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Becoming an IEW® Instructor

IEW ® currently has three levels of accreditation. Two levels are awarded through a rigorous application process, and the third is open by invitation only. Registered Instructors are those who have completed our basic teacher’s training, Teaching Writing: Structure and Style Video Course with Seminar Workbook and have sent in their completed practicum assignments from the course. Certified Instructors have completed the requirements for Registered Instructor and have additionally evidenced experience teaching all nine structural units to students outside their immediate family in a school, tutoring, or cooperative setting. Teachers of Level A only may choose completion of Units 1–7. Accomplished Instructors have received a personal invitation and recommendation from Andrew Pudewa to become accredited at this highest level. Renew your instructor accreditation here: Registered, Certified, or Accomplished IEW ® and Structure and Style ® are registered trademarks of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, L.L.C. Please note: Only IEW Accredited Instructors are allowed to make use of the trademarked name â€Å"Institute for Excellence in Writing† and the trademarked terms â€Å"IEW† and â€Å"Structure and Style† Writing Method in advertising their classes. By restricting the use of these trademarked terms, IEW can better ensure the integrity of its method and assist parents in finding a formally trained writing teacher. IEW endorses an Accredited Instructor's ability to teach the Structure and Style Writing Method to students in grade 3 through adults. An Accredited Instructor may not train adults, parents, fellow teachers, or administrators for the purpose of their teaching the Structure and Style method of writing. The role of Master Teacher belongs solely to Mr. Andrew Pudewa and to several Accomplished Level instructors. Click here  for our complete policies  for IEW Instructors.

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The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne - 1359 Words

In Nathaniel Hawthorne s book The Scarlet Letter he exhibits how committing sin can entirely consume a person through the three characters Chillingworth, Dimmesdale, and Hester and how they change from the sin. In the beginning Chillingworth is painted as a man â€Å"well stricken in years, a pale, [and] thin† (6) man that slithers into the market place. After finding out that his wife, Prynne, has committed adultery he blames himself by saying he â€Å"betrayed [Hester’s] budding youth into false and unnatural relation with his decay† (78). By saying this, he is telling her that he married young Hester without acknowledging who she is as a person for his own satisfaction. He continues by telling her â€Å"[I] plot no evil against thee. Between thee†¦show more content†¦After Dimmesdale dies, Chillingworth â€Å"shrivelled away, and almost vanished from mortal sight, like an uprooted weed that lies wilting in the sun† (270)and leaves all of his b elongings to Pearl, Hester’s child. Since Pearl lived her childhood in social rejection, Chillingworth inherits his livings as a settlement for the childhood she was brought into. Dimmesdale on the other hand, hurt himself a lot more than Chillingworth. The minister of the Puritan society is comparably the tree of life in everyone s eyes until they discover the truth behind his passionate sermons. Dimmesdale’s â€Å"eloquence and religious fervour had already given the earnest of high eminence in his profession† (69). The Puritans are constantly in complete adulation towards Dimmesdale. They are blind to the secret that not only did he commit adultery with Hester, but he also had â€Å"[a] secret closet, under lock and key, [where] there was a bloody scourge† (150). He does not go to God in penitence instead tries to undo his wronging in penance. For committing adultery, Hester was publicly punished by having to wear a scarlet letter upon her chest. Dimmesdale practiced penance by keeping the truth of his relations to himself. The family met in the forest and decided to leave for England after Dimmesdale gave his last sermon for the upcom ing Election day. Hester has waited seven years to have a public family and Dimmesdale is the one who is keeping her even longer from getting what she wants. ThisShow MoreRelatedThe Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne1242 Words   |  5 PagesLYS PAUL Modern Literature Ms. Gordon The Scarlet Letter The scarlet letter is book written by Nathaniel Hawthorne who is known as one the most studied writers because of his use of allegory and symbolism. He was born on July 4, 1804 in the family of Nathaniel, his father, and Elizabeth Clark Hathorne his mother. Nathaniel added â€Å"W† to his name to distance himself from the side of the family. His father Nathaniel, was a sea captain, and died in 1808 with a yellow fever while at sea. That was aRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne960 Words   |  4 Pages3H 13 August 2014 The novel, The Scarlet Letter, was written by the author Nathaniel Hawthorne and was published in 1850 (1). It is a story about the Puritan settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, set around 1650 (2). The story is written in the third person with the narrator being the author. The common thread that runs through this novel is Hawthorne’s apparent understanding of the beliefs and culture of the Puritans in America at that time. But Hawthorne is writing about events in a societyRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter, By Nathaniel Hawthorne919 Words   |  4 Pagessymbolism in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Scarlet Letter†. Symbolism is when an object is used in place of a different object. Nathaniel Hawthorne is one of the most symbolic writers in all of American history. In â€Å"The Scarlet Letter†, the letter â€Å"A† is used to symbolize a variety of different concepts. The three major symbolistic ideas that the letter â€Å"A† represents in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Scarlet Letter† are; shame, guilt, and ability. