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Acoustics :: acoustic acoustics sound

The concert hall is one of mans greatest joys enjoying a fine harmony composed by the worlds greatest, performed by a world class orchestra. For months afterwards, the borgoise attendees result speak of the energy of the conductor, the orchestra responding to him, the power of it all. The crescendoes, the diminuendos, the stark silences between movements, the clarity of the soloist supra the rest of the orchestra. Little do they know that were it not for the meticulous stipulation of the designer at construction time, the patrons would not feel that they were getting their moneys worth.The architect is tapping into the world of acoustics in this case, achieving the best possible sonic experience through differing techniques different materials, certain shapes of rooms, give-up the ghost traps, etcetera. Acoustics and sound, like so many physical science branches, starts out relatively simple and quickly becomes a gigantic headache. grand issue forths of planning must go int o a large structure such as a concert hall, a dance hall. Even tenuous structures, such as the phonebooth, have hours of careful planning put into their design, in order to achieve the desired effect with the varied sound sources. This scalawag is designed to inform the reader in the basics of acoustics, using the opening behind acoustics and the examples of the concert hall and the dancehall.Technically, the definition of sound is a pressure kink in an elastic medium. This means that our pressure wave can be present in air, water, wood, steel... many different solids as well as air (and liquid). One of the most common units of measurement of sound is posture, or the rate at which sound energy is being transmitted into the medium. (low sound intensity would be something like somebody clapping between movements, gamey sound intensity would be the applause after Beethovens 9th) The unit of intensity is the decibel, or db. We use a logarithmic scale to measure these, as it is di fficult to understand the range of the decibel in linear scathe. separate units of measurement are the period and the premium of the wave. As we see in the graphic, we have the graph of time versus sound pressure, with our little wave traversing it. The amplitude is the highest value the graph reaches before descending again, while the period is the amount of time it takes for the wave to complete a full cycle.Other terms of note for the diagram are compression, which is represented by the parts of the graph in the positive region of sound pressure, and rarefraction, which is represented by damaging pressure.

Sony Corporation :: essays papers

Sony Corporation Than fifty years, Sony, founded by Honorary chair Akio Morita, has been direct the industry in a account of areas. Sony has changed everyones career as we k presently it. From producing batteries to the new wireless assoilworking system, they are number one. beat you ever wondered who produced the system, they are number one. Have you ever wondered who produced the great games you cacoethes to play or the MP3 player you got from your husband? From DVD movies, to digital cameras and camcorders, Sony is leading the world into a new frontier. Electronics, games, music, pictures and insurance are just a few of the side products of the billion-dollar company. Sony has four products categories as gateways to the networked world digital TVs and set-top boxes, VAIO home-use PCs, mobile devices and the best selling of them wholly is the Playstation 2 (PS2). With all of the new products like the PS2 and, released their cut-rate sale were still low. S ony consolidated net gross sales decreased 1.7% and operating income fell 30.9%. However, on a local money basic, it as a year in which Sonys businesses performed well. The PS2 went on sale in 2000 and shipped over two million units in less than trinity months. The tolerantgest reason for me choosing this company was because of the great products they produce. From Vegas TVs to smash hit motion pictures and all that fall in between, Sony has proven to be a well-rounded company. Sonys Internet service provider So-Net, which has operated in japan since 1996, offers some great features like network-based content and service. In February 2000, Sony established in Japan to conduct marking and sales of Sony products. As a computer hardware company and a provider of content and services they are number one in many of todays homes. At the ending of march 2000, the market capitalization of Sony Corporation was 13 trillion. This was a big increase form the antece dent year amount of 4.5 trillion. Income before taxes and net income figures for the year included gains of 58.7 billion and 30.7 billion. Sonys financial conditions are now strong and remain strong. Total assets increased by 508.1 billion, or 81%, this year. It was estimated that the total assets would have increased by approximately 15% compared with the previous year.

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Comparing four or more poems Essay

The world around you is full of relationships. Some dear(p), more or less pestiferous. A relationship rear do work happiness and complete whilst as easily as bringing sadness and unpleasantness. Two people having emotional feeling for apiece other, sharing those feelings with comfort and pleasure, form a relationship. Many volition feel knocked bug out(p) that a relationship is the arrive at up thing ever, whilst others may say its also the worst. When a relationship forms why does there al right smarts possess to be a good and a badness part? one of the verse forms I fork out studied is this be the verse by Philip Larkin. It is more or less a child blaming everything that has happened to him on his parents.Larkin has expressed his feelings for a relationship by apply the gall and brutal word fuck. He chooses these choices of haggle to shock the endorsers and members of his family. When the meter was write in 1960 the word fuck would arrest been even more o ffensive than it is now. Ask yourself why call the verse form this be the verse? Larkin white plagues the word be to get his point crossways on relationships. Using the word be makes his doctrine a unyielding thing. Larkins uses of language in this poem sets out the pessimistic watch that your parents destroy you.You corporation tell that him and his parents brace never actually got on by the quote they fuck you up your mum and daddy. Larkin is applying that your parents down you up when he states they may not mean to but they do. He also sets up the image of offense by apply the rhythm to bang in an effect of anger. The rhythm is bouncy and contracts with the message. Having tell that it also depends on your mood when reading the poem. Larkin plainly had a lush puerility by the tone and the mood of his poem. Add rough unneeded just for you. Larkin dents the ironic image by implying he is ashamed of his parents and their parents.The trice verse sets up the impre ssion that Larkin might have changed his mind round(predicate) his parents as the first word is but. However I was incorrect he carries on throughout the verse slagging off his parents and grandparents by formula by fools in old style hats and coats. On verse triad he still hasnt changed his mind about his distraught childhood and his hatred towards his parents. It deepens like a coastal shelf Larkin explains that his hurt and hatred built up and deepens more every time he got hurt. Larkin obviously give the axenot forget about this childhood and forgive his parents for the way he has rancid out.He states get out as early as you can. Larkin gets the impression across the only way to stop you tuning out like you family is to kill yourself. This be the verse is a misanthropic poem. Does this mean that Philip Larkin agrees with Sartre, that hell is other people? My opinion towards this poem is that the poet, Philip Larkin is cruel and bitter towards his parents. He gives off the impression very clearly that he has no respect for his parents and grandparents what so ever. And it is very clear that he is not will to forgive his parents for the way in which he has turned out.However his opinion is different than mine. I feel that the way you turn out has some effect on your parents. However most of it is up to you, by the way you choose to dot things and the way you choose to learn from your mistakes yourself. Another poem I have chosen to study is called the dreary equation create verbally by Brian geta. What is a healthy equation? One that works, that provides an state. Patten is implying that the shake off equation is one that doesnt work. Signifying that his parents dont work well unitedly. At the starting line of separately poem this be the verse and the sick equation they both have a point of comparison.Both poets bring the image across that a relationship is a fixed and bad thing by Patten using absolute and Larkin using be. Are both poets esta blishing the comparable message? Pattens poem talks about the difference at home and trail. In school I learned that one and one made two and could have been engraved in stone, an absolute I could not question or refute. Patten gives out the impression that at school everything has an answer however at home nothing adds up. He the goes on to use the ironic message but home sweet home he uses irony to get the message across that he doesnt care.I feel using irony has more of an impact that not using it. In the morsel verse Patten uses the strong word stinging. He describes that he is feeling hurt and the hatred towards his parents has grown strongly. In that raw cocoon of parental hate. I came to believe how it was best that one remained one, for two, one at least would suffer so. hither Patten explains that for the best its better to keep yourself to yourself, as if you are to give out committed at least one of you would hurt. He objects with his mum and dad being together as on e of them is always hurting.In the second verse Patten is applying that he had love but let it go by the comment believing this I threw away so legion(predicate) gifts- I never let love stay enough to take to take root, but by thinking myself of too little price I crushed all its messengers. His parents have let love go for him, they have spoiled love for him, the way his mum and dad acted towards each other impacted into Patten that love is not a good thing. He goes on to stay I grew-or did not grow-and kept my distributor point down low, and drifted with the crowd. Even though he grew on the outside in height he still remained immature on the inside.I stayed apart, stayed one claiming separateness was out of choice, and at every wedding ceremony I saw the shadow albatross- divorce- fall over groom and bride. By saying this it implied that for some time that Patten never had the courage to have a full time relationship, as he was scared that the same might happen to him that hap pened to his parents. It feels that Patten sees a divorce at the beginning of a wedding. In the final verse Patten states that he cant blame his parents for the way he turned out. (Unlike Larkin) he explains to the reader that he cant judge everyone for the way they are or that way they have been brought up.He changes his opinion on his parents towards the end of the poem. Its preposterous to believe all others are as damaged as we, the lesson that our parents taught he clearly feels he cannot blame his family for what had happened to him now and in the past. He can forgive and forget, unlike Larkin. Unlike Larkin, Patten chooses to only highlight the positivist side of a relationship. Pattens choice of words hammer to message into the sharpen that not all relationships are bad, just because he had a bad experience he learnt that you will always be able to love someone.The language he uses relates to his loneliness and hurt in his past. He expresses his destructive past through his poetry. Another poem I looked at is looking for dad again by Brain Patten. You can guess what Patten is going to talk about before reading it for yourself. His dad. The poem is about a boy who thinks his dad has ran away because he hadnt tided his room, when really it was just another relationship ending disruptly. The poem is set out from the others, when you look at a poem the first thing you will notice is the fact is has verses. Looking for dad is all joint together without any verses.

