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Halo 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

closed chain 4 - Essay Example donuts are a special predict like structures quite similar to Orbitals of the solar system.The main characters of the game are Master Chief John-117 who was a human with supernatural qualities and Cortana, an artificial intelligent agent accompanying the John-117 in his tasks. Different versions of resplendence that were uncommitted on Xbox and Xbox360 are as followsHalo combat Evolved also known as Halo CE or Halo is the first game of the Halo Series that was released in 2001 and considered as the Killer app for Xbox bid system. About five million copies of Halo CE was sold within four years by and by its release that forced Microsoft to launch its computer versions.Second part of the Halo sequel was launched in 2004 on Xbox and later the Microsoft version for computer in 2007. The game was improved with multiplayer maps. Also, players can alternatively choose the business office of a human and alien in a war that made the game more interesting .Halo 3 is the third part of the halo sequel that concluded the story arc which continued for the preceding(prenominal) 2 parts of the series. Halo 3 sold more that US $170 million outlay copies in the first day of release that broke all the previous records.A new version of Halo 3 ODST was released in 2009 known as Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Players are wedded the choice of two modes of playing that they can choose from. One is Campaign mode and the other is Firefight. It is a multiplayer game with more difficult enemy line to kill and survive for longer.After releasing Halo 3 in 2007, Bungie split up in two teams, one created the ODST version while others created Reach. It came up with a new story line taking place in 2552, where humans are locked with aliens. obligation attack the human world and players fight them back by controlling the soldier named Noble Six.Halo CEA is an advanced form of Halo Combat Evolved. It was released alongside of Halo 4 in 2011 by a large numbe r of

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Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 4

Business - Essay ExampleThe product to be marketed is a wide range of cosmetics (100%Vegetarian) especially lipsticks, and it would be launched in the Indian market by the nameTo show into a new market firstly a market Research has to be done and thus, I demand prepared a questionnaire for the females between 16-55 yr as a part of my Primary Market Research analysis. Also I have applied Porters Five Forces Model i.e. the scourge of substitute products, the threat of the entry of new competitors, the intensity of competitive rivalry, the bargaining power of customers, and the bargaining power of suppliers.Culture is the manner in which things are performed within a society, community or nation. Culture is non a trait that comes with birth but it is learnt over a span of several years. The major things that whoremaster be observed amongst Indian culture are as follows-The Terpstra and Sarathy Cultural Framework helps marketing managers to measure the cultural nature of an inter national market. The Eight categories are Language, Religion, Values and Attitudes, Education, Social Organizations, Technology and Material Culture, fair play and Politics and Aesthetics.1. Language - There are as many as 22 official languages in India. The national language of the country is Hindi and most of the people in the country are sooner well versed with English as well owning to the British rule in the country for round 200 years.2. Religion India is considered to be a land of unity in diversity. Many religions are salutary in the country including Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islamism, Sikhism, Christianity etc. The cow is considered sacred in Hinduism. She is the one who should be worshipped for the various(a) graces she bestows on humanity. 40% of the total population is Vegetarian.3. Values and Attitude- Generally people in India have a high regard for their elders. Although traditional roles are changing, especially in urban areas, there

CinnZeo Strategic Expansion Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

CinnZeo strategic Expansion Plan - Research Paper ExampleThere are already quite a number of people inside so something must be going on. You park your car and occlude to investigate. Yes indeed, it was the smell of cinnamon and its coming from the cinnamon rolls that you see all around. Seems to be quite a hit here, as everybody has a piece You wait your turn and are soon rewarded. One snack into it and youre hooked Welcome to CinnZeo, a bakers delight. Here you will find a number of delectable offerings to tempt your tastebuds, from the ever famous Cinammon Rolls to the Miniroll and the Caramel Pecaroll. There are Twists and Minitwists, CinnaDippers and cinnamon bark ShakerZ, Cinnamon Toasties and Minifests. If you want to take something photographic plate for your family and friends, there is also the Mini Snack Pack and the CinnZeo Pack. So indulge, lie with and spread the good news. A Short History CinnZeo is a Canadian franchise that started in 1987 from its home bases in A lberta and British Columbia. After remarkable success over a 10 year period, it persistent to expand internationally and has a number of bakeries in Chile and Mexico (cinnzeo.com). Due to the mix of international business enterprise of various nationalities that is typically found in the Gulf States, it has targeted the Arabian Peninsula as its next area of expansion.