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Scarlet Letter†, the firstRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne1397 Words   |  6 PagesFebruary 2016 The Scarlet Letter was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1850 which is based on the time frame of the Puritans, a religious group who arrived in Massachusetts in the 1630’s. The Puritans were in a religious period that was known for the strict social norms in which lead to the intolerance of different lifestyles. Nathaniel Hawthorne uses the puritan’s strict lifestyles to relate to the universal issues among us. The time frame of the puritans resulted in Hawthorne eventually thinkingRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne999 Words   |  4 Pages Nathaniel Hawthorne is the author of the prodigious book entitled The Scarlet Letter. In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne commits adultery with Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. Her husband, Roger Chillingworth, soon finds out about the incident after it becomes clear that she is pregnant. The whole town finds out and Hester is tried and punished. Meanwhile, Roger Chillingworth goes out then on a mission to get revenge by becoming a doctor and misprescribing Dimmesdale. He does this to torture DimmesdaleRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne1037 Words   |  5 Pagesthat human nature knows right from wrong, but is naturally evil and that no man is entirely â€Å"good†. Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of the classic novel The Scarlet Letter, believes that every man is innately good and Hawthorne shows that everyone has a natural good side by Hester’s complex character, Chillingworth’s actions and Dimmesdale’s selfless personality. At the beginning of the Scarlet Letter Hester Prynne is labeled as the â€Å"bad guy†. The townspeople demand the other adulterer’s name, butRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne1517 Words   |  7 PagesNathaniel Hawthorne composes Pearl as a powerful character even though she is not the main one. Her actions not only represent what she is as a person, but what other characters are and what their actions are. Hawthorne makes Pearl the character that helps readers understand what the other characters are. She fits perfectly into every scene she is mentioned in because of the way her identity and personality is. Pearl grows throughout the book, which in the end, help the readers better understandRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter, By Nathaniel Hawthorne1488 Words   |  6 Pages In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter, the main character, Hester Prynne, is a true contemporary of the modern era, being cast into 17th century Puritan Boston, Massachusetts. The Scarlet Letter is a revolutionary novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne examining the ugliness, complexity, and strength of the human spirit and character that shares new ideas about independence and the struggles women faced in 17th century America. Throughout the novel, Hester’s refusal to remove the scarlet letterRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne1319 Words   |  6 PagesPrynne and Arthur Dimmesdale are subject to this very notion in Nathaniel Hawthorne s The Scarlet Letter. Hester simply accepted that what she had done was wrong, whereas Dimmesdale, being a man of high regard, did not want to accept the reality of what he did. Similar to Hester and Dimmesdale, Roger Chillingworth allows his emotions to influence his life; however, his influence came as the result of hi s anger. Throughout the book, Hawthorne documents how Dimmesdale and Hester s different ways of dealingRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne1714 Words   |  7 PagesSome two hundred years following the course of events in the infamous and rigid Puritan Massachusetts Colony in the 1600s, Nathaniel Hawthorne, descendant of a Puritan magistrate, in the 19th century, published The Scarlet Letter. Wherein such work, Hawthorne offered a social critique against 17th Massachusetts through the use of complex and dynamic characters and literary Romanticism to shed light on said society’s inherent contradiction to natural order and natural law. In his conclusive statements

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Outrage An Emotion That I Found Myself Feeling Essay

Outrage: an emotion that I found myself feeling throughout high school; an emotion that often fell upon me my freshman year in English I Honors with Mr. Peterson. I was young. I was immature. This rage was, for the most part, directed towards him because I felt that I was hardly learning anything of importance, that we spent too much time with our nose in books and in pointless stapled printed-out short stories that hardly interested me, that I was not getting the grades I thought I so deserved. We would spend days, upon days learning and reviewing writing conventions and structure, basic knowledge that I did not think would benefit me in the long run. Mr. Peterson’s curriculum was not all that outraged my fourteen-year-old self. When I began high school, I fell out of love with literature and writing. Pre-high school, I would read and write all the time. I had a boundless imagination that would lead to endless creative stories ranging from topics of romance and adventure to h orror and tragedy. Then I got to high school, the land of long and complex readings, expository essays and research papers that were far too lengthy for my liking. At this point, I found