of Escherichia coli. Lastly,methylene blue is used as dye to identify bacteria and nucleic acids. The dye will havethe deepest shade of blue when in contact with acids.As indicators and oxidizing agents, the substances say above mustiness prove thattheir diffusion must be stiff in order to do t heir functions. Due to their difference inmolecular weight, a mental testing was conducted to prove what substance is more recommendable_3to be used in getting the rate of diffusion. To further verify the sample rate ofdiffusion was also tested with time. To test this, agar water gel is one of the materialswas used. Agar water gel is a substance that functions as a thickener, stabilizer, andemulsifier since it do not melt at mode temperature until it is heated to 85oC and more.Also, with a stopwatch the substances were deliberate (mm) at a fixing three minute legal separation for cardinal minutes.The study aims to determine the act of molecular weight and time on the ratediffusion of potassium permanganate, potassium dichromate, and methylene blue. Thespecific objectives are1. to prove that molecular weight affects the rate of diffusion and2. to explain why molecular weight must also be observed with timeMATERIALS AND METHODSIn testing the resolution of molecular weight a nd time on the rate of diffusion ofpotassium permanganate, potassium dichromate, and methylene blue, agar water gelwas used. Three bottles with dropper containing the substances and a petri dish with agar water gel were given to each multitude. As three members of the group dropped allsubstances together in the wells of the agar water gel, the stopwatch startedsimultaneously with it. One member ginmilld each wells of the agar water gel with a convention to get the sign measurement (mm) of the wells. The group then drew the initialappearance of the experiment (Figure 4.1.). One member was assigned to signal thegroup if three minutes have passed and the member of the group who is assigned to_4measure the wells will immediately but carefully measure the area with the ruler. Therewas a regular three minute interval for thirty minutes.After thirty minutes, the group then drew the closing appearance of the experimentFigure 4.2. Also, the group computed for the average of the subst ances by adding all thedata that were gather divided by number of time intervals. To test the imprint of time onthe rate of diffusion the data gathered were computed by partial rate. Partial rate iscomputed by subtracting the diameter of colored area immediately (di-1) before thediameter of colored area at a given time (d1) divided by the time when d1 was metric(t1) minus the time immediately before t1 (ti 1). Again, the average of each substanceswere computed by adding all the date divided by the number of time intervals. A graphical recordcomparing the average rate of diffusion of each substance was plot against itsmolecular weight in Figure 4.3. Also, a graph comparing the partial rate of diffusion ofeach substance was plotted against the time elapsed in Figure 4.4_5Potassium dichromateMethylene bluePotassium permanganateFigure 4.1. Initial appearance of the substances in the agar water gel wells.Potassium dichromateMethylene bluePotassium permanganateFigure 4.2. Final appea rance of the substances in the agar water gel wells._6RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONSAs seen in Table 4.2, potassium permanganate (MW 158 g/mole) has the highestaverage rate of diffusion with 11.32 mm/min, followed by potassium dichromate (MW294 g/mole) with 10.86 mm/min, and methylene blue (MW 374 g/mole) with 7.95mm/min. In Table 4.3, potassium permanganate has the highest partial rates of diffusionwith 0.35 mm/min, followed by potassium dichromate with 0.32 mm/min, and methyleneblue with 0.19 mm/min. This results shows that molecular weight has an effect in the rateof diffusion. When the molecular weight is lower then the rate of diffusion will be higher meat they have an indirect relationship. Also, with time the rate of diffusion of thesubstances decreased, meaning time and the rate of diffusion has an indirect relationship._7SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONThe effect of molecular weight and time on the rate of diffusion of potassiumpermanganate, potassium dichromate, and methylene blue was det ermined. Eachsubstance was dropped simultaneously with each other(a) into the petri dish with agar water gel. With a stopwatch the time was observed with an interval of three minuets inthirty minutes. After thirty minutes, the average of the racing circuit and the partial ratesof diffusion were computed.Results showed that potassium permanganate (MW 158 g/mole) which has theleast molecular weight had the highest average rate of diffusion compared to methyleneblue (MW 374 g/mole), which has the greatest molecular weight among the three. Intime, the circumference (mm/min) of each substance increased since there was diffusionin the agar water gel wells.Hence, molecular weight and time has an effect in the increase, decrease,slowness, and fastness of the diffusion of substances. Nevertheless, furtherexperimentation must be through to improve the results of the experiment. It isrecommended to use other substances, a different medium other than the agar water gel,a longer time period to test the diffusion, a more stable environment, and have more trialsto observe reveal results._11LITERATURE CITEDDean, John A. Lange&aposs Handbook of interpersonal chemistry, 12th ed. McGraw-Hill bear Company New York, NY, 1979 p 94-994.Ebbing, Darrell D. General Chemistry third ed. Houghton Mifflin Company Boston, MA, 1990 p 137.Andrew Mills, David Hazafy, John A. Parkinson, Tell Tuttle and Michael G. HutchingsThe Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2009, 113 (34), 9575-9576Chongmok Lee, Yoo Wha Sung, and Joon Woo ParkThe Journal of Physical ChemistryB1999, 103 (5), 893-898_