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What explains today's high degree of global financial integration Essay

What explains todays high degree of global financial desegregation - Essay Examplelobal consolidation in the financial market has given the opportunities to the investors to diversify the risks and to access the financial products in a more calorie-free way. (Agarwal, n.d.)The functionalities of the process of globalization has been motivated by heterogeneous factors, such as gradual increase of tidy sum in goods and services, increase of free movement of capital across international borders, increase of international mobility of parturiency and increase of global technological transfers. The impact of international movement of capital and global financial integration on the developing countries experienced a dramatic change in the early 1990s with the sweetener of financial deregulation in many a(prenominal) countries. (Wolf 2005) This is the period when the free capital movement from the developed and industrial nations to the developing nations had started to rise vividly wh ich was seen through the increase in growth of the developing nations. However, during this era the populace has also seen a sequence of financial crises across many countries. In one hand many developed countries faced the financial crises, such as the 1992 and 1993 financial crises of the developed countries in the European permutation Rate Mechanism (ERM). On the other hand the developing nations also faced such crises, want the Mexican Tequila crisis in 1995, 1997 and 1998 Asian crises, the Latin American and the Russian crises from 1998 to 2000 etc. All these crises that were seen throughout incompatible part of the globe gradually proved that there lies an inherent risk of the international financial integration behind its benefit. The international financial integration through the opening of the cross border financial markets is a multifarious phenomenon that involves in unrestricting the movement of foreign direct investment (FDI) from the developed countries to the dev eloping countries and pulling up the regulations from both the short term and long term financial instruments which are responsible

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Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Industries Essay - 2

Cargoners in Lodging and pabulum and Beverage Industries - Essay ExampleThis explication concentrates on the lodging, food and drunkenness industries. The food, swallow and lodging industry constitutes different managerial careers, which require professionalism and utter commitment. Such managerial positions include human resource managers who efficiently direct, contrive and coordinate the administrative duties of the placement. They authoritatively conduct and cope interviewing, recruiting and eventual hiring of new rung (Davis, 2013). They also enquire with ranking executives on strategic planning and pose as a link between an organizations management of its workforce. Public relations managerial staff creates and upholds an auspicious public image for their clients or employer. They compile material for media publication, plan and lead public relations programs, and procure funds for their affiliation. In both industries, pecuniary manager assume a key role in holding t he responsibility for the financial health of the affiliation. They generate financial reports, direct investment businesses and create strategies and plans for the financial goals of their affiliation. Advertising marketing and promotions managers compose programs to induce interest in a service or product (Davis, 2013). They operate with sales agents, fiscal staff members and art directors. food, beverage and lodging industries exact operational managers in place. Their chief function is to instigate the organizations director in the healthy running of the businesses. They flip the responsibility to create, deliver and material body product mixes that have quality, while maintaining lump sum monetary returns (Davis, 2013). They do this while ensuring that all running(a) prototypes are under critical review to induce growth and deliver outstanding guest services. Food service managers are explicitly responsible for overseeing the daily operations of restaurants and other aff iliations that serve beverages and food to their clientele. These managers image that clientele derive sufficient satisfaction with their dining experience in the entire food and beverage industry (Davis, 2013). Maintenance managers in both establishments administer the yearly operating plans and establish yearly objectives and goals for the staff and departments, while reviewing work completion for efficiency and adequacy. This ensures accountability in the hospitality industry when such managers are active in their positions. The food, beverage industry has a career opportunity for directors of new merchandise sourcing, who have a chief responsibility to manage and invent new merchandise product lines. They additionally oversee sourcing selections and support new product introduction and production (Davis, 2013). They also levy for rapid prototyping, therefore they ought to have ample qualification handling such technical matters that are critical to the success of the food and b everage industry. In both industries under study, directors of sales have the mandate to develop an overall strategy with a corporate sense including creation of roadmaps for the affiliation. This is for ensuring that the organization acquires significant sales growth by extending sales in the present customer base. The have an additional role of developing the entire business (Davis, 2013)s. From the past to contemporaneous times, the hospitality industry ensues growing both internationally and nationally,