it hard to connect with literature or writing; I felt like I had hit a brick wall and my creativity left out to dry. Mr. Peterson’s assignment’s did nothing but add fuel to my fire. Freshman year went by slowly, but towards the end I found that Mr. Peterson and his English class were growing on me; not to a point ofShow MoreRelatedEssay on Sandra Ciseneros563 Words   |  3 PagesSandra Ciseneros It was a cold and windy day, a perfect day to uncover secrets and truths about writers I had heard of, but new little about. I entered the library to escape the weather and lose myself in books about Sandra Ciseneros and the characters she creates in her poems and stories. I began my search at a computer resource station, and then absorbed myself in the materials it provided, which were biographies, criticisms, and the works of Cisneros. Initially, the computer resourceRead MoreThe Murder Of James Byrd1207 Words   |  5 Pagesbecause it has expectations for what a monster would look like, and unfortunately, he fits their description. The human race refuses to give the Creature a chance: I have good dispositions; my life had been hitherto harmless and in some degree beneficial; but a fatal prejudice clouds their eyes, and where they ought to see a feeling and kind friend, they behold only a detestable monster† (Shelley 135). Humans are unable to accept his appearance in order to form a judgement based on personality ratherRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Suffering Essay1907 Words   |  8 PagesReflecting, I propose that most humans experience suffering to some extent throughout their whole lives. It helps the healing process tremendously to investigate and understand the onset of suffering first. Essentially, anyone who is looking for answers to the dawn of suffering may literally have a tough time to unve il the cause because chronic suffering actually goes back to the origin of human life. â€Å"Your body, directed by the brain, linked to the mind, contain vast numbers of systems that mustRead MoreWomen Are Crazy By Charlotte Perkins Gilman971 Words   |  4 Pages319). After looking into the authors’ background I saw that I may have felt exactly as Gillman had intended for her audience: I made the story out to be a strong feminist piece. After the initial shock of her â€Å"craziness† I felt deep connections between her and these women she had imagined, which became more obvious when she declared herself as one of them. My reactions throughout the story seemed to change quite often. At first when I read the story I was overwhelmed by the shock of the situation andRead MoreA Reflection On My Journey Essay2133 Words   |  9 Pagesme to the realization that I had been discovering a lot of the healing processes on my own. One of the pivotal points of my healing journey was to accept my own trauma, which just happened piece by piece over time. Suffering is not an easy task to drop from the regular menu. For the longest time, I felt as if suffering was a true measure of what had really happened to me. Moreover, a huge part of my life I suffered right along with other beings, as if I had to. Although, I felt as if there was a wayRead MoreAn Autobiography of What He Went Through as a Slave in The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas1073 Words   |  5 PagesDouglass did not develop a bond with her. After her death, he stated, â€Å"Never having enjoyed, to any considerable extent, her soothing pre sence, her tender and watchful care, I received the tidings of her death with much the same emotions I should have probably felt the death of a stranger† (Douglass). It’s truly sad that he felt no emotions after loosing his own mother, it’s also sad that he was separated from her at such a young age, that no bond between the two had been created. Douglass never met hisRead MoreReview Of Gryphon By Charles Baxter1639 Words   |  7 Pagesand drawn an unproportioned tree on the board. As Miss Ferenczi teaches the students arithmetic math, a student questions how six times eleven could ever be sixty-eight. â€Å"†¦it would be better if you think that six times eleven is sixty-eight only when I am in the room.† (Baxter 253) Miss Ferenczi gave a lengthy thought out response as to how this could be such a thing and concluded it to be a â€Å"substitute fact.† This abnormal substitute teacher is a round and static character. Charles Baxter gives gr eatRead MoreThe Death Of The State Of Tennessee After Memphis Essay1510 Words   |  7 Pagesexperience, In my life period I haven’t experienced any homicide which includes my loved ones, I come from the peaceful neighborhood, since I was the child I grew up in a peaceful environment, there was low violence but minor, dangerous weapons such as guns, biological weapon or even swords were rare. I’m thankful for the way I was raised, grew up without knowing crimes, drug, weapon, etc. But when I hear news about homicide I envision how would my life change If I lose my loved ones, especiallyRead MoreEssay on Relationship Transgender Identity1609 Words   |  7 Pagesthe 1970s, although it is unknown just how long transgender people have existed. And at first referenced only those who wanted to live as another gender without having reassignment surgery. The term was expanded in the 1990s to cover all of those feeling uncomfortable with the gender assigned to them a birth. Transgender describes a person whose gender does not match what society believes they should have for their anatomical sex. This would include cross dressers, drag kings, drag queens, transvestitesRead MoreKnowledge and Imagination in Mary Shellys Frankenstein1364 Words   |  6 Pagesremembrance of what is lost: Before misfortune had tainted my mind, and changed its bright visions of extensive usefulness into gloomy and narrow reflections upon self. [†¦] by insensible steps to my after tale of misery: for when I would account to myself for the birth of that passion, which afterwards ruled my destiny. (Shelly 21) The birth of passion which Victor speaks of is that of Knowledge. His obsessive quest to construct and build life from death is the most prominent source of his