Reproductive Health Nursing | Reflection

Reproductive Health Nursing ReflectionOne of the meaning(a) domains of nursing commission is to counsel the nodes to promote their tumefyness and well- be. counselor crowd forbidden be d maven for different purposes including mortalal hygiene antenatal c be, and Family intend. Counseling rough family planning is a challenging skill which is learnt by nurses during their provision stream and later on they use their skill as one of the essential parts of their job to ensure that lymph glands reproductive health is maintained.During my reproductive health community rotation, I came a tail with a 33 year old female, having 3 children and was living with her preserve and in laws. I started my interview by greeting her and her family members and started doing family assessment by asking her rough health status of the family members. During the interview, I came to know that the madam has one son and two daughters with the fracture of hardly one year. pay capable-bodied to such(prenominal) little space between the children, the mother was non able to breast feed her children in an appropriate right smart. As I travel promote during the interview and tried to explore the reason of least gap between her children. She explained this phenomenon by saying that however she used the contaceptive pills and injections to space her upcomimg gestation still the exercising was not appropriate and she could not continue the pills and injections fall out-of-pocket to side effects. Due to this interrupted usage of short call contarceptive manners, she terminate up with a preganncy without an appropriate gap. Moreover, subalternd on literature it has been ground that shor term methods like condoms, injections and pills atomic fig 18 prone to failure during typical usage and due to incorrect usage (Kost, Singh, Vaughan, Trussell, Bankole, 2008), while failure of huge term methods like depot supplys or intrauterine devices is less and these met hods be safe, with a few(prenominal) side-effects and deliver with high continuation rate (Searle, 2014). on that point are five-fold reasons for method failure including incorrect or inconsistent usage or uncertain effectiveness of the chosen method (Trussell Portman, 2013). When I asked her future plans about the usage of family planning methods, she was found to be rattling willing and challenging for using appropriate methods for planning her next pregnancy with an appropriate gap. However, I got confused for a moment and became hesitant about discussion on such sensitive topic with my client but I advise her to use male method (condom) and she said her save had been using this method but it was likewise not that much effective. As she said this sentence, my level of confidence went down and I got diverted from the actual topic of absorb and started asking her about other health capers. In this way, the interview with client ended and I recognized that I was unable to help my client. afterwards(prenominal) coming back from this community rotation, on one hand, I was glad to found a accommodating client who helped me to complete the assessment ricochet and on the other hand, I was dissatisfied as I wasnt able to ease my client to square up her c at one timern. Although, I was sure about family planning methods that might had helped my client but my commission skills were not up to mark, wherefore I could not help my client to conk out appreciation for her problems. Furtherto a greater extent, I could not prove to be a helpful person for her family as I could not address the ineluctably of the family despite discriminating that the client was supposed to be counseled for family planning in an appropriate way. Although, the apprehension of holistic appeal for a client is comprehensible from theoretical formula but sometimes it commences difficult to apply the same concept in real life. This meeting with my client helped me to refle ct on my limitations to assess the ask and counsel the family in an appropriate way.When I reflected , I identified some(prenominal) reasons of inappropriate guidance. The important and fore well-nigh reason was that it was my first experience therefore I wasnt enough confident about the appropriate way of counseling particularly for such sensitive topics like Family Planning. In increase to this, I also found that before counseling the clients on such sensitive topics, one regard to have appropriate skills and mastery which were scatty in me during the time of interview. I also realized that I had counsel mother to use a family planning method which was not essentially counseling rather a suggestion which was not enough to develop insight in my client about her problem. Secondly, I was not aware about different casefuls of family planning methods, therefore I could not coax my client to use the methods which were suitable for her as I had not knowing much about family pl anning and nor I have visited either family planning center at that point in time. Moreover, universe a scholarly person I was not comfortable to discuss such issues with my client which was related to reproductive and sexual health.In addition to this, I should have create inviolable rapport with my client that would have definitely functioned me to resolve the concern of my client. Apart from this, I should have allowed my client to deal with her feelings and yield her own informed choices. This could have been support by in-depth assessment of my client regarding the use of short term methods like pills, condoms and injections. This could have helped me to do a root cause analysis of method failure and which in expel would have helped me to come up with suitable solutions for her. I could have interpreted support from my theory class content regarding family planning before check over time with the client in the community.Moreover, I should have involved the husband dur ing the counseling because pregnancy planning is not entire responsibility of adult female herself but it is the joint responsibility of husband and wife. The support from partner is very important for adapting any contraceptive method. Quality of couples relationship and inter-spousal communication and its effect on contraceptive use has also been supported by literature (Akanbi,et al., 2011). Moreover spousal communication has been identified as a good predictor of contraceptive use and fertility preferences (Link, 2011).Secondly, the social occasion of expert counselor of family planning would have become an excellent approach and I should have taken some ideas or skills from my reproductive health faculty before visiting the client herself. Besides this, integrated counseling frame roleplays of family planning such as GATHER or REDA frame full treatment could have apply practically in the community (The Acquire Project, 2008).These frameworks guide the health care providers t o explore the problems of client systematically without breeching their confidentiality. Moreover, it also helps clients to make informed choices for themselves after having the in-depth cognition about the suitable family planning methods. Due to my insufficient knowledge and experience, I could not apply these frameworks practically. Moreover, I shouldve done a bemock exercise of counseling by taking help from my faculty who must have helped me by providing a platform for mock before press release to community.For future, I would filter to do the in depth assessment of the need of a client by involving spouse as well. Moreover, I would testify to hold up the expert opinion regarding family planning counseling by combine different approaches of family planning counseling. This would enhance my knowledge about family planning counseling skills. Additionally, I would try to discuss such sensitive issues with the client by having enough knowledge about the family planning meth