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Money rules Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Money rules - Research musical subject field ExampleTHESIS STATEMENT Documentary films have emerged as an important and effectual source of transportation information to large audiences. Correspondingly, this study intends to review a documental film, Forks over Knives directed by American film maker Lee Fulkerson. Additionally, this study will depict the compelling factors of the selected accusative film and the main theme upon which the film primarily emphasizes. This study overly identifies the role of a filmmaker/presenter in confirmatory his/her point of view with the occasion of visuals. Conclusively, this study aims at analyzing a varied set of aspects related with the documentary film, Forks over Knives. IMPORTANCE OF FILM TOPIC The topic or the theme of the film is an important fantasy to be reflected upon as it deals with the adverse consequences of todays eating habits and modern lifestyle. The film attempts to feature the heathland complications among the west ward people primarily linked with selection of food for consumption. The film addresses the question, why people in western countries atomic number 18 becoming the victims of degenerative diseases? Correspondingly, the film attempts to advocate a plant based provender over an animal based-diet as a solution for overcoming numerous health issues (Luisa, Forks Over Knives Documentary Reveals stunning Healing forcefulness Of Plant-Based Diet). IDENTIFYING THE EXTENT TO WHICH THE DOCUMENTARY FILM IS COMPELLING Forks Over Knives is an American documentary film directed by Lee Fulkerson, an American independent presenter and filmmaker. The film was released on thirtieth August 2011. The film firmly advocates the consumption of low-fat food and plant based diet as an effective mean for combating certain diseases. The film actually endeavored to represent the problems and the solutions associated with the modern lifestyle of American people. The primary theme of the film explored the no tion that a majority of degenerative diseases that are plaguing the people can be eliminated or avoided by discarding the consumption of processed food, primarily processed animal-based food products or items which are staples of the detrimental western diet. The film largely condemns the consumption of processed meat, cheese and pasteurized milk containing sodium nitriteand other preservatives and uncharacteristic chemicals. The main compelling point of the film is attributed to the consumption of plant based diet among the people who are vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes, overweight and heart ailments (Luisa, Forks Over Knives Documentary Reveals Stunning Healing Power Of Plant-Based Diet). USE OF VISUALS BY FILMMAKER TO SUBSTANTIATE HIS POINT The filmmaker uses almost all the visuals in order to reflect the diet of meat eaters along with the evils of consumption habit related with fast-foods such as chips, fries and sodas among them. The filmmaker strives to illustrate the harmful effects of consumption of processed food items through the use of visuals. Furthermore, the visuals heavily stress on the adoption of whole food plant based-diet. The visuals used by the filmmaker were intended to inform people about the healthy eating habits and lifestyles. The visuals used in the film also emphasize the metaphor of standard western diet containing saturated fats and high meat. Additionally, the visuals feature the people who

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A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift (Summary Response) Essay

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift (Summary Response) - Essay ExampleHowever, the beautiful view is distorted by street children begging for funds (Swift par 1). In addition, the street children are accompanied by their mother. Swift insists on the need to surface a solution to address the problem (Swift par 2). However, he provides that not much has been done to process street families. Consequently, the numbers of street families are increasing significantly. Swift provides a suggestion that the children may be employed in construction and agriculture, but they lack the skills required in the fields (Swift par 17). geezerhood later the children are turned into thieves a scenario that cannot be avoided.To address the problem, Swift develops the argument that the children may fodder a massive population if they are served as meals (Swift par 8). He further provides direction on how well to prepare the carcass of a child. In addition, he asserts that their skin after the carcass has been use may be used to make gloves and boots for the rich (Swift par 13). Swift asserts that the solution may be well welcomed by England. This is based on that the country has failed to help Ireland. Consequently, eradication the course of the need would be an effective strategy.Swift uses satire to express his anger on the failure of the government and England to address the destitution problem in Ireland. He proposes cannibalism as the only way that the street children in Dublin could be eradicated from the streets. However, this solution does not reflect his real intent in solving the problem. He asserts that he has no pleasure towards his work, but he seeks to benefit the public (Swift par 31). His objective is to create a create verbally piece from which the reader could understand the depth of the problem. Additionally, the reader is also able to understand the failure by the government. Consequently, the need to suggest such an extreme alternative as solution is deve loped.In regards to

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Learning New Things in Life - Process Analysis Essay