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Massive Breach At Sony Play Station - 945 Words

Title: Massive Breach at Sony Play Station By Durga Sravani Nandyala Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies Submitted to: Prof. Jason Black Abstract An analysis on the massive data breach on Sony play Station. This document has been presented as an academic exercise. This document would include the causes of the incident, Sony communication to the breach with customers, customer impact on Sony and finally steps taken by Sony in their recovery from the breach. Keywords: Sony Breach, Causes, communication, Customer impact, Steps taken Massive Breach at Sony Play Station Sony is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It has diversified businesses which primarily focused on Game Entertainment, Electronic, Gaming Consoles and financial services. Sony is one of the comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sony group engaged in business through different operation segments like electronics including video games, network services, and medical business. Such a big organization which has a Hugh market has been met with a massive data breach. Let’s see the causes for data breach at Sony. Sony Play station Network outrage was the result of an External Interruption on play station network of Sony and Qriocity services. Here, approximately 77 million accounts personal details were compromised and restricted users of play station from playing online. This attack has been caused due to malicious softwareShow MoreRelatedExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pagesmajor crime? Ericsson – i nnovation from the periphery: the development of mobile telephone systems. Direct Care – strategy development in the multistakeholder context of public sector services. BBC – structural changes to deliver a better service. Sony (B) – more structural changes at the high-tech multinational. Web Reservations International – growth of an Irish SME company through its online reservation system and business model. NHS Direct – using communication and information technology to provideRead MoreSocial Legal and Economic Impact of Ebusiness in Ireland13799 Words   |  56 Pagesarticles and books. From a purely entertainment perspective, the internet has provided Streaming Music and Video Sites, Celebrity Gossip Sites, Event Guides for arranging social life, Read Newspapers and Magazines Online, or Listen to Radio and TV Stations from around the world. But with every good thing there must be a downside and with the Internet there is also the problems of online piracy, adult sites, cyberbullying, hacking, viruses and denial of service attacks. The benefits of the InternetRead MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 PagesSector Severstal Queensland Rail: QR Ltd (QR) The Changan-Ford Joint Venture: Same Bed but Different Dreams? TNK-BP: from Russia Without Love – a Joint Venture That Almost Fell Apart International HIV / AIDS Alliance Doman Synthetic Fibres plc (B) Sony Corporation: Restructuring Continues, Problems Remain LEAX: Managing Through a Crisis Design and Development of Strategy Processes at RACC Consulting in MacFarlane Solutions NHS Direct: Managing in Difficult Times 235 254 257 264 270 276 281 285Read MoreEdexcel Igcse Economics Answer49663 Words   |  199 Pages2: (a) One reason for the increase in demand for computer games would be a change in tastes. An increasing number of parents are now buying them. Other reasons may be an increase in incomes, heavy advertising by manufacturers such as Nintendo and Sony and possibly a fall in price. (b) The demand for computer games increased by 45% in 2007. A shift in demand, caused perhaps by more parents buying them, will be shown by a shift in the demand curve to the right from D1 to D2. The numbers of gamesRead MoreBrand Building Blocks96400 Words   |  386 Pagesposition in the 1970s, one key explanation is the brand s strong equity, which engendered complacency and a temptation to look for greener pastures. 8. Short-Term Pressures Pressures for short-term results undermine investments in brands. Sony founder Akio Morita has opined that most corporate managers unduly emphasize quick profits rather than try to make products competitive over the long haul. There are several reasons why a short-term focus might persist a. There is wide acceptanceRead MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 Pagestechnologies and procedures to manage IT security risks. Other new roles at the middle-management level help ensure that contracts with key outsourcing suppliers have successful outcomes (Willcocks and Griffiths, 2010). Senior business managers also play IT leadership roles by serving on committees that approve and prioritize new IT investments and by sponsoring IT investments for their business areas. Other business managers may serve as business process experts on IT project teams to select, designRead MoreNokias Human Resources System144007 Words   |  577 Pagesassets are located and we do business; any disruption to information technology systems and networks that our operations rely on; unfavorable outcome of litigations; allegations of possible health risks from electromagnetic fields generated by base stations and mobile products and lawsuits related to them, regardless of merit; our ability to achieve targeted costs reductions and increase profitability in Nokia Siemens Networks and to effectively and timely execute related restructuring measures; 6 Read MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesreporting that the donor is deceased. Or she plays mental games. â€Å"I think to myself, A goes in this pile, B goes here and C goes there—sort of like Bingo.