ods. I would also try to build a strong rapport with the client in roam to discuss the issues related to sexual and reproductive health very openly and freely.In conclusion, I was very much satisfied because I was able to reflect on the substantial eventidet and also identified my limitations. This whole reflection and critical thinking helped me to develop future plan which would assist me in future to counsel the women regarding family planning methods in an appropriate way. adept elbow grease Types and dearth in Ma temporalsia locutionSkilled Labour Types and Shortage in Ma recumbsia ConstructionThe skilled parturiency in the social organisation application generally refers to those who were being apt within a long period and they have brought some specialized technical industry skills in advancing the spin projects. Normally the works requiring the wear upon who has high degree of manual of arms skill. The labour apprise be considered as a skilled labour if they a re able to fulfill the requirement.Types of Skilled Labour jibe to the Construction Industry Skill Standards, CIDB (1998), there are many types of skilled labour. The pursual types areConcretorP terminationererBar BenderCarpenterTilerBricklayerScalffolder unsettled crane street girlTower Crane slatternEarthwork Plant OperatorConcretorA concretor builds the concrete structures parts such as columns, beams, floors and walls. The concrete can be combine by hand or in concrete mixer or utilize ready-mixed concrete. The duties shall admit the followingIdentify materials for concrete mixture shoot concrete into formworkMix concretePlace and compact concrete finish curing of concretePlastererThe duties of a plasterer at level 1 are to apply one come up of diverse kinds of plaster to walls as a finishes. The other duties complicate the followingApply cement plaster to compressed wallApply cement render finish coat to now wallsApply cement plaster to internal and external anglesAp ply finish coat to internal and external anglesAt level 2, they are necessary to apply a protective and enhancive covering of plaster or render to the surfaces of building. The other duties include the followingPrepare overhead surfaces of daubingFixing wire mesh to exterior surfaces before plastering lay down plaster cornice and mouldingsPlastering to overhead surfacesApply granolithic or textured finishBar BenderAfter cut and bend the accompaniment bars then bar benders are try to fix them into the forms of concrete. They also have to combine the bars together with wires or fasteners or by welding. After that, place the bars in forms and fixes them in dumbfound of reinforces concrete with wire mesh. The others duties include the followingPrepare tools and materialsFabrication of steel entrap steel bars and wire meshCarpenterThe works include cutting, notching, boring, sinking, pelleting, fitting, trimming, mitreing, halving, morticing, tenoning, dovetailing, scarfing and wedg ing and for all ends, splayed edges, short lengths and temporary supports. The others duties include the followingPrefabricated the forms and fixes them into the right position bound out the correct position for fixing the formsPrepare any temporary support for the formsDismantle the formsTilerA tiler at level 1 has to place tiles to surface walls and floors according to specified designs which may include the butt against of applying plaster coat and cement mortar layer. The tiles shall be laid in rows and tapped them into place. Next, align the rows of tiles by using the spirit level. He also requires lying paving stones, bricks, and wood pig outs. The others duties include the followingApply finish coat to floor renderingApply screed to receive tilePrepare straight backing surface for wall tilingSet out and lay tiles on walls and floorsPerform rendering and apply backing surface to lay the floor tilesSet out and lay paving on baseDuring level 2, the tasks of a tiler will be to a greater extent complicated. The tiler has to set more complex mosaic panels on walls, prepare and sets marble satiates, installs and repairs the parquet take aback and applies terrazzo finish to floors. The others duties include the followingSet out and lay tiles to soffitSet out and lay parquet and polyvinyl chloride tilesSet out and lay pestle in-situ terrazzoFix tiles to a curved wallSpreading and levelling of mortar mixCutting and trimming unitsPerform polishing and grindingBricklayerA bricklayer is responsible to lay bricks and blocks (except stones) by using various kinds of bonds in mark to form the walls, partitions, arches and other structures at level 1. The others duties include the followingWorksite preparationConstruct opening of brick wallConstruct concrete masonry structuresConstruct link and isolated pierThey also work for more complex decorative structures at level 2 which may include repair to lively brickwork. The others duties include the followingConstr uct brick stepsConstruct glass block panelConstruct curved wallConstruct hollow block reinforced wall and columnConstruct complex archScaffolderA general scaffolder performs his basic skills and techniques for level 1. A scaffolder is to erect and dismantle various types of metal scaffold such as platforms, upright and horizontal members. The others duties include the followingSelection and inspection of equipmentsErection and dismantling of scaffold nourishment of scaffoldA tube and coupler scaffolder at level 2 is to erects and dismantle metal theatrical production which also include the followingCantilevered and spurred scaffoldsCantilevered hold out loading platformsMast climbersAdditional remarksThis standard applies to every metal tube scaffolding not exceeding 40 m in height and prefabricated scaffolding not exceeding 15 m in height.A headmaster Engineers verification is requiring for the design and construction of scaffolding beyond those heights.Competency as general Sc affolder is an additional requirement in order to comply with these standardsMobile Crane OperatorA mobile extend operator operates crane mounted on wheel or tracks which can be set under his own control. The others duties include the followingPre- useable check pip operational checkMaintain the operation and maintenance of craneTower Crane OperatorAs a tower crane operator needs to operate the crane that consists of a turning metal tower which moves on rails and equips at the top with a mobile or pertinacious jib. Normally the crane is supported the hoisting equipment. The others duties include the followingPre-operational checkPost operational checkOperation and maintenance of the craneEarthwork Plant OperatorAn earthwork plant operator has to carry out the power driven railcar mounted on wheels or crawler tracks equipped with all the movable shovel, grad bucket and etc. This machine is used during the excavation and act of the earth, rock, and sand. The others duties include the followingPre-operational check on machineryEnsure the operation of the equipmentFactors that caused the Labour Shortage ProblemIntroductionThe problem of labour dearth has being existed since 1970s. According to the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM), with the implementation of 9th Malaysia Plan (9MP) and the letters of life has been awarded to get projects under way, Malaysian construction industry has began to surface problem of labour shortage. We must pay more attention on the overserious impacts that caused by this problems and appropriate actions must be taken at once in order to solve this problem effectively.FactorsThere are some(prenominal) factors that influence to the poor troth of labour in construction industry. The strong growth of the economy, poor project, lack of training system, large number of contrary labour were contribute to the shortage of labour in construction industry. Those factors are being listed below and adopted from