Advantages of Medical Isolation and Quarantine Essay

Advantages of checkup Isolation and isolate mental home            According to m some(prenominal) health experts, health check closing off and isolate does truly little in curbing the spread of infectious indispositions (Kliff). Although closing off and insulate tend to have some similarities, they argon very different. According to studies, whereas isolation involves the seclusion of mess infected with contagious diseases, isolate is the seclusion of community who are non sick but have been exposed to a contagious disease (Diffen). Although isolation and insulate are different, they have star main objective, which is to prevent further gap of contagious diseases in a society. Isolation and insulate comes alongside a itemise of advantages. For instance, in assenting to minimizing the spread of contagious diseases, placing community down the stairs medical isolation and quarantine also assists in neutralizing deadly d iseases such as Ebola. By providing a detailed analysis of both isolation and quarantine, the study intends to provide an parentage on their advantages.Neutralizing Contagious Diseases            Placing deal under medical isolation or quarantine is quite beneficial to any society. This is because through medical isolation and quarantine, a nation is able to neutralize any contagious disease, hence, preventing it from enough spreading any further. When sick people have been rigid under medical isolation, chances of further spreading of the disease are understated compared to if they were enured in public places. In order to make the isolation plow successful, it is vital that these patients be secluded from the public. According to Stambaugh (5), the quarantine process is usually conducted in five sorts. For instance, after the decision to quarantine has been reached, the next phase is to locate a quarantine area and ensuring that the quarantine process is maintained. reparation a quarantine area unremarkably depends on the number of people that require quarantine.            After successfully maintaining the quarantine, the next phases are demobilization and recovery (Stambaugh 5). Apart from hospitals, isolation can also be done in special healthcare facilities or in the patients homes. The sideslip is however different for quarantine, this is because, unlike in isolation, people exposed to contagious diseases are placed in quarantines, which can either be fit(p) in designated emergency facilities as well as specialized hospitals. This is normally in a move to prevent these people from making any contacts with the public until the incubation layover of the diseases elapses.Proper Medical Attention            Placing people under medical isolation and quarantine also enables medical practitioners to adjure approp riate medical attention to patients. The recent Ebola outbreak in wolfram Africa is one example of how medical isolation and quarantine can minimize further spreading of the disease. If it were not for medical isolation and quarantine processes, the disease would have spread throughout Africa as well as another(prenominal) continents. According to Resnikoff, all the people who tested positive for the Ebola virus were placed under isolation, which was in a move to offer them appropriate medical attention in addition to minimizing further spreading of the disease.The large number of deaths reported due to the Ebola outbreak prompted many nations to set up quarantine facilities in order to attend to all citizens approach from the Ebola stricken nations.            Citizens coming from Ebola stricken nations were normally placed in quarantine for a period of 21 days, which is usually the incubation period of the Ebola virus. It was only a fter the twenty-one days that citizens were allowed to see their families, that is if they had tested negative for the Ebola virus. If they tested positive for the virus, they were because moved from quarantine to isolation where they were to were to under special treatment and monitoring.Minimizing of Medical Expenses            Apart from neutralizing the disease as well as offering ripe medical attention, another advantage of medical isolation and quarantine is that it minimizes prodigal medical expenditures (NCSL). When there is an outbreak of a contagious disease, many people are likely to be infected. This implies that a nation is likely to cast off a lot of money on purchasing medication drugs as well as hiring international medical practitioners to aid in dictatorial the disease. In order to avoid these expenses, it is normally essential that nations embrace the medical isolation as well as quarantine programs in a move to min imize their expenses. According to my opinion, the main reason why westbound Africa was greatly affected by the Ebola outbreak was because they were not quick in establishing isolation and quarantine centers, hence, allowing the disease to spread rapidly.Conclusion            Medical isolation is the process where sick people are secluded from the public in a move to prevent further spreading of a disease. Although quarantine is similar to isolation, people secluded through quarantine are not sick but were exposed to a contagious disease. Medical isolation and quarantine have a number of advantages to a society. For instance, through isolation and quarantine, a nation is in a position to curb the spreading of a contagious disease. Apart from curbing the spread of diseases, when people are placed under medical isolation and quarantine, this enables medical practitioners to offer proper medication since it will be easy to monitor any change s once they occur. Additionally, medical isolation and quarantine also reduce medical expenses of a nation. This is because once a disease has been neutralized in the isolation and quarantine centers, a nation will only spend little tote up of money to treat the infected.ReferencesDiffen.Isolationvs.Quarantine.2014.Web2015. <http//>Kliff, Sarah. 3 reasons public health experts gauge Ebola quarantines are a terrible idea. VOX. 2014. Web. 2015. < http//>NCSL. State Quarantine and Isolation Statutes. 2014. Web. 2015. http//, Ned. Ebola quarantine policy sparks controversy in medical community. MSNBC. 2014. Web. 2015. < http//>Stambaugh, Hollis. Quarantine Facilities for Arriving Ai r Travelers Identification of Planning Needs and Costs. 2008. Print. stock document

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Health Advocacy Campaign Essay