† She says she sometimes feels â€Å"like a machine,† particularly when she ï ¬ lls out the â€Å"control card† on which she lists â€Å"time in† and â€Å"time out† for each tray of envelopes. In a slot marked â€Å"cage operator† Ms. Smith writes her code number, 3173. â€Å"That’s me,† she says. Barbara Ann Wiles, a keyboard operator, also plays mind games to break up the boredom. TappingRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 Pagesyears or so to get used to this idea of multiple information systems, but now we have it well under control. We have never had to lay people off in the Lampco Division. Yet, our computer engineers still feel that a reduction in DoD spending may cause massive layoffs here. Personally, I m not worried. We ve been through lean and fat times without having to terminate people. The big problem with the Lampco Division is that because of the technology developed in some of our other divisions, Lampco mustRead MoreAccounting Information System Chapter 1137115 Words   |  549 Pagesthe user to that company’s websi te. Users may then proceed to learn more about the item and order it with a click of the button. 2. The Japanese now use cell phones to watch up to 7 free television stations. Newer models can digitally record up to 30 minutes of those television programs. 3. SONY has a hard disk recorder that can be programmed via mobile phone to record TV shows. 4. Cell phones are also being used as a remote for televisions and karaoke players. 5. The Japanese also use cell

The Importance Of A Student s Grade Point Average Essay

There has been much research done on if a student’s grade point average (GPA) is influenced in anyway based on their sociability. For this study the operational definition for sociability is if someone goes more then three days a week and is involved in extra curricular activities more then three days is considered sociable. From looking at past research there are also other factors that could influence a students GPA, such as popularity, aggression, sleepiness, etc. Many would say that a student with a high GPA, 3.0 or higher are likely to be less sociable then students with a lower GPA of a 2.9 or lower. This is an important topic to study because it will allow researchers to find out how much time students should really spend being social without it effecting their overall grade in a negative way. For students this is useful information for when it comes time on deciding how many hours they should put into their work rather then going out to be with friends. There is a lot of past research that has been conducted for this study. Predicators of popularity and social acceptance can influence academic engagement. In a sample of 342 adolescents in a public school whose average age was fourteen were followed for four consecutive semesters by researchers who looked at the relationship between popularity, aggression and grade point average. (Schwartz, Gorman, Nakamoto, McKay, 2006). At the end of the study it was found that adolescents who were highly aggressive had anShow MoreRelatedShould Gym Classes Be Tested? Grade Points Average? Essay754 Words   |  4 PagesOUTLINE Title: Should a student s grade in gym affect his overall grade point average? Purpose: To convince the audience that, a grade of gym should not be counted, as it might affect overall grade for majority of students. I. INTRODUCTION A. Attention Graber: How many of you are interested in gym class? And if you are then, should gym class should be included in GPA for grading? B. Thesis: Grade of gym class should not be counted in overall grade point average for students. C. Qualification: ThereRead MoreFactors Affecting Academic Performance...1690 Words   |  7 PagesAFFECTING ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF FIRST YEAR COLLEGE STUDENTS OF THE DIVINE WORD COLLEGE OF BANGUED FIRST SEMESTER 2010-2011 Mary B. Gallardo,MST-Math, Alfreinell S. Castillo, BSC, Jessie T. Sibayan, AB, Marianito T. Taeza, AB, and G. Regil D.Valera, BSCE Registrar’s Office, Divine Word College of Bangued June 1, 2011. The objective of this study was to examine factors such as age, gender, high school graduated from, and Grade Point Average (GPA) in fourth year and to identify whether these factorsRead MoreGrade Inflation Writing Assignment : Educational Performance Essay1045 Words   |  5 PagesMcKinzie Grade Inflation Writing Assignment Educational Performance in high school and beyond in America are measured numerically. This idea is predicated on the idea the higher grades are a result of better performances by the student. According to former duke professor Christopher Healy and Stuart Rojstaczer, collegiate students are starting to obtain higher grades than in previous years. Many see this as a fortuitous sign of the great generation to come from American college students and theirRead MoreDoes Music Help Students Gain Confidence And Higher Grades?1573 Words   |  7 PagesDoes music help students gain confidence and higher grades? Is playing an instrument beneficial to the future of students? Music is important in the lives of students. It is said that when pregnant women listen to classical music the baby’s brain develops better. This is known as the Mozart effect. The performing arts are needed in schools, but are slowly being taken away from the students. Students who have the ability do more won’t have the chance. Studies have proven that music intelligence doesRead MoreAmerica s Equal Opportunity For The Education System Essay1416 Words   |  6 Pageseducations, but the majority of lower class citizens are not given the chance to pursue them due to their social class. The amount of money a family or community has is too prominent in America s education system