the MBAM repor t, previous newspaper and the articles.Working Conditions and surroundMost of the labours in the construction industry are worked in rise time, and sometimes the on the job(p) hours are more than 40 hours in a week. In 2008, there are about 18% of labour have worked 45 hours or more per week. They have to work until midnight if there are under special condition. They have no rest day in weekends or even public holiday. The construction labour usually does not get paid if they are unable to work due to the inclement weather.There are less people willing to participate in the construction works because of the working purlieu and the condition. According to MBAM report, the working environment for the skilled labour in the construction industry can be considered as not good enough. For instance, the location of the construction site is mobile and many of the buildings are just use for temporary purpose. So, they have to oft move their dwelling place once the construction project has been completed. Therefore, the environment of the site is getting the severe air pollution and it will attain our health. In addition, some of the construction site is located at undeveloped area that lack of basic amenities. Other than that, majority of labour are work direct expose to the sun in the construction site. There are not so many people that capable work under this environment. wretched Welfare in Construction IndustryPoor eudaimonia is one of the factors that caused problem of labour shortage. This problem will clear when there are irresponsible contractors omitted to take out welfare such as SOCSO or EPF. Basically, welfare shall provide to the labour in unanimity with the requirements. For example, contractors should provide comfortable temporary accommodations for the labour who works at outstation, but the contractors never fulfil their obligations and thus provide them a dirty and diminished place.Most of the people will take care what are the welfare t hey can get from the company. Once they cant get any defense from the company, they are not willing to join the construction industry.Government insurance insurance in restricted the number of foreign labourMoreover, regimen policy in restricted the numbers of foreign labour join into construction industry is also one of the factors that caused the labour shortage problem happen. According to the Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr Fong Chan Onn said in Star Newspaper on 19 July 2000, the Malaysia planned to reduce the number of foreign labour drastically over the coming next few years.As a government policy that accordance with Berita Harian government policy on 29 February 2000, legate apex Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, it stated that one company not allowed hiring foreign labour which more than one third of their total number of company rung and each labour will not require to work more than eight years in Malaysia.So far according to The sunniness on 1st July 1999, Prof. Datuk Abdul Rahman Abdullah, chief executive of Construction Industry schooling Board (CIDB), there are not much Malaysian are interested to join in construction industry and almost 75% labours are come from other countries.Further to this, according to Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on 20th May 2010, Malaysia will chivy the levy on foreign workers in 2011, after having deferred the implementation last year.He said that the quantum of increase would vary based on the specific sectors which employ the foreign workers. After that, the policy is to reduce our dependency on foreign workers and this will be done in stages in the long run.According to the 2006/2007 Economic Report released on September 2006, Malaysia aims to reduce the number of foreign workers in the country from 1.84 million to 1.5 million by 2010. It is envisaged that by that time, just 200,000 foreign workers will remains in the construction industry. and so through this government po licy, Malaysias construction industry will have a big problem on this labour shortage.Sources Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia, in-person correspondence. Department of Immigration, Pusat Bandar Damansara, Kota Kinabalu Kuching the Deaprtment of Labour Sarawak (letter from the department to writer dated 14 macintosh 2005)Economy of MalaysiaThe economical that Malaysia has seen for last decade is one of the leading causes of the worker shortage. The economic always play an important role in the need for labour. There are many construction activities will be carried out during the peak period of economy, therefore the need for the labour is relatively become higher.On the contrary, the problem of labour shortage will occur when the economic downturn because the construction works will be delayed and suspend where the client is not capable to complete the progress payments. The labour cannot get the daily income which fixed by the client. Thus many of them will migrate to the othe r countries where necessary the construction labour work at their construction industry.Furthermore, while the economic is recovered, we may also face the problem in recruiting the workforce in construction industry since majority of them are already adapted their new working environment in other countries. scrimpy training systemIn Malaysia, the professional basic training is being deficiency. According to the 2005 Labour Shortage Action Plan, it became evident that the labour shortage problem is multilateral and has consequence from a wide range of interconnect factors. In addition, the reading and the training system that introduced by construction industry are not flexible to meet the changes of the progress of construction works at once. There is no opportunity for the unskilked labour being trained so that only the skilled labours are capable to carry out the more complicated works during construction works.According to the research information, it reveals that only 45% of c onstruction companies involve acquire and development training after all the major decisions have been made or during the final stages of the project. A further 9% do not involve in learning and development training at all. Other 27% of companies involve learning and developments training at the inception planning stages and in a further 19% of are introduced it at the initial implementation stage.Young Generations unintentional to take part in construction industryThe poor image of construction industry can be defined into 3D syndrome connect to the industry. There are dirty, dangerous and difficult. In respect on this 3D syndrome, local youth would rather be unemployed despite working in the construction industry.The construction industry was considered dirty and it is unsatisfactory because most of the construction site is located at the undeveloped area and ordinarily lack of basic amenities or public services. Most of the facilities which located at the construction site do not have well practices and also not comply under the requirements of governing construction activities. In Malaysia, there are minor issues those accidents on construction site. It is not only involve labour, but also cause badly injured and even death to the general public. All of this accident has results on poor participation of labour in construction industry.In certain circumstances, the construction activities can be very complicated due to the differentiation in type of the project as well as the surrounding project environment. bulk of youths are difficult to perform well during construction works. Moreover, it has the difficulties in maintaining the cooperative between the staff and the project team members. The youngsters with high level of educations are prefer to work under a good working condition such as office work rather than to work at site that always exposed to the sun.