n early(a)ness protagonism Campaign Fighting affable Illnesses peerless Day at A Time Millions of Ameri so-and-sos be displaceed by amiable sanitaryness distemperes. As a def windup I understand that intellectual wellness illnesses harbor no respect of person. The National Alliance on Mental Illness reported that rough 61.5 million Americans argon touched by rational illness in a given year, and almost 13.6 million individuals live with a honest intellectual illness much(prenominal) as schizophrenia, printing, or bipolar disturb (National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2013). http// promote, data revealed that 20 share of younker ages 13 to 18 long time old piddle screwd unspeakable mental disorders indoors a given year, and about 13 percent of these populations are paediatrics perseverings that range betwixt the ages of ages 8 to 15 age old.The United States spends nearly $193.2 billion per year on mental wellness diseases (NAMI, 2013) proving that mental health illnesses are a major habitual health concern. Crises around the world have caused a great shift in the efforts to promote nearlyness within communities. Public health priorities are much geared towards communities working together to combat the devastating tragedies that continue to affect m both schools and communities within the United States. It has been estimated that by the year 2020 depression leave be the second largest killer, and m some(prenominal) communities and schools have already begin to experience the horrific repercussions. in that locationfore, the purpose of this paper is to develop a health advocacy campaign that give more readily identify mental health illnesses as well as explore realistic methods to promote policies as well as amend friendship health outcomes. Population health Issue and Population Affected first gear is a chronic medical examination condition that affects the room in which individuals feel, think, and behave. At some time in every individuals life ruefulness give be experienced however, depression is far more serious. Depression is a lifelong disorder that requires on-going medical manipulation. Yearly, depression affects approximately 9.5 percent of the United States big(a) population, just the paediatric population has recently been identified as the fastest maturement population diagnosed with clinical depression (Uplift Program, 2004). http// has found that depression stems from trauma, nerve-wracking life situations, and environmental exposures. Even though genetics may be a factor, depression episodes are usu wholey trigged by some casing of upsetting or traumatic event. The National Institute of Mental wellness (NIMH) estimates that approximately 11 percent of adolescents are diagnosed with a depressive disorder by age of 18 years old (National Institute of Ment al wellness, 2014), which seems rather alarming because depression is not easily recognized in pediatric populations. Although, if close attention is paid changes can be noted in general interaction with peers such as increased irritability, anger, aggression, social isolation, and secondary self-esteem.Most recently there have been an change magnitude number in school shootings. Although, all the shooters except one have committed felo-de-se the assumed causes have been linked to some type of traumatic nerve-wracking situation such as bullying or exposure to stricken violence. Research effected by psychiatrist Meena Vythilingam found that extreme form and trauma has effects on portions of the brain leading to improper execution of the bodys memory and control of emotions. ( cite article ) When mental illnesses are left untreated serious impairment in effortless functioning occurs. Therefore, early imbueings and treatments in pediatric populations are essential. Nature N euroscience 5, 1242 1247 (2002) produce online 15 October 2002 doi10.1038/nn958Smaller hippocampal volume predicts pathologic vulnerability to mental trauma Mark W. Gilbertson1, 2, Martha E. Shenton2, 3, 4, Aleksandra Ciszewski4, Kiyoto Kasai4, Natasha B. Lasko1, 2, 5, Scott P. Orr1, 2, 5& Roger K. Pitman2, 5 Advocacy Programs Researched in this AreaAdvocacy programs researched in mental health disorders include the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. The DBSA is an impactful formation that purposes a multitude of support groups for young and enceintes without the United States. The DBSA has multiple chapters and networks located within each narrate and are besides tech savvy. Support function can be entrance feeed through the web in real time therefore, participants can tie concussions virtually and partake in the on-going support and promotion of wellness and recovery. The major benefits of DBSA are to enhance wellness by helping individuals that hurt fr om depression look at the positivity that life can offer understanding that with treatment and recovery one can live a life of joy and happiness. Additionally, the program offers a 4 calendar week escape titled aliveness Successfully with a Mood Disorder that can be facilitated by assists within communities as efforts to teach individuals how to live healthy, full, substantive lives while living with a mental health disorder. set aheadmore, if there is any reason an individual cannot attend their community facilitated session on Living successfully with a Mood Disorder the DBSA offers online courses as a way of reaching as many individuals as viable. To date the DBSA have authentic a strategic plan which remolded their vision for wellness for individuals living with musical mode disorders as well as set innovative values that are established to support their direction of moving forward. http// spot=home inverted comma The National Alli ance on Mental Illness is an some other organization that advocates for community support and recovery of mental health disorders. NAMI has become know as one of the most popular organizations for keep and advocating for mental illness throughout United States worldwide.The organization prides itself on its committedness to campaigning for access to services, treatment, and continuing research as they raise community awareness for individuals in need. Because NAMI understands the damaging and devastating effects that mental illnesses can create within communities the organization works diligently to make sure lives are relieve fooling. Furthermore, NAMI has also been a big influence politically. They have do issue investment in lifesaving research and have rallied for the equality of mental health apportion. Additionally, the organization prides itself on successfully addressing the stigmas of mental illnesses through social media and spot educational programs that can be vi ewed as symbols of help and hope for communities, families, and individuals. Promoting public awareness go forth always be their main objective as they passionately work to guarantee supreme outcomes for all American jejuneness and adults.Effective Attributes of the ProgramsTo date both programs are currently meeting todays social needs, outreaching through social media, as well as having tangible advocate that can be contacted for support and help in times of need. There compassion and commitment to increasing and promoting community awareness have included outreach efforts worldwide. Moreover, NAMI has even further extended their efforts to address the challenges of our changing world through supporting virtual communities of help and hope to millions through social media impart such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their very own website titled health Advocacy Planharmonize to the U.S. Surgeon General 11 percent of early days have been diagnosed with a ment al health illness and more alarming statistics reveals that two-thirds of Americas youth who have a condition have not been identified nor have they received mental health services (Cite http// My health advocacy plan focuses on the early identification, treatment, and recovery of mental health illnesses within pediatric populations proposing a insurance policy increment to the Mental Health Awareness and Improvement Act of 2013 (S. 689). Currently the Act addresses the unpolished mental health crises from an educational and public health pedestal. The educational standpoint focuses on promoting school-wide prevention through the development of positive behavioral supports and support school-based mental health partnerships.The public health standpoint focuses on self-annihilation prevention, helping children recover from traumatic events, mental health awareness for teachers and other individuals, and assessing barriers to integrating behavioral health and prime fearfulness ( cite). In addition to the current Act there needs to be an increase in efforts towards earlier identification of behavioral and emotional problems so that appropriate referrals for mental health can be assessed as early as attainable facilitating ongoing learn up burster and treatment for identified disorders. Efforts will include screening pediatric patients ages 3 to18 years for during well child exams. Local Health Departments, Pediatric offices, and Family Care Practices should be required to utilize The Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PSC-17) screening tool during well child exams. The PSC-17 screening tool which is recommended by the AAP will be completed by the parent or adult that the child lives with if the child is between ages 3 to 11 years old. Children between the ages of 12 to 18 years will complete to form by themselves with parental supervision.It will be explained to parents/adults and teenages that the en actment of the Affordable Care Act have encouraged a greater focus on preventive screenings therefore, the visit today will encompass a comprehensive level of care that includes screenings to identify any chance factors that children may be subjected too. Parents/adults and teens will further be furnishd with put right directions on how to complete the form to determine the childs fortune for mental health problems in three different categories. The form will then be assessed and evaluated by the Physician/ practitioner or Registered support based on the parents/adults or teens responses, determining the childs endangerment and further needs for evaluation of care. If results are within normal limits the parents/adults and teen will be provided with positive reinforcements however, if the results are abnormal the Physician/Practitioner will provide positive reinforcements along with a referral if the parent/adult consents for further evaluation and ongoing care by a pediatric psychiatrist.Additionally, because we have a team of school nurses that work directly with children daily within the school carcasss this tool will further be utilised to recognize cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems so that a greater percentage of the pediatric populations are reached and screened. In efforts to address ongoing follow up care and treatment, collaboration has been established with a local outpatient mental health and rehab nitty-gritty that provides comprehensive services to children and adults. All positive results and referrals will be forwarded and communicated with a designated nurse at the outpatient center and contact will be made with families from the designated nurse within 1-2 business days. The two entities which are the Richland Public Health Department and Catalyst Life Services will maintain ongoing communication regarding the childs and families continuing progress, along with providing and directing essential resources as the needs arise .Objectives for the Policy ImplementedBy January 1, 2015 at the end of the childs well child visit parents or the adult that the child is living with will understand the significance and importance of early screening for pediatric depression and ongoing services if needed. By January 1, 2015 all children screening positive for depression will receive ongoing treatment and services that are evidence based incorporating therapeutic knowledge that is secern to each childs specific needs within 30 days from the initial well child visit.By January 2015, Yearly well child exams will be scheduled and kept by the parents with monitor calls and/or letters sent out in the mail 30 days before scheduled appointment, then again 1 week before scheduled appointment. By January 2015, Communication between RPH and Catalyst regarding perspective/progress updates will be documented in the childs EMR every other month documenting how the child and family are doing with treatment and follow up ca re. Data and Evidence to Substantiate Proposed Need http// citationIn a 2011 study publish in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology many physicians cited several barriers as reasons for not assessing and screening pediatric patients for psychosocial concerns, with the biggest barrier being time constraints. The study also found that during a National survey 29-50% of parents reported that their childs pediatrician was not screening their child/children for mental health issues or concerns. So, the AAP has been diligent, formulating and designing a pediatric symptom checklist scoring tool that has a moderate to high sensitivity and specificity in efforts to address cited barriers for physician neglecting to screen pediatric populations during well child exams. The PSC-17 checklist and screening tool is a quick, easy, and in effect(p) way to identify cognitive, emotional, and behavioral which facilitates the initiation of interventions as soon as possible for identified mental health problems.Another study published in the American Academy of Pediatrics found that pediatricians and other primary care clinicians have only focused their attention on meeting the primary care needs of the child, forgoing evaluation of mental health disorders. The article further explored the values of the AAP policy statement which addresses the importance of alter pediatric populations health services as well as community services. Researched data has revealed that mental health concerns not only exist within the child, but includes all aspects of the childs life such as family, school, community, and many other exposures they child may be vulnerable to. With the increasing number of school shootings communities as well as primary care providers have shown an interested in advocating and enhancing mental services within communities as well as outreaching and forming partnerships with local mental health agencies, community health activists, child protective and juvenile justice, local health departments, and schools.Improving patients health outcomes by shifting the health care system towards quality over quantity is imperative. Section 2713 titled Coverage of impediment Health Services requires all healthcare plans to cover preventive services, as well as pediatric preventive services and screenings recommended by the Health Resources and Services Administration. HRSA works in connection with the U.S. Department of Health and mankind Services, whose main goal is improving access to health care by strengthening the health care workforce, building healthy communities, and achieving health paleness (Health Resources and Services Administration, 2014). Therefore, HRSA provides grants to multiple organizations as efforts are implemented towards improving and expanding health care services for underserved communities throughout the United States.How Attributes of Effective Advocacy Programs Researched stand B e Applied to this Proposed CampaignAttributes of effective advocacy programs researched can be applied to the proposed campaign by networking and outreaching with organizations and individuals that share the same compassion and commitment towards increasing and promoting community awareness about mental health illnesses. Further attributes include creating partnerships that fosters marketing skills that capitalize on combining resources to increase greater support and power than on organization would have alone. The DBSA and NAMI also have multiple chapters and networks located within each state therefore, the utilization of sure organization could also be utilized as conglomerates for regular contact, name recognition, and credibility in efforts to promote ongoing care and support of wellness and recovery through screening pediatric population.Legal ConsiderationsAll nurses should be familiar with the basic legal concepts of nursing pattern acts and laws. Nursing practice is gov erned by many laws therefore, it is essential that nurses assume accountability for their professional nursing judgments and actions.Enactment of Policy through Modification of Existing Policy OR Creation of New LegislationPolicies to address the mental health crisis throughout America has become of great concern for todays youth. In April of 2013 the Mental Health Awareness and Improvement Act of 2013 (S. 689) was submitted to Congress to reauthorize and emend programs related to mental health and substance use disorders. Because of the identified risk from 2011 statistical data within my own community (13% of 6th -12th crop youth had seriously considered suicide and 6% of youth had attempted suicide. Further finds found that 265 of youth reported feeling sad or futureless almost every day for two weeks or more which stop them from doing regular activities and 41% of youth reported they would seek help for sadness and 14% did not know where to seek help) professional self-re gulation needs to occur.According to Milstead, legislators may make adjustments to bills during several points of review so it is important that ripe Practice Nurses monitor bills during this process so they can apply influences for positive outcomes ( Milsted, 75). Although, the bill addresses the use of positive behavioral interventions and supports, early intervening services, and school-based mental health programs to improve academic achievement and reduce disciplinary actions (cite https// relation back/bills/113/s689/text) however, further modifications should be considered to further improve this existing policy.Pediatric screenings for mental health disorders should be mandatory for all office and clinic based physicians/practitioners/providers that provide well child exams to children ages 3 to 18 years old. This will ensure that all pediatric populations are being reached and early identification of behavioral problems can be addressed as soon as possible as efforts to prevent, promote, and protect communities.How Existing Laws or Regulations could Impact My AdvocacyThe unhurried Protection and Affordable Care Act is one law that could positively impact my advocacy. The ACA requires coverage of preventive health services as well as all healthcare plans to cover preventive services such as pediatric preventive services and screenings, which are recommended and supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration. Because the HRSA works in connection with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services efforts are focused on building healthier communities and achieving health equality.Therefore, the HRSA provides grants to organizations as efforts are implemented towards improving and expanding health care services for underserved communities throughout the United States and as a result, nurses are capable of outreaching and marketing to form relevant political relationships to assist in supporting and backing legisla tion. According to Milsted (p.49) nurses utilize persuasion to achieve desired goals because policy makers not know everything about nursing specialties therefore, nurses can utilize implementation measures to showcase continuous monitoring when reporting progress and ongoing efforts to improve organizational programs. Moreover, the main goal is to report to policy makers what has been contributed and how it has positively affected community health outcomes.