to truly have a fair chance for all. Brent Staples, in his essay â€Å"Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s†, and Lynda Berry, in her essay â€Å"The Sanctuary of School†, are part of the nationwide discuss ion of how important money should really be in the education system. In our country, theRead More Music Education Improves Academic Performance Essay1629 Words   |  7 Pagesstudent’s ability to perform skills necessary for reading including listening, anticipating, forecasting, memory training, recall skills, and concentration techniques. Mathematics is the academic subject most closely connected with music. Music helps students count, recognize geometric shapes, understand ratios and proportions, and the frameworks of time. Researcher Gordon Shaw (1993) found that piano instruction enhances the brain’s ability for spatial-temporal reasoning, or the ability to visualizeRead MoreGraduate Programs Comparison1324 Words   |  6 Pagesexperiences fit with the specific lab or mentor(s) for which I am applying. iv. I will submit abstracts or at the end of my research statement.   4 What is the total cost of this graduate program? $15,662 per annum The charges include tuition, student services fee, professional degree supplemental tuition, and other charges, as well as UCLA campus-based fees that are assessed to all full-time students. 5 Does this program require a certain grade point average (GPA) to be maintained? If so what is thatRead MoreFactors That Affect The Academic Performance Of College Students Essay976 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction There have been several studies researching the factors that affect the academic performance of college students. Some of these factors include family, personal habits, attitude, and social activities. Another important factor is the sleeping habits of the student. Sleeping is one of the most significant basic need that humans need. It is a biological necessity that plays an important role in each individual’s health. Sleep is not only important for health, but it is also importantRead MoreEssay on Effects of Binge Drinking on College Academics1746 Words   |  7 PagesAlcohol use among college students has always been a popular subject among teachers, parents, researchers, and even students. The actual act of drinking alcohol is not necessarily the problem, whether legal or not. The main problem is the act of binge drinking of college students, of age or not. Drinking modest amounts of alcohol may have some consequences, but binge drinking has more negative consequences than normal modest drinking. There are many examples as to the consequences that bingeRead MoreSelf Concept And Academic Success1657 Words   |  7 Pagesacademic achievement among equally able and qualified students. The topic of self-concept and academic success is one that has been studied by many well-known phycologists across the world and leads to many different hypothesis and theories on the subjects influence. Once there is solid understanding of one’s self-concept can he or she essentially write their own future with nothing but positive outcomes. I would like to discuss three main points of interests related to the subject at hand and evaluate

Understanding of the Concepts of Demand & Supply Model & Elasticity

Question 1- The market system is said to be based on "self-interest". Illustrate and explain what you understand by this statement? Answer - The market system and the self-interest: The market economy is said to be an economy where the individuals are the owners of the capital, land and labour. In the market economy two important factors play a great role and those are, competition and he self-interest. The self-interest is said to be the interest through which the economy is able to obtain the best benefits related to the economy. According to the view Adam Smith, the economy can be benefitted through the self-interest without having any kind of plan for creating the goods and services and the self-interest on the other hand provide benefits to both the consumers and to the producers (Koppl, 2004). There are probably various reasons are present for doing a particular work or producing something for the economy but, the main reason for producing something or doing a particular work is the self-interest of the people. The majority of the economic activities which are observed in the society are done mainly due to the reason of self-interest. Self-interest is not the benevolence of the producer that the producer is producing goods for us but, it is the producers self-interest for which the people are getting the produced products. Seeking the goals is known as the self-interest in the economy and it can be said that the entire market system depends on the self-interest (Cassidy, 2009). Question 2- State what happens to The demand, supply and equilibrium price and quantity? Answer - The demand, supply and equilibrium a. The wheat market In case, the demand for wheat is increased in the market then the demand curve for wheat will be shifted towards the rightward condition. In this case, the overall demand for wheat has been increased and here the quantity demand for wheat is not considered. The overall market demand for wheat has increased and thus the demand curve will shift towards rightward direction. Fig: The shift of demand Source: Author From, the above diagram it can be stated that the initial point of equilibrium was at E0 and the initial price level in the market was P0. The aggregate supply curve ss, cuts the aggregate demand curve dd, in the same equilibrium point which is E0. The market has observed a demand rise and thus the demand curve will be shifted from dd to dd1. The shifted demand curve can produce higher level quantity and thus the price level will be increased in the short run. The new equilibrium is situated at point