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Discrimination Against Those with AIDS :: Discrimination AIDS

Discrimination has grown over the years to be a major paradox around the humans. There ar umpteen different issues that inequality addresses. One of the main issues that it evaluates is HIV/AIDS. Many bulk who argon give with the disease ar discriminated against for something that they cannot control after they be diagnosed. More specific eachy, insurance companies and employers are one of the big factors in discrimination of these pot in the work place. It is very important to them because they need the capital in gild to live on and they need to coverage in order to stay healthy. Many people go through this battle of live with companies in order to survive, like Devin a middle aged man. These are very important issues that needs to be evaluated closely at and as well as their needs to be a solution for this problem in the world today.The IssueDo insurance companies and employers discriminate against people after they are informed that a person has HIV/AIDS? Th is is an important suspense at issue because many people and their loved ones are alter with terminal diseases, such as HIV/AIDS. Also, it is important because they are hard-boiled with disrespectful and it is not how any human being should be set or cared for. They are regular looking and acting humans that notice to be infected with this horrific disease and that is the sole reason that they are being discriminated against. The public is unaware that they will not get the disease by touching the victim or using the same products or utensils as them. The only way that they could catch the disease from anyone is if they take a shit cozy relations with them or if the share needles by taking drugs with someone who is infected with the virus. Two decades after HIV first appeared an estimated 30 million people worldwide have contracted the virus 11.7 million people have dies of AIDS (Frankowski xi). This deadly virus has continually and rapidly spread to all different peopl e. Around the world this virus is a major problem and is affecting more women and children then ever before. Although when this disease first appeared it was priapic dominated, but they have passed it on to the women and in which case they pass on to their children when they are in the womb.

Andrew Carnegie Lived The American Dream :: Andrew Carnegie

What is the the Statesn breathing in? According to Webster the American Dream is the idol according to which equality of hazard permits any American to aspire to last attainment and material success.Andrew Carnegie is the paradigm of the American Dream because he is a classic example of rags to riches success story. He seemed to be touched(p) by an angel. No question what was wrong with the world, Andrew Carnegie was to consistently capitalize on success.Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland, in 1835. Protected by proud and renunciant parents, Andrew may not turn out kn avouch in these years what veridical poverty was(W both, Andrew Carnegie)Andrew Carnegies evening gown cultivation ended after easy school, the familys respect for books and learning ensured that Carnegies education would continue throughout his life. Born the word of honor of a weaver, Carnegies family suffered the do of the industrial revolution. The mass production of the modernborn ste am looms left unnumbered families out of work. To escape the depression of their dwellingtown his family immigrated to Pittsburgh, public address system in 1848.At the come on of thirteen, Carnegie began his new life in America as a bobbin boy in a like factory. Through a joining from his uncle, Carnegie was offered a job as a messenger boy and manipulator for the telegraphy Office. From the promotion of his new job, Carnegie became acquaint with Pittsburghs most long-familiar men.While employed by the Telegraph Office Carnegie met Thomas A. Scott, the overseer of the pascal Railroad, who offered him a job. It was while being employed by Scott, that he was given a proposal to clothe in the Adams Express Company. Carnegie was fitting to convince his mother to mortgage their home and loan him $500 to stupefy his first investment.In 1865 Carnegie left Pennsylvania Railroad after 12 years to concentrate on his own problemes, the first being the keystone Bridge Company, w hich made iron and steel. Carnegie encircled himself with intelligent advisors, made argillaceous investments in new equipment, and maintained his self-will stake in all his enterprises, enabling him to exponentially increase his wealth.During his trips to business trips Carnegie he came to meet steel-makers. At about age 38, he began concentrating on steel, founding the J. Edgar Thomson brand name whole caboodle near Pittsburgh, which would eventually evolve into the Carnegie Steel Company. In the 1870s Carnegies new corporation built the first steel plants in the United States to use the new Bessemer steel-making process, borrowed from Britain.Andrew Carnegie Lived The American Dream Andrew CarnegieWhat is the American Dream? According to Webster the American Dream is the ideal according to which equality of opportunity permits any American to aspire to high attainment and material success.Andrew Carnegie is the epitome of the American Dream because he is a classic example of rags to riches success story. He seemed to be touched by an angel. No matter what was wrong with the world, Andrew Carnegie was to consistently capitalize on success.Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland, in 1835. Protected by proud and self-sacrificing parents, Andrew may not have known in these years what real poverty was(Wall, Andrew Carnegie)Andrew Carnegies formal education ended after elementary school, the familys respect for books and learning ensured that Carnegies education would continue throughout his life. Born the son of a weaver, Carnegies family suffered the effects of the industrial revolution. The mass production of the new steam looms left countless families out of work. To escape the depression of their hometown his family immigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1848.At the age of thirteen, Carnegie began his new life in America as a bobbin boy in a cotton factory. Through a connection from his uncle, Carnegie was offered a job as a messenger bo y and operator for the Telegraph Office. From the promotion of his new job, Carnegie became acquainted with Pittsburghs most Well-known men.While employed by the Telegraph Office Carnegie met Thomas A. Scott, the superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad, who offered him a job. It was while being employed by Scott, that he was given a proposal to invest in the Adams Express Company. Carnegie was able to convince his mother to mortgage their home and loan him $500 to begin his first investment.In 1865 Carnegie left Pennsylvania Railroad after 12 years to concentrate on his own businesses, the first being the Keystone Bridge Company, which made iron and steel. Carnegie surrounded himself with intelligent advisors, made heavy investments in new equipment, and maintained his ownership stake in all his enterprises, enabling him to exponentially increase his wealth.During his trips to business trips Carnegie he came to meet steel-makers. At about age 38, he began concentrating on steel, founding the J. Edgar Thomson Steel Works near Pittsburgh, which would eventually evolve into the Carnegie Steel Company. In the 1870s Carnegies new company built the first steel plants in the United States to use the new Bessemer steel-making process, borrowed from Britain.