Learning New Things in Life - Process Analysis - Essay ExampleIn effect, this chapter is instrumental in highlighting the splendour of exercise synopsis and its impact on the quality of a generators work. It is instructive to flavor that authors write in order to direct or inform their readers slightly various phenomena. This chapter is apt since it provides a guide on how writers can use process analysis in order to attain their objectives darn writing. In effect, this makes the essay unique in that it provides the problem and informs while also directing the reader on the approaches that the reader should use in order to solve the highlighted problem. In order to achieve its uniqueness, a process analysis essay engages in a systematic approach in order to achieve the objectives of the writer while writing the essay.In this case, a human being requiressatisfying their curiosity and learning about the processes that constitute the world. To do this, it is crucial for individual s to engage in a technique that provided the steps and the sequences involved in learning, which is known as process analysis. In effect, this chapter is instrumental in highlighting the importance of process analysis and its impact on the quality of a writers work. It is instructive to note that authors write in order to direct or inform their readers about various phenomena.

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Writer's choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 16

Writers choice - Essay ExampleThe henchman flag has been the backbone of white supremacist associations, from the Ku Klux Klan to the bootboys (Aron, 2013). They did not proper Confederate battle flag because it is pretty. They picked it because it was the flag of a nation dedicated to their ideals that the blacks atomic number 18 less equal to the white man. Some people say it represents heritage, not hate. In South Carolina, the Confederate battle flag was raised over the state house on April 11th 1961.The state Senate passed a bill in South Carolina to expel the Confederate flag from the highest point of the state house pretermit by a majority vote on April 12, 2000. Following the 2015 Charleston church shooting, many commentators questioned the move display of the flag at the memorial on the Statehouse grounds (Entman&Rojecki, 2001). The flag later removed which lead to many debates with some people, specifically the whites, claiming that the Confederate flag did not have an ything to do with the church shooting. However, in the first place the removal of the flag, there were rallies promoting the South Carolinas governor to remove the flag. To the blacks, the shooting was racially motivated, and the shooter had a photo pausing while carrying the Confederate flag.Wednesdays racially propelled slaughter of nine African-Americans at Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston has reignited the civil argument over flying the dissident flag at the Statehouse (Williams, 2000). Photographs of Dylan Roof, the admitted shooter, reveal him clothing politically-sanctioned racial segregation images and leaning toward a car with an ornamental license plate bearing premium to the Confederate States (Entman &Rojecki, 2001).The shooter said that the races should be segregated, that whites should be with whites. It comes from the colonial history of America that the whites are more superior to the blacks. He is pegging his

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STATISTICAL ANALYSIS Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

STATISTICAL ANALYSIS - Assignment ExampleThe perception that the good teacher upset rate gives is that lessons are conducted accordingly. Grade 3 performance in English language recorded a commendable positive growth in 2012 compared to the results in 2011. We are happy teachers have been responsible in their class attendance. We are also hopeful that the district will record improved performances in the bordering few years, Albany City teach Districts head of teachers union said speckle referring to the 3% performance growth in 2012 compared to 2011.We rejoice that there is an upward trend tax cuts and reenforcement for schools in this district. This is a realization of the fourth consecutive improvement in district schooling financial backing in the district budget, Executive Director of the states School Board Association, Tom Kremer noted. School district budget proposals in the category of students with disabilities in Albany City School District helped in recording high numbers of the students registered in schools compared to the percentage (40%) that were not registered as of October 2011. That said, he adds, registration of physically challenged students is very high.Tom Kremer has joined the chorus of stakeholders who believe that districts are focused at catching up with the effects of cuts initiated by the recession of 2008. As is often the situation, several interest groups have also added education funds aft(prenominal) negotiations. For example, the governor had proposed a total of $806 million increase that finally ended up in a hike of about $1.1 billion. The budget will to the school districts in Albany were determine at $89 million. The effects of these are enormous the overall numbers of all students have change magnitude looking at the Student Group Results between 2011 and 2012.Helen Brook, a high school student, in sensation of the schools in Albany City wanted to move to a neighboring school within the region. She was after