E1. In the new equilibrium point the quantity demand will be Q1 and the price level will be P1 (Carl, 2012). b. The wool market The wool market has no direct connection with the market of wheat and thus the increase in the demand of the wheat market will not affect the market of wool. The equilibrium price and quantity in the wool market will be remained same even after the changes in demand in the wheat market (Norman, Thisse and Phlips, 2000). Source: Author The equilibrium price and quantity will be similar even after the increase in the demand of wheat and thus the price and quantity are P and Q. c. The market of tractor and the machineries for farm The market of tractors and the machineries for farm will be required more and thus the supply for these two products will increase when the demand for the wheat will increase. From, the figure it is seen that in the initial equilibrium position the price is p0 and the quantity demand is q0. When the demand for wheat increases the supply for the tractors and the farm machineries will also increase and thus there will be a rightward shift of the supply curve. The rightward shift in the supply curve will provide a new equilibrium where the equilibrium price level will be p1 and the equilibrium quantity level will be q1. d. The car market The car market is a luxury market and the demand of wheat would not affect a lot to the car market and the consumers take prolonged time while taking the decision regarding the purchase of car. Source: Author The car market equilibrium will be remained in the same position even after the rise in the wheat demand. Question 3- Show how a knowledge of price elasticity of demand can be use? Answer - Price elasticity of demand is used in various ways by the business firms and the government bodies which are explained below with example: i. usage of price elasticity by business firms The business firms can use the concept of price elastic of demand because; the response towards price change of each commodity is not same in the market. While increasing the revenue of the firm can increase the price of the products and especially, before increasing the price of the products the business firms need to do market research regarding the nature of demand of each product in the product mix (Klein, 1983). The business firms can raise the price of those products which are price inelastic in nature. For example, the necessary goods or the goods which possess high brand value are relatively inelastic in nature. Price inelastic refers that, the in responsiveness of the demand of the product due to the change in price. The business firms together can raise the price of necessary food grains for an example if the government intervention will not be there. Source: Author From, the above figure it is observed that for the products which are relatively price inelastic in nature do not respond well towards the changes in the prices. An increase in the huge amount of prices from p0 to p1 leads a reduction of small amount of quantity from q0 to q1(Norman, etal, 2000). ii. Government while formulation of the policies The objectives of the government for framing the policies are to secure the social welfare and also to enlarge the revenues by collecting taxes. Government generally imposes the taxes on the luxury items and reduces the taxes for the necessary items. The necessary goods are the compulsion consumption for the mass and to secure the social welfare the government must protect the households by reducing taxes on the necessities (Tellis, 1988). For the luxury consumption as the consumption is purely price elastic in nature and the consumers can consume those items when they have excess money in hand, the government earns revenue by imposing higher amount of taxes. Fig: price elasticity Source: Author For example, the consumption of the luxury watches is the subject to tax imposition by the government and the consumption of the watches is the price elastic in nature. From, the above figure it is understood that the small increase in price of the watches has lead to high decrease in consumption from q1 to q0 (Tellis, 1988). Reference Cassidy, J. (2009). How markets fail. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Koppl, R. (2004). Evolutionary psychology and economic theory. Amsterdam: Elsevier JAI. Carl, S. (2012). Market Structure. Delhi: Orange Apple. Norman, G., Thisse, J. and Phlips, L. (2000). Market structure and competition policy. Oxford, UK: Cambridge University Press. Klein, L. (1983). The economics of supply and demand. Baltimore, Md.: Johns Hopkins University Press. Norman, G., Thisse, J. and Phlips, L. (2000). Market structure and competition policy. Oxford, UK: Cambridge University Press. Tellis, G. (1988). The price elasticity of selective demand. Cambridge, MA: Marketing Science Institute. Ayers, J. and Odegaard, M. (2008).Retail supply chain management. Boca Raton, FL: Auerbach Publications. Daly, A. and Gale, H. (1974).Elasticity of demand for public transport. [Reading]: Local Government Operational Research Unit, Royal Institute of Public Administration. Dreessen, E. (1972).Elasticity of demand for labor. Lewis, P. (1998).The elasticity of demand for labour. Murdoch, W.A.: Murdoch University. Centre for Labour Market Research. Lydall, H. (1998).A critique of orthodox economics. New York: St. Martin's Press. Mizen, P. (1994).Buffer stock models and the demand for money. Basingstoke, Hampshire: Macmillan. Ringel, J. (2002).The elasticity of demand for health care. Santa Monica, Calif.: RAND. Sharples, J. (1982).The short-run elasticity of demand for U.S. wheat exports. [Washington, D.C.?]: Trade Policy Branch, International Economics Division, Economic Research Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture in cooperation with Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University.