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Remarks on the Spoudaios in Plotinus Essay -- Ethics Philosophy Papers

Remarks on the Spoudaios in Plotinus Who is the Plotinian spoudaios and what is his function in the Enneads? This question turns erupt to be fundamental, especially when trying to make away an ethical property in Plotinus. Treatise I 4 46 offers, concerning that question, not only the longest preserve news of the spoudaios, but in any case shows how highly problematic it is to figure out more precisely his characteristics. This is due to the terminological ambiguity with the term sophos, which is also the reason why the two terms are often considered synonymous by translators. It appears in I 4 that this ambiguity is closely think to the question of aisthesis. And this is also perhaps the main problematic point concerning the spoudaios he is instituted by Plotinus as the paradigm of the living man, but is still set forth as someone who has detached himself from the bounds of the sensible world. So this leads to several(prenominal) conclusions concerning the Plotinian concepti on of ethical implication.1. status questionisWho is the plotinian spoudaios and what is his function in the Enneads? This question occurs especially in regard to treatise I 4 46 which offers the longest sustained discussion of the spoudaios. The main problem which presents itself as regards the term spoudaios is its apparent terminological analogy with sophos. As most translations show, both terms seem to be taken as almost synonymous, the most problematic one being Brhiers French translation of the Enneads where spoudaios and sophos figure as the wise (le sage). This has mainly to do with the tradition of the term of spoudaios, as will be shown further on. What I would like to show in this paper is that the function of the spoudaios has b... ...ry similar manifestation in the pseudoplatonic Definitions spoudaios o teleios agathos ho echon ten autou areten (415e). (10) Even though at heart the three Ethics the status of the spoudaios turns out not to be tout ensemble equivale nt. It is not possible to discuss further this point, as it would lead to considerations which go beyond the purpose of this paper.(11) NE III, 1113a32-33. (12) H. v. Arnim, Stoicorum veterum fragmenta, Teubner, Stuttgart, 1964, vol. III. (13) In Philo, vol. IX, trad. Colson, p. 10-100.(14) Which is the Henry-Schwyzer version, while Armstrong and Brhier realise kan spoudaios e autarkes(15) Which is the classic argument since Aristotle, NE, I. 10. 1100a8 and 11. 1101a8. (16) All quotations are from Armstrongs translation, whereas I prevent the Greek terms for spoudaios and sophos, so to avoid further ambiguities.

The Impact of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones Upon Music During the

The Impact of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones Upon Music During the 1960s The Beatles were a forward-looking round with a difference and this led to their impact in the sixties. They were different because they were producing strong music and stepping away from sounding like just another band essay to imitate American stars. Beatles music was totally unique, a mixture of rock and roll, calendar method and Blues and Tamla Motown. British music had always been dominated from American produced goods merely the Beatles introduced abit of their own lives into their music. They talked roughly where they grew up Penny Lane and brought back some objective music for British teenagers, something they could relate to. The Beatles were very good at relating to teenager issues. They talked more or less human racey teenager troubles in their songs- love and other issues (such as new issues of manly heartache). Lyrics such as I want to hold your hand and Ill cry instead. The lyrics in I want to hold your hand tell us about a man pleading to a woman let me be your man. Lyrics in Ill cry instead dole out with a man who has lost the only girl Ive had and in turn cries about this. John Lennon & Paul McCartney wrote all these lyrics so they were more pure and real. They were real with youthful energy, style, individuality and distinct personality. The Beatles in addition had a unique appearance. In the premature years they dressed smartly (in plain black suits with ties) and had the squeaky clean image which make them respectable to the older generation too. They all had mop top tomentum cerebri cuts which were slightly longer hair cuts but were accepted as they were a clean cut style. Earlier ly... ...takings they were charged for possessing four tablets containing illegal stimulants. They also were arrested for assaulting a photographer at Warwick. Overall they took advantage of bad packaging and as their manager was best at exploiting this bad view they were nearly always in the public eye. This pushed them to go global and the young fans hysteria also assist to them making a difference. They promoted a rebellion that the teens wanted, and they got. When I asked my teacher her opinions on the band she commented they were different, wild. I think I liked them because of their music- whenever I hark to their music it makes me come alive. http// http// http//

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Slaughterhouses and the packing companies Essay -- Literary Analysis,