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Land Law Assessed Coursework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Land Law Assessed Coursework - Essay ExampleFirstly, he noticed Eve leading several goats into the garden of The Hollies. Simon told her that he was now the owner and that she had to remove the goats, scarce she produced a scroll described as a deed dated 1988 granting Eve the right to prune goats in the garden for the rest of her life.Secondly, he discovered that he couldnt get into angiotensin converting enzyme of the outhouses. Simon had visited the property before buy and recalled glancing into the outhouse and seeing a man (Adam) working on a lathe. Simon asked him what he was doing there and Adam replied give me a minute mate, this bit is very tricky. Simon hung or so for a minute or two, but then left to continue his inspection of The Hollies. However, now that Simon has purchased the property, he is aghast to see that Adam arrives in his van at 800 am every weekday sunrise to begin work in the outhouse claiming that he has a right to do so. Simon asked for evidence and was shown a document granting Adam exclusive possession of the outhouse for 5 years at 50 per month. The document was dated 1st January 2008 and had been signed by both Adam and the previous owner, Luke. However, there was a porta on the document where their signatures should have been witnessed.Finally, Peter, Lukes former partner arrived at The Hollies claiming that he has an interest in the property. It transpires that Peter and Luke separated several months ago and Peter has been on an extended holiday since the break-up. Apparently, Luke bought the property primarily and put it in his sole name for tax reasons. Peter always understood that the reality was that they owned the property between them and as such, Peter ensured that he paid all of the bills enabling Luke to meet the owe repayments. Simon told Peter that hed had a good look around the property before buying and didnt recall seeing any evidence of

Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper Term - 2

Organizational Behavior spoken communication and Concepts - Term Paper ExampleThis created a positive vibe in everyone since the accompany believed that employees work rugged for their familys future. Because of this culture, employees were more open, honest, caring and committed to the company. Indeed, culture is one good motivator that a company must acknowledge so that management can design programs which would reflect a companys culture.Case ( 1996 ) argues that culture plays an important role in influencing the behavior of employees, so much(prenominal) that it is given much attention in the workplace. Is this true? In my own experience, the culture of Family Day in my former workplace created a shared meaning that provides positive reinforcement to the employees in a non-monetary way. The employees cherish and nurture their work experience which tremendously manifested in terms of productivity. Once an employee finds his work and organization meaningful, he goes for the e xtra gnarl as a token of appreciation to the company. This rubs down on the customer service exemplified by the man which customers cant help notice. If an organization would look closely and find ways to boost employees morale without spending so much, it only needs to create a good and positive culture.Diversity, on the other hand, is comprised of new ideas from variety of sources (that) likewise ensure that all the best ideas and practical knowledge is utilize for corporate and organizational unit survival and growth. This is particularly relevant for companies now with the call for both additive and revolutionary change to enliven the vision and mission Segal (2001).Coupled with diversity, these individual personal expressionscreativitycan take about innovative results that would be beneficial to organizations where they are utilized.Let us take again my workplace as an example. The company hired people from different ethnic backgrounds for very good reasons. The recent yea rs motto the

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Labour Movements in Germany Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Labour Movements in Germany - render ExampleThe scotch fluctuations witnessed during the 1870s stirred debate on the feasibility of free market system. The economic depression had a weighty consequence on the philosophy of English Trade Unions, which led to credence of an Anti-Capitalist stance. By then, Englishmen from all curriculumes had grown to admire and respect established semipolitical institutions. They also had confidence on the existing liberal and conservative parties, which they thought were competent enough to bring about essential reforms on capitalism as well as other political and social problems (Lipset 1983, p.12). Thus, working class champion of conventional political institutions and hope in further reform, demonstrates contrast surrounded by Britain and Germany. The latter emphasized pre-eminence of the political while in Britain trade unions organization was the principal focus (Linden 1988, p.307). The reformist policies undertaken in Britain in deep 19th century, and early 20th century signifi brooktly contributed in assimilation of the workers into the National community, thus simplification resentment to existing political institutions. Whereas SPD was considered as a revolutionary threat, Labour party was not. Apart from economic woes, there were other factors that agitated for recruitment to socialist causes such as industrial expansion, which spurred growth and favoured vehement concentration of capital and labour. Similarly, there was immense growth in numbers of urban workers coupled with fate literacy. Whereas economic factor was the overriding theme that heralded socialism in Britain, political factor can be considered to have been the prime motivation in Germany. Workers movement in Germany emerged in the 1840s although they were limited to the artisans. However, with time, they coalesced to form workers association, which promoted socialist aims of redistribution of wealth and elimination of private property. Howe ver, divisions arose concerning how social change could be achieved in society. The contesting parties were torn in between revolution and alliance with the state (Linden 1988, p.307). Prior to 1914 the political parties of Germany did not constitute willingness or constitutional ability to take power. Much of the parties influence was anchored in pressuring the government through rampart of legislations and interrogating of governments on its executive actions. The foremost motivation of the political parties was sectional advantages. Social republican Party (SPD) represented socially defensive organizations. At initiation, SPD was split between non-Marxist and Marxist. Later on, the division was between Orthodox and Revisionist Marxist and eventually it adopted a modest, democratic, progressive approach to socialism. Its representation mainly feature politically conscious workers who were repressed by the state. The party, which was inaugurated in 1875, adopted revolutionary p rogramme, dedicated to eradication of class rule (Nettl 1965, p.65). The party also affirmed its dedication of working within the existing system for before long term reforms such as state sponsored education system, universal suffrage in all German states and social legislations that safeguarded the working conditions and health of workers. SPD from the onset considered itself an outcast in the political life in purple Germany and emphasized a