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As I Lay Dyings The Dysfunctional Family As Essay Example For Students

As I Lay Dyings: The Dysfunctional Family As Essay I Lay Dying EssaysThe Dysfunctional Family of As I Lay Dying After reading As I Lay Dying, I was unsettled by something. It wasnt the plot, although As I Lay Dying had a singularly bizarre storyline. During the action of the novel a mother dies, and her family embarks upon a disaster ridden journey in order to fulfill her last wishes. The eldest son breaks his leg, the family has to sell or mortgage practically all its worldly goods, and Jewel risks his life twice in order to get his mothers body to Jefferson. Why has Disney not snatched up the film making rights to this singular testament to Bundren familys love and dedication? The answer, and the source of my discomfort, is that the Bundren family is awful. They are almost completely and totally defunct. The fact that there is next to no mourning following Addies death, the most basic tribute a family can give, is only the tip of the iceberg of selfishness which seems to characterize the Bundren family. The trip to Jefferson, a jou rney which under other circumstances could be seen as a familys noble tribute to a fallen matriarch, was ruined by the selfish motives of most of the family for undertaking the expedition. Dewey Dell wanted to go to get an abortion. Vardaman wanted to go to get some bananas. Anse wanted to go to get a new set of teeth. Cash wanted to purchase a record player. Not only were the motives selfish, but they were utterly transparent. The Bundrens neighbor Tull expresses the absurdity of the situation best when he said, They would risk the fire and the earth and the water and all just to eat a sack of bananas. (p. 140) Indeed, the last images of the Bundrens as a family (minus Darl) are of them eating bananas out of a sack, and sitting around a record player at home. There were two members of the family, however, with no ulterior motives for going into town. Jewel and Darl seem to have no object in getting to town other than the burial of Addie Bundren. Both Darl and Jewel have special con nections with their mother. It is tempting to draw the conclusion that Darl loved his mother the most. He narrated the majority of the chapters in the novel, and as readers we grow most accustomed to his voice. Cora Tull is certainly under impression that Darl loves his mother the most when she says, it was between her and Darl that the true understanding and the true love was. But Cora Tull cannot be trusted as a judge of relationships, as is evidenced by her misreading of the relationship between Addie and Reverend Whitfield. Darl, I believe, was just as selfish as the rest of the Bundren family, but in a much more subtle and less materialistic way. Darl possessed superhuman powers of clairvoyance, as revealed in his knowledge of Dewey Dells pregnancy, his mothers death and of Jewels real father. Jewel is Addies clear favorite, and Darl was intensely jealous. His jealousy could only have been further provoked by his knowledge of Jewels illegitimacy. Throughout Darls narration abou t Jewel, it is clear that he feels Jewel is superior to himself. In the opening paragraph of the novel Darl comments, Although I am fifteen feet ahead of him, anyone watching from the cottonhouse can see Jewels frayed and broken straw hat a full head above my own. (p.3) Darl feels that he is metaphorically fifteen feet ahead of Jewel; after all he is much older, he has uncanny powers of observance, and he is a legitimate child. Despite these facts, Jewels head still appears above Darls: people think Darl is strange and Jewel has the love and affection of Addie, the one thing which Darl seems to desire most. Darls jealousy of Jewels relationship with Addie leads him to taunt Jewel, asking him, Jewelwhose son are you and, Your mother was a horse, but who was your father Jewel? (p.212). Darl was pushing to leave with Jewel to move lumber at the hour of Addies death. Darl certainly knew that Addie was going to die (due to his powers), but took Jewel away anyway. It is never made clear i n the novel, but I believe that it was Darls jealousy of Jewel and Addies relationship that drove him to and separate them at Addies death and rob Jewel of the tender moments which he might have had. Darls action here sets up a perfect model for the sort of destructive behavior without regard for others which Darl exhibits at the burning of the barn. Jewel is probably the best of the Bundrens, (possibly because he has no actual Bundren blood) in his only narrative he expresses his anger at Cash for exploiting their mothers death as an opportunity to show off his skill as a carpenter to everyone who came by. He expresses his anger at the entire family for just sitting around and waiting for Addies death. And in a moment of fierce tenderness he thinks to himself, It would just be me and her on a high hill and me rolling rocks down the hill at their facesuntil she was quiet His wish to be alone with his mother is seems fairly selfish, but turns out to be the closest thing to love that is found in the novel. After all, Jewels description of the family as buzzards waiting for Addie to die turns out to be fairly accurate. In a sense all of the Bundrens except Darl and Jewel were buzzards who used Addies death to feed their own desires. Darl turns out to be less appealing than Jewel because of his destructive jealousy. .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 , .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 .postImageUrl , .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 , .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4:hover , .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4:visited , .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4:active { border:0!important; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4:active , .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4 .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u1fc9282a57dbac934cdaee17fb52c1f4:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Acid Rain pollution Essay