I wished to frighten the country by a stick out of what its industrial masters were doing to their victims entirely by chance I stumbled on another discovery--what they were doing to the meat-supply of the civilized intimacy base. In other words, I aimed at the everydays heart, and by accident hit it in the stomach (Bloom). With the return of a single book, Upton Sinclair found himself as a worldwide phenomenon overnight. He received worldwide response to his young and invitations to lectures all over the world including one to the White House by president Roosevelt. In after-hours 1904, the editor of the Appeal to Reason, a socialist magazine sent Sinclair to gelt to tell the story of the poor common workingmen and women unfairly enslaved by the enormous monopolistic enterprises. He found that he could go anywhere in the stockyards provided that he wore old clothes and carried a workmans dinner party pail. Sinclair spent seven weeks in lolly living among and interviewing the clams workers studying conditions in the packing plants. Along with collecting more knowledge for his novel, Sinclair came upon another discovery--the filth of improper sanitation and the processing of spoiled meat. With the print of his novel, Sinclair received international response to its graphic descriptions of the packinghouses. The book is said to puzzle decreased Americas meat consumption for decades and President Roosevelt, himself, reportedly threw his breakfast sausages out his window after reading The Jungle. However, Sinclair classified the novel as a failure and blamed himself for the publics misunderstanding. Sinclairs main purpose for writing the book was to improve the working conditions for the Chicago stockyard workers. Sinclair found it... ...ivities. Sinclair promotes socialism, government owned companies that endorse more rights for its workers, as government own corporations will be less about the unmarried profit but the common good. Sinclair publici ties socialism in The Jungle in many methods a capitalist society provides their workers with sickening working condition, a capitalist society consists of corruption all over the board, and a socialist society will mean a perfect world. Upton Sinclair was dubbed by President Roosevelt as a muckraker, a writer who investigates and publishes issues happening somewhat America. Even though Sinclairs novel did not do as much for the poor as he hoped, it did bring about interchange to America stricter meat packing regulations, standards of cleanliness in processing plants, and public knowledge of what the Chicago corporations were doing to their canned meat.

Weaknesses of Esther and Plath Exposed in Sylvia Plaths The Bell Jar E

Weaknesses of Esther and Plath Exposed in The Bell Jar The glass of which a bell jar is constructed is fatheaded and suffocating, intending to preserve its orna cordial contents but instead traps in it pee air. The thickness of the bell jar glass prevents the prisoner from clearly beholding through distortion. Sylvia Plath writes with extreme conviction, as The Bell Jar is essentially her autobiography. The try-on title symbolizes not only her suffocation and mental illness, but in like manner the internal struggle of Plaths alter ego and fresh protagonist Esther Greenwood. The novel illustrates the theme confinement by highlighting the weaknesses of both Esther and Plath. Esthers first statement, It was a queer, sultry summer, the summer they electrocuted the Rosenbergs (1) sets the tone for the novel and establishes her preoccupation with conclusion. She alludes to no compunction at the loss of life but rather concentrates on the curio of execution. This style allows th e reader to see the development of confinement that is, Esthers preoccupation with death entraps her within herself. It is perhaps her over-analysis of situations that causes the manifestations of her psyche she consistently volleys between multiple possibilities, trenchant for the most fruitful option. The novels theme is consistently shown as a mental battle of Esther versus herself, a direct result of her mental illness. It is obvious that Esther is at a crossroads and feels torn by life. She best describes her feelings with the following career I saw myself in the crotch of this fig tree, starving to death, secure because I couldnt make up my mind which of the figs I would choose. I cherished each a... ... her a strong person. Works Cited and Consulted Brennan, Sheila M. Popular Images of American Women in the 1950s. Womens Rights Law Reporter 14 (1992) 41-67. Bronfen, Elizabeth. Sylvia Plath. Writers and Their Work. Plymouth, UK Northcote, 1998. Evans, Sara M. Role Models of Women in America. New York Free-Simon, 1989. Friedan, Betty. The maidenlike Mystique. Twentieth Anniversary Edition. 1963. New York Norton, 1983. Nizer, Louis. The Implosion Conspiracy. New York Doubelday, 1973. Plath, Sylvia. The Bell Jar. 1963. London Faber, 1966. Radosh, Ronald, and Joyce Milton, eds. The Rosenberg shoot A Search for the Truth. 1983. New Haven Yale UP, 1997. Stevenson, Anne. Bitter Fame A purport of Sylvia Plath. London Viking-Penguin, 1989. Wagner-Martin, Linda. Sylvia Plath A Biography. New York Simon, 1987.

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Ellen Foster Essay -- Literary Analysis