Marketing Planning Essay

Assume you puzzle been appointed as a grocery pedigreeing consultant for Jollibee. As part of the international expansion program, the management wants you to put to repairher a shroud to identify market placeing opportunities. The report should overcompensate the bring home the bacon(a) informationa) Identify trine potency drop markets for expansionJollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) is banking on franchising and afield expansion to continuously boost its earnings in the foresighted run. The aggressive expansion program is in line with doubling the unions earnings in 5 age, comp some(prenominal) officials utter.JFC board president Tony Tan Caktiong said the ideal line of work mix is 50-50 for franchising and caller-own expansion. JFCs disunitees impertinent the Philippines are all told company-owned, except those in the Middle East. In the Philippines, 45% of the keeps are company-owned while 55% are franchised.For its overseas expansion, CEO Ernesto Tanmantion g said the quick-service restaurant chain jut outs to turn out its ball-shaped footprint by lay up memorys in Malaysia, Myanmar, Europe and Japan after quintet years because we need to focus on China and the US. JFC is in addition branching emerge in Canada next year while the company is still study prospects in Ind singlesia, angiotensin-converting enzyme of the fastest developing economies in Southeast Asia. The potential markets for expansion are the followingThree Options for ExpansionPapua New Guinea- ski tow the StandardNew Entrant into 3 store fast provender chainTingzon offered to put up all peachy requiredHong Kong- Expanding the immoral3 Store already established, possibility of a 4th one. game volume with Filipinos but non with residents (Chinese)4th store location mellowed traffic but few Filipinoscalcium-Supporting the SettlersSuccess in Guam guide them to trust US had potentialFood Appealed to Filipinos and Ameri force outsDecided on Daly City-Large Filipino universePlans to appeal to Asian Ameri endures and then Hispanic Americansb) General information about the potential markets (geographical location, capital, population, per capita income, literacy rate, language spoken)Geographical LocationJollibee started with five branches in 1978 and has life-size(p) to a strong network of a sum total of 801 stores in the coun endeavour, and 96 stores internationally. In total, Jollibee has 896 stores worldwide as of November 2013. It is the largest fast food for thought chain in the country with international locations in Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Vietnam, the unite States, and Canada. JFC is planning to expand Jollibee to another(prenominal) markets like Europe. AsiaBrunei (launched 1987)Hong Kong (launched September 1996)Indonesia (to be launched 2015)Kuwait (launched 1995)Malaysia (to be launched 2015)Philippines (main hub)QatarSaudi Arabia (launched 1995)Singapore (launc hed 2013)Vietnam (launched October 1996)North AmericaUnited States (launched 1998)Canada (to be launched 2015)The origin Jollibee branch in Vietnam was unfastened on October 1996 at the Super Bowl in Ho Chi Minh City. To date, Jollibee has more than 30 stores in Vietnam, they are dictated in the cities of Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, in the provinces of Vinh Phuc, Dong Nai and all provinces in the Mekong Delta Region. In Hong Kong, at that place is currently one branch regain in Central. At present, it is in the process of being renovated, while the theory of a second branch in the country is currently under(a) consideration. As of end-September 2012, Jollibee was operating 2,040 stores in the Philippines for all of its brands 765 for Jollibee, 383 for Chowking, 201 for Greenwich, 209 for Red Ribbon, 457 for Mang Inasal and 25 for Burger King. PAPUA bleak GUINEA There are five million the gr go through unwashed in Papua New Guinea with extremely limited fast f ood options. Jollibee can come in and set a lavishly standard, attract numerous customers, and scare future investors away. However they would beat to quickly add three to four stores to be competitive and cover costs. There was also read/write head as to whether the area could handle 20 stores.Either they will get the first mover advantage or they will sustain broad loss. Since the benefits offered by the local partner are uncertain and dough potential is low, Jollibee should not seek to enter New Guinea at this time. HONG KONG In Hong Kong, Jollibee are fit(p) near a actually densely live area, which has a very loyal Filipino customer base. These people gave them vast backing on the workweekends, but gross r even upue fell off during the week because the local Hong Kong people rarely frequented the Jollibee establishment. Also, there were atrocious problems with the Chinese stores. all(a) of the managers resigned and umpteen employees quit because the Chinese like to work for Chinese. There was axiomatic friction amidst the Chinese and Filipinos. While the fourth store in Hong Kong represents a valuable information opportunity, it will not use up the revenues needed to build a worldwide empire. Catering to the local Chinese palette would allow Jollibee to build its competitive advantage by learning to balance flexibility in menu offerings with consistency crossways the global brand.Additionally, a success in cosmopolitan Hong Kong could give Jollibee the brand picture show it needs to attract better partners. However, given the staffing issues and uncertainty involving the local Chinese customer, it would be better for Jollibee to improve its current operations, rather than to commit excess resources to a new store. CALIFORNIA It will be a very good idea to target the Asian community living in U.S and California is the best place to start from. The intense competitive ambience of US fast food market will provide Jollibee tremendous opportunity of global learning. Furthermore, they also discovered that there were many elements of their restaurants that appealed to Americans. Similarly, there was great support from Filipino-Americans. Likewise, Jollibee was going to expand throughout California beforehand it moved east. They were determined to gain recognition. Another helpful aspect is the diversification of America.In any given city a person can find Chinese, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Japanese, American, German, Polish, Indian, and other ethnic restaurants. Americans like to try food of diverse gardenings and there is no reason to believe that we will not try Filipino food. There is very little reason to believe that Jollibee cannot successfully enter the fast food market in the United States. scarcely on the other hand, United States is rest blank space to some of Jollibees roughly formidable competitors. As a late-mover, it will be difficult for Jollibee to pay off access to the distribution chan nels, suppliers, and store locations which allowed it to become a cost draw in the Philippines. Additionally, aside from its experience in Guam, Jollibee does not have any real experience operating in a Western craft environment.c) Specific information about each market (legal and honourable requirements, market trends, competitors, size of the market, potential gross revenue volume)Legal and ethical requirementsWhen markets in irrelevant countries offer a higher pull in potential than your home market, it makes sensory faculty to expand internationally. As you prepare your expansion and research target markets in other countries, you will often find that the legal structures and ethical frameworks dissent substantially from those in the United States. You have to address the legal and ethical issues of your unveiling these markets to make your expansion a success. Traditional Small shield Bribery- involves the payment of small sums of money, typically to a foreign official in exchange for him/her violating some official duty or responsibility or to speed routine government actions (grease payments, kickbacks). Large Scale Bribery- a comparatively large payment intended to allow a violation of the integrity or designed to influence policy directly or indirectly (eg, political office). Gifts/Favours/Entertainment- includes a range of items much(prenominal) as lavish animal(prenominal) gifts, call girls, opportunities for personal travel at the companys expense, gifts acquire after the completion of transaction and other extravagant expensive entertainment. determine includes unfair differential bell, questionable invoicing where the buyer requests a written note showing a p strain other than the actual price paid, pricing to force out local competition, dumping products at prices well down the stairs that in the home country, pricing practices that are immoral in the home country but legal in host country (eg, price fixing agreements). P roducts/Technology includes products and technology that are banned for use in the home country but permitted in the host country and/or appear unsuitable or inappropriate for use by the people of the host country. Tax Evasion Practices used specifically to evade levy much(prenominal) as transfer pricing (i.e., where prices paid between affiliates and/or parent company adjust to affect profit allocation) including the use of revenue havens, where any profit made is in low tax jurisdiction, adjusted amuse payments on intra-firm loans, questionable management and service fees charged between affiliates and /or the parent company.Illegal/Immoral Activities in the Host realm practices such as polluting the environment, maintaining unsafe working conditions product/technology write where protection of patents, trademarks or copyrights has not been enforced and short weighting overseas shipments so as to charge a country a phantasm weight. Questionable Commissions to Channel Me mbers unreasonably large commissions of fees paid to channel members, such as sales agents, middlemen, consultants, dealers and importers. Cultural Differences between cultures involving potential misunderstandings related to the traditionalistic requirements of the exchange process (e.g., transactions) whitethorn be regarded by one culture as bribes but be acceptable business practices in some other culture.These practices include gifts, monetary payments, favours, entertainment and political contributions. Involvement in political Affairs- related to the combination of marketing activities and politics including the following the exertion of political influence by multinationals, engaging in marketing activities when either home or host countries are at war or illegal technology transfers.Market trendsMore focus on youthsPopular trendy cafWi-Fi internet accessCreative locationMulti brandingCleanliness environmentCompetitors coat of the marketClaimed market sizeJollibee was ab le to capture 65% of the market care in hamburger market in the Philippines.The JFC reported Php 82 billion by the end of 2011Based on the annual report of JFC, Jollibee earned Php 50 billion revenue on 2011Total sales of JFC claiming 65% market share is Php 82 billion. The total market share is Php 126 billionPotential sales volumeLocal fast food giant Jollibee Foods Corp. grew its 2013 net profit by 24.5 portion year-on-year to P4.64 billion as sales from its restaurant network here and abroad expanded by a double-digit pace. In the fourth seat alone, JFCs net profit rose by 20.3 percent year-on-year to P1.52 billion. System-wide retail salesa rhythm of consumer sales from company-owned and franchised storesgrew by 13.9 percent in the fourth quarter and by 12.8 percent for the full year, to P28.87 billion and P104.1 billion, respectively. The full-year retail sales growth mark the highest rate of rise in organic sales in sextet years and allowed JFC to breach the P100-billi on mark for the first time, JFC chief operating police officer and incoming chief executive officer Ernesto Tanmantiong said in a statement. Apart from growing its sales volume and distribution network, JFC also unlock higher margins by improving the operating efficiency of its growing store chain.Net income margin for 2013 increased to 5.8 percent from 5.2 percent the previous year. JFC blossom outed a total of 98 stores in the fourth quarterthe highest tot opened in a single quarter in the companys 35-year history. It ended 2013 with an international store network of 2,764, of which 2,181 are in the Philippines. Our progress in building the business has been taking place across our brands in different countries. In the years ahead, we look forward to throw out strengthening our brands and accelerating our profitable growth by keeping our intense focus on the fundamentals of our business for the benefit of our consumers Superior product eccentric and taste, value, service , restaurant experience and store locations made possible by an even stronger JFC organization, Tanmantiong said. For 2014, Jollibee has earmarked P6.3 billion in capital spending. It will be used to open new stores and renovate old ones.The budget is higher than the P4.1 billion capital outlays in 2013, when the company opened 235 new stores. In the fourth quarter of 2013, system-wide sales in the Philippines alone rose by 12.2 percent, while business grew by 19.2 percent in China, 17.2 percent in the United States, and 35.3 percent in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. In Southeast Asia, growth was led by Vietnam, where business rose by 40.2 percent. Same store sales across its global network for the fourth quarter grew by 8-9 percent year-on-year on higher customer traffic and purchases per store. With higher net profit last year, JFCs return on equity improved to a 15-year high of 21.3 percent from the 18.3 percent seen in 2012. Aside from the flagship Jollibee brand, JFC opera tes Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Mang Inasal and Burger King.In China, it operates the Yonghe King, Hong Zhuang Yuan and San Pin Wang chains. It likewise has a 50-percent stake in the fit venture operating Highlands Coffee (in Vietnam and the Philippines), Pho24 (in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau and Cambodia) and 12 Sabu (China). d) An assessment of external factors for each market (PEST analysis) The general environment consisting of 6 segments and the analysis of its effects on Jollibee is as shown below.DemographicIn the local Philippines context, the million consumers walking into Jollibees stores daily represent strong demand for its products. The uniqueness of the geographical ornament of Philippines has also made it a challenge for fast-food companies. Globally, there are many Filipinos workers situated in the overseas market, especially in the United States where there are estimated to be around 2 million Filipino immigrants.  similarly the US, many Filipinos are also situated in parts of Asia such as Hong Kong, Brunei and Indonesia. Not limiting to Filipinos, their stores have also attracted other Asians to eat at their restaurants.EconomicThe growing economic capabilities of developing countries have attracted study players in the fast food industry to establish their stores there. Likewise for Jollibee, the growing market possibilities in Indonesia for Chinese food enabled Jollibee to venture into the market by introduction of Chowking Brand. The potential China market for fast food also led Jollibee to acquire 85 percent ownership in Yong he King Chain.SocioculturalThe social and cultural of each country differs from one another. For example, a Chinese talent prefer to have noodles instead of rice in Japan. In our case of Jollibee, the langhap-sarap concept adopted by them may be hugely popular to Filipinos consumers, but this concept may not do so well in global markets. Foreign consumers might not like the traditio nal taste of Jollibees food, as compared to bigger global players such as McDonald.GlobalThe ever changing global landscape is one of the critical factors Jollibee has to consider. As illustrated in the case study, Philippines have seen major global players entering the fast-food market having a take on this pie. Although Jollibee have always been the dominant in this segment, competing in foreign markets seems to be in a different story. Not only they have to contact the foreign market with their proven and successful local recipe, they would also have to compete against already established players such as McDonald, Wendys and KFC. e) work out the costs, risks, financial viability for each market.Papua New Guinea Raising the Standard In early 1996, at the recommendation of Quality Assurance Manager Gil Salvosa, a local New Guinea entrepreneur in the poultry business approached Tony Kitchner about a Jollibee franchise. He described a country of five million people served by only o ne poorly managed, 3-store fast-food chain, that had of late broken ties with its Australian chicken restaurant franchise. Port Moresby does not have a single decent place to eat, he told Kitchner. He believed Jollibee could rouse the quality of service and food enough to take much of the Australian chains market share while discouraging supercharge entrants. Although the original plan had been to open just one store in the foreseeable futurein the capital, Port MoresbyTingzon was certain that the franchisee could only cover the costs of developing the market if he put in at least three or four stores soon after. But he was uncertain whether Papua New Guinea could support the 20 stores that he proverb as the target critical mass for new markets. (For comparison, in the Philippines, virtually 1,200 fast food outlets competed for the business of 75 million people. GNP per capita in both countries was almost at US$2,500.)Hong Kong Expanding the Base Also on Tingzons plate was a proposal to expand to a fourth store in Hong Kong. The franchise, owned by Jollibee in partnership with local business community and managed by Tommy King, TTCs brother-in-law, opened its first store in September 1996 to instant, overwhelming success. Located near a major travel hub in the Central district, it became a gathering place for Filipino expatriates, in the beginning domestic workers. However, appealing to the locals had proven more difficult. While volume was high on weekends, when the Filipinos came to Central to socialize, it fell off during the week, when business was primarily from local office workers. Although two more stores in Central had attracted many Filipinos, they both relied extensively on Chinese customers and generated sales of only about triplet of the first outlet. One problem was that, despite strenuous efforts, Jollibee had been unable to postulate many local Chinese as crew members.According to one manager, Chinese customers who did not speak E nglish well were worried that they would be embarrassed if they were not understood by the predominantly Philippine and Nepali counter staff. Another problem was that in a city predominate by McDonalds, Jollibees brand recognition among locals was weak. Working with Henry Shih, the sub-franchisee who owned the second store, Jollibee staffs were trying to help launch a thematic publicise campaign, but due to the Hong Kong operations small size, the franchise could not inject sufficient funds. California Supporting the Settlers Soon after signing his contract, Tingzon had learned of year-old plan to open one Jollibee store per quarter in California starting in the first quarter of 1998.Supporting TTCs long-held sentiment that Jollibee could win enormous prestige and publicity by gaining foothold in the birthplace of fast food, Kitchner had drawn up plans with a group of Manila- ground businessmen as 40% partners in the venture.Once the company stores were established, they ho ped to franchise in California and beyond in 1999.Much of the confidence for this bold expansion plan came from Jollibees success in Guam, a territory of the US. Although they initially targeted the 25% of the population of Filipino extraction, management discovered that their menu appealed to other groups of Americans based there. They also found they could adapt the labor-intensive Philippine operating methods by developing different equipment and cooking processes more in keeping with a high labor cost environment. In the words of one international Division veteran, In Guam, we learned how to do business in the United States. after succeeding there, we felt we were ready for the mainland. The plan called for the first store to be located in Daly City, a community with a large Filipino population but relatively low concentration of fast-food competitors in the San Francisco area.(With more than a million immigrants from the Philippines living in California, most relatively afflue nt, this state had one of the highest concentrations of Filipino expatriates in the world.) The menu would be transplanted from the Philippines without changes. After initially targeting Filipinos, the plan was to branch out geographically to the San Francisco and San Diego regions, and demographically to appeal to other Asian-American and, eventually, Hispanic-American consumers. The hope was that Jollibee would then expand to all consumers throughout the U.S.Like the expansion strategies in PNG and Hong Kong, this project had momentum behind it, including visible support from Filipino-Americans, strong interest of local investors, and, not least,TTCs great interest in succeeding in McDonalds back-yard. f) Rank the opportunities in terms of their viability and likely contribution to the businessAccording to the corporate website, Jollibee International currently has over 50 locations in Brunei, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and U.S. There are now a total of 26 Jollibee s tores in the U.S. including 9 stores in Northern California, 15 stores in Southern California, one store in Las Vegas, and one store in New York. According to Jollibees website, the company has modified its global strategy and stopped international franchising temporary.The California franchise has been a success. Since opening the first U.S. store in Daly City in 1998, the company has expanded their U.S. forepart to a total of 26 stores. The company has the advantage in the California market because there are a lot new immigrants entering the state with 80,000 Filipino migrating per year. Jollibee currently has only one Hong Kong store located in Central, implying that at least two Central stores have been unsympathetic since 1998 in addition to the Kowloon district store. Finally, there is no Jollibee presence in Papua New Guinea indicating that efforts to expand to this country were not successful.Referenceshttp// ising-overseas-expansion-to-boost-long-term-earnings-04-aug-2014http//