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My Favorite Trip Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

My Favorite Trip - see ExampleThe celebration was so large and the fireworks display was so magnificent I could not serving but continually wonder how much money the park must have spent on putting on such a show. However, although New Years Eve night itself was a highlight, I was also amazed by the vicissitude of activities that presented itself with Disney World itself. Rather than just being a collection of amusement rides, the park offers an amazing array of educational activities. One of the reasons that such a diversity of activities is available is due to the fact that such a diversity of individuals go to Disney World each and both year. Each one of these has unique desires, goals, tastes, and hopes for their overall experience. As a focal point to meet these, Disney World has provided a selection of activities that can ensure that each and every person that goes in that respect will find at least one or two activities that they would really like to do while there. Whil e there I engaged in almost all of the activities that they had with the exception of the animal displays. My experience was so affirmative that I would highly encourage anyone to plan a visit to Disney World as a way to make a holiday even

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Journal 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Journal 4 - Es theorize ExampleThis shows that the size of the inferno is in like manner big for the people on the run to control, as they need to secure their lives first. At the fore, middle, and background, the artist paints close to of the ventilations of the building including the doors and the windows in black color to put emphasis on the magnitude of the smoke at heart the building. By a keen glance at the middle ground, the painter has made use of plain lines on the building with short vertical lines cutting between the horizontal lines as an indication that the multistoried structure is either a stone or a block building. Although the artist in this pictorial matter presents a number of scenes, the focus of this painting is at the fore ground where he portrays people escaping kayoed of the building through the master(prenominal) exit route. The painter manages to catch and retain the attention of the viewers by the yellow color and curvy shape of the flames and smoke with several people taking to their heels, meaning that in that location is an impending danger. This style of art is a painting because the artist has used various colors, shapes, and lines in his image. The main reason that prompted the concerned artist to come up with this particular piece of art could have been the pursue of lowly and neglected that constantly encountered such challenges as home infernos with little or no answer from the authorities.Although there were several pieces of art, this one came from an artist who was one of the renowned artists globally in the 1960s and so he quality of his artistic works were always guaranteed. Besides, he depicted in his painting an have sex that touches on social and moral responsibility, as his focus was to expose the predicaments of the then refugees. I can say that the humanitarian aspect of the painting resonated with me personally due to the compassionate aspect of my character and I adjudicate this might have been one of the driving forces behind my choice. The image invokes my benevolence side, as it encourages

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What is shadow banking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words - 1

What is shadow banking - Essay Exampleservices offered, explains the pros and cons and shows the connection between this new elbow room of banking and the traditional method (Poszars & manmohan, 2011).The main objective of this study is to explore the concept of shadow banking and show this, i just read your profile and i want to be your pal from Kenya he main primal ideas behind it. The research focuses on the impacts of this banking and the bureau of shadow banks in modern contemporary living. It identifies the connection and the get off of shadow banks in the future in relation to traditional forms of banks.Banking for several years has followed the traditional banking arranging which despite the various issues in management and operation has flourished in the industry. Proper lending modes, rates of interests and principles disposal loans and investments have been major contests between the banking sectors, the government and the people. Some claim that the rates ar high, while others give away to obtain enough amounts of funds for their needs. The government on the other side plays a big role in maintaining a balance in balance of payments which is influenced by the rates of exchange in banks. The establishment of shadow banks has led to a large controversy in the industry based on the stem of their operations and at the same time offered solutions to the many issues regarding operations in the banking unit (Adrian & Shin, 2009).This is a interlock of financial institutions such as structured investment vehicles, hedge-funds, conduits, money- securities industry funds, investment banks and non-bank financial institutions whose members argon not humble to regulatory limits and laws. They facilitate credit creation in a global financial market whose banks are non-depository. These banks do not accept traditional bank deposits and their activities such as credit default swaps are not regulated. As a result most of the instruments are able to fetch higher market as well as credit and liquidity risks despite lacking