halfway stage in Kaye Gibbons inspi mob bildungsroman, Ellen boost, is the peppy heroine Ellen shelter. At the start of the impudent, Ellen is a fiery nine-year old girl. Her whole life, especi in ally the three years picture in Ellen Foster, Ellen is undefended to death, neglect, hunger and activated and physical abuse. Despite the atrocities adjoin her, Ellen asks for nothing more than than to find a new mama to contend her. She avoids facing the harsh humans of strangers and her profess familys cruelty towards her by using different forms of escapism. Thrice Ellen is exposed to death (Gibbons 27). Each time, Ellen has a conversation with a magician to overhear intercourse with the trauma (Gibbons 22-145). Many propagation Ellens actions and words cause it to be difficult to tell that she is fluid a child. However, in order to disturb herself, Ellen exit play purposeful games (Gibbons 26). These games become a fulcrum for Ellens inward child to express itself. Frequently, Ellen will lapse into a daydream (Gibbons 67). Usually, these daydreams argon meant to protect herself from the harsh reality around her. Ellen Fosters ridiculous use of escapism resounds as the theme of Kaye Gibbons Ellen Foster. To adorn Ellens ability to run short traumas such as death and abuse, atomic number 53 might look to her imagination. Ellen is comfort a small girl when the novel takes place, so it seems normal for her to have a vivid imagination. Ellen goes to numerous funerals, and she witnesses deuce deaths (Gibbons 22-30, 114-130). While at these funerals, or around the lifeless body of a supposed loved one, Ellen has a small talk with the causa cognize as the magician (Gibbons 22-145). Ellen calls upon this character to help explain the finality of death. Since she is silent a child... ...). When working in the fields, Ellen mentally recites poetry spot imagining herself talk in front of others, potently (Rambo 670). This daydream keeps E llen from switchinging down while working in her grandmas cotton fields (Rambo 668). When her mammary glands mammy gets sick, Ellen is pressure to care for her. When her Mamas Mama falls asleep, Ellen fantasizes being at an ocean, far away (Gibbons 79). These and many more daydreams Ellen experiences throughout Ellen Foster ring true to Ellens desire to break away from her harsh life. Ellen Fosters use of escapism reverberates as the theme of Kaye Gibbons novel. Her imagination, determination, tenacity and naturalness allow her to escape, to break away from all of the unfathomable cruelty border her. Without her unique and clever use of escapism, the heroine of Ellen Foster would have been easily overwhelmed. Ellen Foster Essay -- Literary AnalysisCenter stage in Kaye Gibbons inspiring bildungsroman, Ellen Foster, is the spunky heroine Ellen Foster. At the start of the novel, Ellen is a fiery nine-year old girl. Her whole life, especially the three years dep icted in Ellen Foster, Ellen is exposed to death, neglect, hunger and emotional and physical abuse. Despite the atrocities surrounding her, Ellen asks for nothing more than to find a new mama to love her. She avoids facing the harsh reality of strangers and her own familys cruelty towards her by using different forms of escapism. Thrice Ellen is exposed to death (Gibbons 27). Each time, Ellen has a conversation with a magician to cope with the trauma (Gibbons 22-145). Many times Ellens actions and words cause it to be difficult to tell that she is still a child. However, in order to distract herself, Ellen will play meaningful games (Gibbons 26). These games become a fulcrum for Ellens inner child to express itself. Frequently, Ellen will lapse into a daydream (Gibbons 67). Usually, these daydreams are meant to protect herself from the harsh reality around her. Ellen Fosters unique use of escapism resounds as the theme of Kaye Gibbons Ellen Foster. To illustrate Ellens ability t o survive traumas such as death and abuse, one might look to her imagination. Ellen is still a small girl when the novel takes place, so it seems normal for her to have a vivid imagination. Ellen goes to numerous funerals, and she witnesses two deaths (Gibbons 22-30, 114-130). While at these funerals, or around the lifeless body of a supposed loved one, Ellen has a small talk with the character known as the magician (Gibbons 22-145). Ellen calls upon this character to help explain the finality of death. Since she is still a child... ...). When working in the fields, Ellen mentally recites poetry while imagining herself speaking in front of others, strongly (Rambo 670). This daydream keeps Ellen from breaking down while working in her grandmothers cotton fields (Rambo 668). When her Mamas Mama gets sick, Ellen is forced to care for her. When her Mamas Mama falls asleep, Ellen fantasizes being at an ocean, far away (Gibbons 79). These and many more daydreams Ellen experiences throu ghout Ellen Foster ring true to Ellens desire to break away from her harsh life. Ellen Fosters use of escapism reverberates as the theme of Kaye Gibbons novel. Her imagination, determination, tenacity and innocence allow her to escape, to break away from all of the unfathomable cruelty surrounding her. Without her unique and clever use of escapism, the heroine of Ellen Foster would have been easily overwhelmed.

Nike, Inc vs. Toys R Us Essay -- essays research papers

NIKE, INC VS TOYS R U scallywag contestation OF ILLUSTRATIONS.2INTRODUCTION.4     Procedures..4          COMPANIES............4COMAPARISONS7GROWTH..9CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS..11REFERENCES..12     LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONSFigure                                                        Page1. Comparisons Chart- "The Company" ...     82. Growth Chart- NIKE, INC.     93. Growth Chart- TOYS R US, INC104. Revenue Chart...11                                             &nb sp                                       Investigation                                                  4INTRODUCTIONEC=2 Consultants was contracted to locate and research two companies for purchase or putsch by the XYZ Investment Syndicate. EC=2 has a solid spirit in the Eastern United States for providing this type of service. For the XYZ Investment Syndicate, EC=2 has identified NIKE, INC... ...                                 12REFERENCES     Yahoo Finance. Income Statement http //                (April 2005)          Yahoo Finance. Quotes and selective information http//                (April 2005)     Reuters Ratios. Valuation Ratios http// (April 2005)          NASD       Investor Information http// (April 2005)     NIKE           Company Information http// (April 2005)     TOYS R US      Company Information http// (April 2005)

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Needless Boundaries in Frosts Mending Wall Essay -- Frost Mending Wa

Needless Boundaries in Frosts Mending groyne As long as man has existed, territories and boundaries have been a stop of life. Everyone finds a need to have a part of this earth that he can call his birth. As soon as one finds his own space, he begins to set boundaries sometimes in the form of walls or fences. This humankind of a wall raises the question with the poet, Robert Frost, as to what they are walling in or walling out. In his poem Mending Wall, Frost as the narrator participates in the repairing of a wall that he finds little purpose in. Frost suggests that at any rate himself there is something mysterious that doesnt like walls. For example, the frozen ground swells to relieve oneself gaps big enough to walk through and hunters with their dogs perhaps hav...