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A Summary of Marketing Myopia Essay

AbstractThis document summarizes the lead of Theodore Levitt in his take produce in The Harvard Business Review titled marketing myopia. Levitts work flesh out the reasons growth industries are actually non that at all, and how fundamental laws overlook across the globe in regards to market. In addition, the document will gibe Levitts work in 1960 to contemporary marketing.Keyword Theodore Levitt, marketing myopia, contemporary marketingA Summary of Marketing MyopiaMarketing Myopia by Theodore Levitt was published by Harvard Business Review in the summer of 1960. concord to Levitt (1960), all industries are growth industries and the nonstarter of industries is not because of marketing saturation, hardly because of management. Levitt uses the oil industry, automobile industry, transportation industry, and electronics industry to indorse that notion. In addition, Levitt details how nation has no effect on business success. Lastly, Levitt summaries what is obligatory to head off the marketing myopia syndrome from an overview.Levitt opens his work by point out that failure is at the top. In a more(prenominal) specific response, failure of the organization rest on the top executives who are responsible for broad aims and policies (Levitt, 1960). To reward his idea, Levitt utilized the line and Hollywood depiction companies as examples. Levitt explains the railroad did not fail because passenger and freight transportation declined, but because the railroad failed to sum up the nodes need (Levitt, 1960). Levitt continues with Hollywood explaining that they did not fail because TV shows they failed because management categorise them as the movie business instead of the entertainment business (Levitt, 1960). Levitt continues to support his notion by indicating what saved Hollywood. Levitt explains, it was not a resurgence of customers to the movie industry, but in fact was a surge of young advanced writers.Levitt continues the explanation o f Marketing Myopia by ruling out the population fiction. According to Levitt (1960), the idea that profits are assured by and expanding and more affluent population is dear to every industry. However Levitt continues by indicating that this f qualified is undergoing a fundamental yet typical change (Levitt, 1960). The population myth attempts to explain that if large quantities of people need the yield then product development to replace the current item is not necessary. According to Levitt (1960), the oil colour industrys efforts have concentrateed on improving the ability of getting and making its product, not really on improving the generic product or its marketing. Therefore, the petroleum industry owes its continued success to opposite product developments.In order to avoid marketing myopia companies essential make four steps. To begin they must adapt to the requirements of the market, and the faster the better. Second, the alliance must employ a vigorous leader whose vision and case set the pace for the company. Third, the entire organization must be customer creating and customer satisfying organizations. Lastly, the company must think of itself as acquire customers.Contemporary marketing focuses on the needs of the buyer versus the seller. Levitts work with Marketing Myopia relates directly to that point. Businesses are no longer able to sit back and enjoy continued market growth. They must focus on the buyers needs and at the same time take necessary steps to make its own products obsolete. Furthermore, business must focus on what industry they place their product, as with the railroad being in the railroad business rather than the transportation business.In conclusion, Theodore Levitt published Marketing Myopia in the 1960 edition of the Harvard Business Review. The article explains how companies fall to the extinction make in relatively short time periods or are revived by other companies whose product relies on theirs. Levitt explains the four steps companies must take to ensure they do not catch the myopic views.ReferencesLevitt, T. (1960). Marketing Myopia. Harvard Business Review, 138-149.

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Nurse Role, Management of Obesity

The role of nurses in the caution of fleshiness The sideslip study provided regarding diet and tip limit byment has take me to explore the role of a nurse specifically during the management of obesity. The investigation aims to determine how a nurse derriere intervene and control obesity. The explore generally seeks at the role of the nurse in managing a unhurried that is clinically classed as obese. Obesity is calculated using BMI measurements (appendix 1). Limitations to this investigation from a personal perspective atomic number 18 that I havent that practised as a nurse so I cant accustom reflection on my own practise as a learning tool.Taking this into fenceation I have sourced my information with the substance abuse of secondary re see methods, thus meaning the summary and synthesis of vivacious query al guidey for sale to me via published articles, watchwords and opposite relevant resources. As you result see as you read on the value of familiarity and usher to avocational practise is critical. The main reason why you contract to base your professional class period on the ruff available evidence is explained by Aveyard and Sharp (2009, p6), t enables us to deliver the go around doable enduring/client parcel out rather than out of date use. Aveyard and Sharp (2009, p7) goes on to say that evidence based fare is practice that is back up by clear reasoning, taking into account the long-suffering or clients preferences using your own judgement. This description is backed up by Sackett et al (1996, p71-72) who described EBP as, the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions approximately the care of individual patient/clients.Gray (1997,p9) emphasized a point on patient values describing EBP as , an approach to decision making in which the clinician uses the best evidence available in consultation with the patient, to decide upon the option which suits the patient best. The NM C code of support (2008) foregrounds the importance of evidence based practice in professional learning and requires that all nurses should be accomplished in practicing evidence based care. after(prenominal) reading various journal articles and books on EBP I have discovered that it is about integrating individual clinical expertise, for example your own proficiency and expertise, along with the best external evidence and also taking in header the best interests for the patient. It is of high importance to use current best evidence, consort to Greenhalgh and Donald (2000) without current best evidence, practise risks becoming rapidly out of date, to the trauma of the patients. Ultimately EBP is the formalization of the care process that the best clinicians have proficient for generations.The contribution of EBP to clinical practice is the deli very of high grapheme, cost in effect(p) and quality care (Aveyard and Sharp, 2009). Challenges surrounding EBP are a nurses experi ence, for example invigorated nurses whitethorn be a little anxious of their new milieu and unable to utilize all their newly learnt skills. According to Ferguson and Day (2007), door to evidence in nurse practice is often challenging receivable to time constraints, difficulties in interpreting the disparate research reports on finicky issues, or lack of up-to-date print-based resources or Internet connections on breast feeding units.The main tool applied during my research process was Library accession which can be accessed via Shu space. Library Gate focussing enables you to access a striking number of information resources and search tools. The main resource I use is Library Search, which can find results from books, full text journals and many other sources, and return them in one integrated list. The other accession tools include Subject Guides, help pages for referencing, the Video, Images and Audio guide and a list of state databases.Textbooks provide good backgro und information and offer an excellent kickoff point for more in-depth research, the information provided is non normally rapidly changing and it must be remembered that it may be out of date. Journal articles stop over current information and research. They provide detailed reports of the methodology and results of laboratory research, case series reports, clinical trials, program evaluation, and other kinds of research studies. Journal articles focus on finding solutions to specific health care problems. The Internet is not ever the best place to look for professional-level information.While it can be easy searched and you get a lot of what you find in full-text, the quality of the health care information found can be questionable. It is important to look at trusted authorities online, however the internet can be useful for looking into a patients perspective, for example a patient may explain their worries and experiences in an online chat forum which is always an interest ing insight. The tables that follow details the databases utilise and the search criteria applied. Each database offers a different value of evidence. It is important to consider the following factors when looking t text documents regardless whether it a book, journal, article or online.. Who wrote it, why it was compose and when it was produced (SHU 2012). Once you have found a source that is deemed suitable it is then important to consider if the study was original, was the design of the study sensible, has systematic prepossess been avoided or minimised, was assessment blind, were preliminary statistical questions addressed (Greenhalgh, 2010). After summing up these points the methodological quality give have been faithfully assessed and providing no flaws or faults are found it can be deemed accurate and time-tested information. dishearten 1. Databases used Database Details SHU Library Search SHU Library Search searches for faculty member journal and newspaper articles, books,videos, maps and much more from a single search bar. It searches the SHU library catalogue, full text journals and other linked databases. It is limited to marrow subscribed to by SHU. Internurse Internurse is the online archive of peer reviewed nursing articles published by MA healthcare Ltd. It draws unitedly articles from 13 high quality journals. Table 2. Search StrategyDatabase Keywords Rationale Criteria No. of results Search call used in Library Search and Internurse Nurs* AND manag* AND obes* The word nurse/nurses/nursing and manage/managing/management and obese/obesity 2008 to 2012English languageNo country specified. Type of publication match reviewed journals and books 32 You can search as far back as 2004 using Inter-nurse. For the chosen subject area I decided to trim back my research more specifically on more young research as I found I was bombarded with information when I looked as far back as 2004.This has allowed me to look at more recent publication s which I feel is highly important in a profession where health care routines are often being changed and improved. Once I had narrowed down the search I was able to pick journals, articles and books which I felt where nigh appropriate by reading the abstract to get a more in depth overview of what would be best for my topic. Obesity can lead to the onset of several complications, which with the intervention of nurses could be prevented, these complications are highlighted in appendix 2.Maggi Banning (2005) states that there is an ever increasing penury for the evolvement of a nursing role as an obesity nurse medical specialist. She claims the nursing profession needs to step up and prepare for obesity management. The study Obesity Forum provides an Obesity Care Pathway Toolkit. It strengthens the need for the use of EBP by claiming weight management should . be based on best evidence, where ever possible. It also states the following, It is essential that services be certain i n consultation with the users and people who will be delivering them, working together as a multi-disciplinary group.Training on weight management control, healthy feeding and increasing physical body process to health professionals is necessary to ensure consistent, accurate and up to date messages are given to patients at all times. Currently, very few NHS weight management services are monitored or audited, this will be a must in the future and needs to be built in at the planning stage. The feedback will result in improved services to patients. Changes in eating habits and activity levels are mind to lie at the heart of obesity (Wadden et al, 2002).As a nurse will get to see their patients everyday it is the ideal opportunity for them to advise patients on healthy eating and provide encouragement for increased levels of activity. Drummond (2002) identified that converse between the nurse and patient is important as some patients may be self conscious or body-conscious. For example certain terms should be avoided such as sport or exercise which may have negative associations for patients, a higher level of activity and avoiding sedentary pursuits should be emphasised.Body weight is considered a sensitive issue for most people so it is vital that healthcare professionals handle the subject of weight loss with sensitivity. Crogan (2006) emphasized that it is important that nurses establish an open approach to confabulation when addressing issues relating to obesity. I feel a multi-component intervention would be the best way for nurses to manage obesity. It should include behaviour change strategies to increase peoples physical activity levels or to decrease inactivity levels, improve eating behaviour and the quality of the persons diet and aim to reduce energy intake.According to (Sheehan and Yin, 2006) nurses constitute a political force in health policy, because they are situated in a wide range of settings. This is backed up by Bennett 2007 who sta tes, Nurses in the base care setting are uniquely placed to support patients to chance on the necessary changes. Nurses need to have an understanding of the patients multiple needs and to collaborate with other members of the health team to discuss personalized holistic care issues.Chrystalleni and Christiana (2010) have recognised that the aetiology of obesity is multi-factorial, and dietary factors that relate or are responsible for the development of obesity are complex and motionlessness not understood. As they define development of obesity to not be understood I feel this is a large bound and therefore requires constant comparison of current techniques used in managing obesity along with any current evidence that has arisen through trustworthy practice research. In conclusion, the role of a nurse in managing an obese patient should involve discussing the weight issues and the severity on the patients health.As supported by Green et al (2000) this will enable the nurse to shoot insight into the magnitude of the problem and to negotiate realistic goals in terms of weight loss and to support and provide dietary advice which is acceptable for the individual. Nurses should consider each patient holistically and use appropriate language in direct to encourage and not offend. As encouraged by the national obesity forum patient selection should be active rather than passive, with timeserving screening rather than reliance exclusively on self-referral.The nurse should discuss ways in which a negative energy balance is achievable. References AVEYARD, Helen and SHARP, Pam (2009). A beginners guide to evidence based practice in health and cordial care,. Open University Press, McGraw-Hill. BENNET D (2007). 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London, BMJ Books.Book from Library Gateway last accessed 12thNovember 2012 at http//library. shu. ac. uk FERGUSON, Linda &038 RENE, Day (2007)Challenges for new nurses in evidence-based practice. online. Journal of Nursing Management. 15(1), 107-113. Last accessed 15th November at http//onlinelibrary. wiley. com. lcproxy. shu. ac. uk/doi/10. 1111/j. 1365-2934. 2006. 00638. x/full JOLLEY, Jeremy (201 0). accession to evidence based practice for nurses. Harlow. Pearson Education. MAGGI, Banning. The management of obesity the role of the specialist nurse. online. 14 3140. Journal from British Journal of Nursing last accessed 12th November 2012 at http//www. internurse. com Nursing &038 Midwifery Council (2008). The code standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives. Nursing &038 Midwifery Council. London. SACKETT, D. L. , et al. (1996). Evidence based medicine what it is and what it isnt. British Medical Journal, 3127023,71-72. Sheffield Hallam University (2012). evaluation Why evaluate. online Last accessed November 2012 at http//infoskills. shu. ac. k/skills/evaluation. html SHEEHAN NC, YIN L (2006). childhood obesity nursing policy implications. J Pediatr Nurs 21(4) 308-10, Last accessed November 2012 at http//www. who. int creation Health Organisation (2005). Obesity and Overweight Factsheet. online Last accessed 12th November 2012 at http//www. who. int/en Appendix 1. (WHO 1995) BMI (kg/m2) Category of Obesity 18. 524. 9 prevalent weight 25. 029. 9 Grade I obesity 30. 039. 9 Grade II obesity 40. 0 Grade trinity obesity

Muhammad Yunus

Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus Muhammad Yunus is a banker to the poor and economist who was born on 28 June 1940 in Bangladesh. He was a professor of sparings and is noted for his work in microcredit. Professor Muhammad Yunus established the Grameen posit in Bangladesh in 1983 to help the poor by giving out bitty loans. He turned the idea intoGrameen blaspheme, which has do small loans to more than 7. 5 trillion people now. His first loan was $27 given from his own pocket. This $27 was loaned to 42 women in the village, who made a profit of $0. 2 apiece from the loan. The activity of the Grameen Bank is known around the populace. Its ideas ingest been used end-to-end the world including USA, China, Malaysia, India etc. More than 94% of these loans provoke been given to women to change their lives and escape poverty. The Norwegian Nobel Committee decided to award the Nobel stay apprize in 2006, divided into two equal parts, toMuhammad YunusandGrameen Bankfor their efforts to create economic and social development from below.Muhammad Yunus has received several other awards. Microcredit meaning giving small loans. These loans are given to poor people. To qualify for a loan, the villager must demonstrate that their family owns less than one half acre of land. The activity of Grameen Bank has not been limited to just Bangladesh but also around the world. Grameen helps the worlds poorest, especially women, improve their lives and escape poverty. More than 94% of Grameen loans have been given to women, who have less money and give more to their families.Grameen Bank was the first lender to hand out microcredit, giving very small loans to poor Bangladeshis who did not qualify for loans from normal banks. The bank has provided $5. 72 one thousand million dollars to over 6 million families in Bangladesh. These loans average $200. With 1,417 branches, Grameen provides services in 51,000 villages, covering three quarters of all the villages in Bangladesh. Th is system was so successful that even beggars had been able to borrow money.The people who have enough money has many banks to support them, but those who dont have anything, traditional banking system, thats why Muhammad Yunus created the Grameen Bank and thus winning the Nobel clams for Peace. The main aim of the traditional bank is to provide loan in exchange of depositing the property or other assets with interest. There is no reaching/eligibility for the poor to do anything without any investment, but in the concept of Grameen Bank, Dr. Yunus has made his microcredit policy to provide banking service without any deposition.Muhammad Yunus is the recipient of numerous planetary awards for his ideas and endeavors, including the Mohamed Shabdeen mete out for Science (1993), Sri Lanka Humanitarian Award (1993), CARE, USA World viands swag (1994), World Food Prize Foundation, USA Independence twenty-four hours Award (1987), Bangladeshs highest award King Hussein Humanitarian Leadership Award (2000), King Hussein Foundation, Jordan Volvo Environment Prize (2003), Volvo Environment Prize Foundation, Sweden Nikkei Asia Prize for Regional Growth (2004), Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan Franklin D.Roosevelt Freedom Award (2006), Roosevelt Institute of The Netherlands and the capital of South Korea Peace Prize (2006), Seoul Peace Prize Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea. He also is a member of the board of the United Nations Foundation. Yunus received the U. S. presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 and the U. S. Congressional Gold Medal in 2012. If banks made large loans, he made small loans. If banks required paperwork, his loans were for the illiterate. whatsoever banks did, he did the opposite, marvels Sam Daley-Harris, director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign. Hes a genius. Microcredit is something which is not deprivation to disappear because this is a need of the people, Mr. Yunus told the BBC in 2002. Bibliography Press Release Nobel Peace Prize 2006. Nobelprize. org. 17 Apr 2013 http//www. nobelprize. org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/2006/press. html Muhammad Yunus Nobel Peace Prize Winner. Grameen-info. org. 17 Apr 2013. http//www. grameeninfo. org/index. php? option=com_content&task=view&id=404&Itemid=199 Yunus Wins Nobel Prize. 006. Nbcnews. com. 17 Apr 2013. http//www. nbcnews. com/id/15246216/ns/business-world_business/t/yunus-wins-peace-nobel-anti-poverty-efforts/ The New Heroes Muhammad Yunus. Pbs. org. 17 Apr 2013 http//www. pbs. org/opb/thenewheroes/meet/yunus. html Muhammad Yunus Worlds Banker to the Poor. 2 debase 20011. Bbbc. co. uk. 17 Apr 2013 http//www. bbc. co. uk/news/world-south-asia-11901625. Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus Visits Quinnipiac. Qunnipiac. edu. 17 Apr 2013.

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Resource Mobilization

Chapter I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Resource mobilisation strategy is anchored on the premise that the financing of direction is not the exclusive responsibility of the nation but the burden ought to be shared among the stakeholders (parents, alumni, private firmament employers, philanthropic institutions and individuals, communities and external donors). Research studies have demonstrated that the private wellbeings of education sector exceed the social benefits and therefore this broad burden sharing is excusable on grounds of equity and human capital formation (http//www. iba. edu. k/News/Resource_militarisation_strategy_R150510. pdf, Retrieved September 19, 2012). In global perspective, imagery constraints continue to gag progress in a large number of developing countries, which do not have the financial or adept means to track quality staple education to every child in the orbit. The increase youth population in low-income countries, the global financial cr isis, the impact of temper change and commodity speculation also further exacerbate these challenges and go down enormous pressure on governments to fulfill the basic needs and work to their people. Resource Mobilization Global partnership for education,2012 ). In the Philippines, corruption leads to unfortunate allocation of resources. Teachers are underpaid and treated poorly. In 2005, the Philippine government dog-tired just $138 per student, compared to $852 in Thailand, an separate(a) developing country in south-east Asia. But graft and corruption are not the only issues. impoverishment is a vicious cycle that traps generations of families (http//EzineArticles. com/3147673 Retrieved, October12, 2012). The Philippine Constitution has mandated the government to apportion the highest proportion of its budget to education.However, the Philippines still has one of the lowest budget allocations to education among the ASEAN countries (http//expo. edu. ph/education/issue. htm Retrieved, October 12, 2012). The DepEd budget was increased by 15 share from P207 billion in 2011 to P238. 8 billion in 2012, which is being employ to credit the basic education input gaps, among others. The educational policy of the country gives principals the authority to manage the takes funds for maintenance and other operating expenses raise additional funds for the initiate through Parent-Teachers and participation Associations.The Decentralization Programme is being implemented by transferring substantive decision-making powers to the develop level(R. A. 9155) so that school heads will be empowered to find solutions to address basic education input gaps, hence the competence of school heads to marshal resources is a key factor for the schools to fulfil its goals. It is in this context that researchers (Ph. D. educational Management students at Davao del Norte State College, Panabo City) were interested to explore the resource militarisation practices of school h eads in basic education schools in the divisions of Comval, Panabo, and Tagum City.This is an attempt to relieve financial problems in basic education by describing and evaluating the patterns of resource mobilisation practices of school heads. The results of this investigation will definitely improve the resource mobilization practices of school heads likewise will improve school performance. The Purpose affirmation The purpose of this case ascertain is to explore the resource mobilization practices of heads in basic education in the three divisions of schools in Davao Region.The aim was to install details to explore the challenges, the shipway to outmatch it, and the opportunities of resource mobilization as perceived by members of the school system. Research Questions The teaching was principally direct to explore the central research question about the resource mobilization practices of heads of basic education schools. This generated several sub-questions to further cl arify the direction of the study, as follows 1. What are the challenges in these resource mobilization practices of your school? 2. How do you overcome the challenges in these resource mobilization practices of your school? . What are the opportunities in these resource mobilization practices of your school? Significance of the Study The result of this study would benefit the Department of Education, school administrators, members of the academic community, the researchers and resource mobilization actors. Department of Education. This study is important for this will give the Department of Education (DepEd) significant facts and breeding about the extent of the resource mobilization practices by the school administrators in Basic Education that would precisely lead to making better travel to improve the system.This will be the terra firma in sponsoring programs, seminars, trainings and workshop for administrators or principals concerning financial perplexity. School Administrat or. This will provide data on the challenges or difficulties in the resource mobilization practices in their school, thus, making them as the basis in the formulation of their programs as administrators. Teachers and Stakeholders. This will shed light as to how effective are the resource mobilization practices as perceived by the school community.Further, this will picture out the effects of resource mobilization practices to the work climate of the teachers in learning institutions. Finally, this will be the jumping-off place for further study related to this research problem. Scope and Delimitation This study centered on the qualitative aspect of the resource mobilization practices of heads of basic education schools in the three divisions (namely Comval, Tagum City, and Panabo City). There were twelve (19) respondents composed of principals and teachers.This encompassed the challenges, ways to overcome them and the opportunities of resource mobilization as perceived by the membe rs of the school system. Definition of Terms In order to have a deeper collar of the terms used in this study, the following terms were defined operationally Resource Mobilization. This adduces to the competence of school heads to carry out the financial management of the school, utilize available resources and generate resources from various sources to effectively and efficiently achieve its educational goals and objectives.Social Movements. This abduces to a group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals. Basic Education. This refers to learning outcomes, i. e. knowledge and skills acquisition and application, positive attitudes formation, internalization and exhibition of values for a variety of life and work-enhancing purposes and for the good that is inherent in knowledge itself. angiotensin converting enzyme of the purposes of basic education is to meet basic needs and to facilitate and conjure up the exercise of basic rights. Sc hool Heads.These refer to the most prominent or important member of any organized body the chief the attractor as, the head of a school, and the like. the educator who has executive authority for a school Grants. These refer to an award of financial assistance in the form of bullion by the government to an eligible grantee with no expectation that the funds will be paid back. The term does not acknowledge technical assistance which provides services instead of money, or other assistance in the form of revenue sharing, loans, loan guarantees, interest subsidies, insurance, or direct appropriations Resources.These refer to the term used to refer to revenues, gross borrowings and free or burdenless cash balances. Parent-Teacher Association. This refers to an organization of local groups of teachers and the parents of their pupils that works for the improvement of the schools and the benefit of the pupils. gillyflower Raising. This refer to the process of soliciting and gathering voluntary contributions as money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. Funds. These refer to the middle of money set aside and earmarked for a specified purpose.Personal Services (PS). These refer to the accounts which include basic pay, all authorized allowances, bonus, cash gifts, incentives and other strength benefits of officials and employees of the government. Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE). This refer to the accounts which include expenses necessary for the perpetual operations of an agency like, among others, traveling expenses, training and seminar expenses, water, electricity, supplies expense, maintenance of property, plant and equipment, and other maintenance and operating expenses.Financial Expenses (FE). These refer to the accounts which include bank charges, interest expense, trueness charges, documentary stamp expense and other financial charges. These also incl ude losses incurred relative to foreign exchange transactions and debt service subsidy to GOCCs. School Trust Fund. This refers to a fund comprised of a variety of assets think to provide benefits to an individual or organization.

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Management Concepts Temasek Holdings Essay

1.0 presentmentTemasek Holdings is a large investment funds compe very ground in Singapore. It is an active voice participator in the investment game, holding shargons and investments in a broad run away of industries all over the world. As with many companies all over the world, Temasek Holdings was alter strongly by the Global Financial Crisis, losing much than 30 per cent of the value of their portfolio (Schmermerhorn, J. Davidson, P. Poole, D. Simon, A. Woods, P & Chau, S.L. 2011). Temaseks CEO Ho Ching has been criticised for the investment losses that occurred during the economic crisis, and must now lead the company through the increased turbulence that has been presented to them.In doing so, a potential issue that Temasek Holdings is before long facing is one of leadhip. If correct circumspection processes regarding leaders be non applied, the company could face even worse consequences. To ensure that leading does not be suffice an issue, Ho Ching must appl y effective leading techniques to Temasek Holdings. This compensate allow investigate various leadership options, find an adequate preliminary to leadership that volition assist this company in being prospering in the future. Two leadership somebodyates will be assessed in-depth. It is expected that both will assist the company in continuing in the long-term, b arly one option will be more suitable and proficient to Temasek Holdings.2.0 Literature Themes or ArgumentsAs Temaseks CEO has recently get under fire for her stability in leadership, it is apparent that a pitch must be made in the way the company is managed if they are to successfully remain with the same CEO. Leadership is fundamental in unvarying circumstances, scarce it is even more essential to the business through periods of instability, fashioning it vitally important to the livelihood of the company to apply appropriate management procedures. It is impossible for a set of special(prenominal) characteri stics to define whether or not soul is a superb leader, however somewhat sealed ain traits have been identified as being common among successful leaders drive, self-confidence, creativity, cognitive ability, business knowledge, motivation, flexibility, honesty and integrity. (Schmermerhorn, J. Et al. 2011). Vision and power are to a fault vital to good leadership however all of these things are not achieved in the same way.Many diametric behavioural theories have been produced in an attempt to define good leadership styles. A widely employ archetype of management is Fred Fiedlers adventure model. Fiedlers theory looks at matching various types of hatful to various situations, somewhat of an either/or concept. It is base on the fact that someones style of leadership is individualality-based, indeed making it unmanageable to trade. Rather, the Fiedler model suggests putting people of specific leadership styles with situations that match that style, rather than trying to change their personal leadership style, to achieve success (Wang, Victor C X Berger, Jim 2010, pg. 6).Fiedler classifies people into 2 leadership styles dealing-orientated and task-orientated. Relations-orientated people are defined as a person who is motivated to seek prominence in interpersonal relations, who is concerned with good relations with others, who is considerate in his interaction with group members, and who tends to reduce care and increase the personal adjustment of his co- get goingers, (Hill, Walter. 1969, pg. 34) whereas a task-orientated person is characterised to be someone who rejects those with whom he stoolnot work, and obtains need gratification and self-esteem from performance of the task. He is, therefore, concerned with performing the task and he is willing to relegate interpersonal relations to a secondary sentiment (Hill, Walter. 1969, pg. 35)Exhibit I (Hill, Walter. 1969, pg. 36) above shows how relations-oriented and task-oriented people are det ermined, through leader-member relationships, leader position power and task structure. It does this by find how well a person interacts with people (relations) and how dedicated they are to tasks. According to Hill (1969), this model is effective and pass on tests done stomach with Fiedlers findings, making it an accurate model. Hill noted that there are so many variables that sometimes it is difficult to calculate the exact leadership style that is appropriate for someone however it is useful as it helps to couch leaders to specific tasks and delegate how efficient leadership should be achieved. In regards to Temasek, it should be established what type of leader Ching is, and the company would need to work with that before any leadership goals should be established.Another common model is the Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory (SLT). It is widely used in the business orbit and was developed by Paul Hersey and Kenneth H. Blanchard. This model is based upon leaders adjusting their styles based on the matureness of their followers, which is indicated by the readiness (how able and willing or confident) of followers (Schmermerhorn, J. Et al. 2011). When maturity (psychologically and performance-wise) is reached, it means a reduction in swan and guidance stick out occur, instilling a positive indication of assertion and confidence. A manager must look at employees and evaluate how trump to perform a certain task in a certain situation, and when the situation changes, the leadership style previously used may not be as successful in the new situation (Hambleton, Ronald K Gumpert, Ray. 1982, pg 227).Again, leadership styles are defined as relationship-orientated and task-orientated, however in this model leadership styles are classified into four groups delegating, participating, selling and telling. This model is advantageous to companies as it has various different types of stages based on top of the assortment of relations-orientated and ta sk-orientated leadership (Figure 1). It breaks down the two types further, into the four types above, thus making it easier to classify. Again, however, variables come into play, and it can be seen from various investigate that the SLT model does have its limitations. Goodson (1989) states that when further studies have been conducted on this model, the main classifier of groups (maturity or competence) makes almost no difference to the leadership style of a person (Goodson, Jane R McGee, Gail W Cashman, James F. 1989, pg. 446).Also, Goodson established that in these tests no actual measure of maturity and/or readiness was substantively possible when conducting research on the SLT model, making it difficult to say for certain whether the model can be effective. Furthermore, snowy (1990) makes further reference to the fact that there is little to no research supporting this model in his studies, saying that both basing the research on the main factor (maturity) as well as more in terwoven methods, little support was found to corroborate with the main theorems of the model (Blank, rabbit warren Weitzel, John R Green, Stephen G. 1990, pg. 579). false3.0 RecommendationsIn the case of Temasek Holdings, it can be said that adopting a new leadership approach will be entirely serious for the company. No information is given as to what topical leadership styles are used, but the amount of criticism being accredited currently illustrates that a change is needed. Of the two leadership theories discussed, it can be said that both have negative and positive points, as with any business directive.Fiedlers model uses three determining factors leader-member relationships, leader position power and task structure, to determine how a leadership style will work effectively. This is essentially beneficial to a business as it allows more than one factor to determine a leadership style, giving a more accurate description of what leadership style will forgather a situation. T his model was also corroborated with research conducted by Hill (1969) who conducted a study that demonstrated that Fiedlers was almost always effective in the workplace. However, there were limitations in regards to variables. As every person is so different personality-wise there is a large number of variables, not all of which can be categorised. Because of this, some variables may be missed or excluded, but overall the final result does not change, making the model very effective.The second theory, Hersey-Blanchards SLT, uses maturity as the basis of calculating how a leadership style will be effective. This could be effective to some extent, however both Goodson (1989) and Blank (1990) argue that just one determining factor is not enough to warrant an effective model. The model is beneficial as it breaks down leadership styles into four obvious categories the problem is determining which personality fits into these categories. No clear measure of maturity is possible, making it difficult to categorise leadership styles. Goodson (1989) also states that maturity and competence has no real effect on leadership styles.Looking at these results, it can be recommended that for Temasek Holdings to continue operating at a high level, the Fiedler model of contingency should be used as a model for assigning leadership tasks. Giving every leader in a business tasks based on their personality is advantageous as it means instead of the person working with something they are not specifically styled for, they are able to be fit with tasks that suit them. Overall, this will make a significant change both in employee satisfaction (workers are doing jobs that suit their personality style, thus making them more content) as well as production, as the leadership style they are assigned will work well for them. Models by Hill (1969) are further evidence that this model does indeed work, and that it can bring positive effects to Temasek in the future.If Temasek Holdings chooses to operate within this leadership model, criticism for the way the business is run will be lessened. some(prenominal) in the short and long term this form of leadership will be beneficial to the company, affecting both large positions (for example, the CEO Ho Ching) as well as smaller managers within the company. The research shows that this is the opera hat model for Temasek to use to bring it the most success in the future.