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Developing Promotional Strategies for Horticultural Products Essay Example for Free

Developing Promotional Strategies for Horticultural Products EssayINTRODUCTION.The horticulture sub-sector of agriculture in Kenya has grown in the buy the farm decade to become a major foreign exchange earner, employer and contributor to viands wishings in the country. Currently the horticulture industry is the fastest growing agrarian subsector in the country and is ranked third in terms of foreign exchange earnings from exports after tourism and tea. Fruits, vegetable and cut flower issue are the main aspects of horticultural production in Kenya. In this write up, the horticultural products I willing focus on are coriander, courgettes, cabbage, kales, spinach, indigenous vegetables like terere and managu, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and onions. These products will be directly sourced from my farm in Kitengela.IDENTIFICATION OF THE INNATE ANS ACQUIRED NEEDSAccording to Boyd (2010) humans become motivated when a need is aroused that they have a desire to satisfy. These needs can be physiological also cognise as innate e.g need for food, water, sex and cloths or they could be acquired needs which are learnt in answer to an individuals culture or surroundings e.g need for affection, self esteem or prestige. The supra menti wizd horticultural products are food products that satisfy needs in the first level of Maslows pecking order of needs i.e the physiological needs. Moreover, through the right packaging and promotion of these products, the acquired needs will be satisfied.THE promotional STRATEGIES BASED ON THESE NEEDSOrganizations use promotion to communicate with customers about products they offer because promotion is one half of the communication process with customers. It works co-operatively with market research in an iterative feedback loop so that the constantly changing requirements of users are met by promotional activities that target or even anticipate these verbalised needs. Promotion involves making sure that customers are aware of the products that the organization submits available to them. The objective of my promotional strategy is to provide information about my products, increase demand for these products and to distinctiate the product. I will design unalike advertising messages to be placed in certain magazines like healthy eating magazines as come up as Saturday Nation newspaper magazine and television advertisment. Moreover, through the social media i.e twitter and face accommodate I will advertise my products. These adverts will focus on the benefits that clients will get on phthisis of my products.The advert will be designed in such a way that it brings out the different innate and acquired needs that will be met. People have to eat and eat good food that is well presented, I will therefore, do word of mouth advertising and attend networking forums for horticultural products e.g the one-year horticultural exhibitions says Wu (2012). As I display my products, I will ensure they are well package in clean, labeled packages so that as my purchase my products they are satisfied with the packaging thus confrontation both their innate and acquired needs. According to Stern and Adel (1988), word-of-mouth is one of the most credible forms of advertising because bulk who dont stand to gain personally by promoting something put their reputations on the line every time they make a recommendation. In the utilization of word of mouth advertising, I will incorporate brand advocates in this word of mouth ad.I will use personal selling as well. This will be one to one communication with a potential buyer. In this case the potential buyers I will focus on for personal selling are the restaurants, schools, hospitals and hotels. I will therefore, employ the use of sales men and use experiential marketing in this case. I will hire a tele-marketing detective who will make follow up calls to clients who purchase my products to get their feedback on areas that I need to mend on as the resea rcher identifies their unspoken needs as well as their spoken needs.REFERENCESBoyd, J.C (2010). Consumer Psychology. England up to(p) University Press. Stern .L. W. Adel I. E.(1988) Marketing Channels. Englewood Cliffs, N. J. Prentice Hall Inc.Wu, J. M ( 2012) Consumer Perception of quality for horticultural products and related agricultural practices. OntarioGuelph.

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Enterprise Architecture Essay Example for Free

endeavor computer architecture Essay1) The three key disciplines calld to effectively construct a Foundation of Execution be Operating exampleThis dictates the level of military control sector carry through integration and standardisation for delivering goods and services to customers. Process desegregation depicts the extent to which channel building blocks share data and enables end-to-end and a maven interface for the customer The Operating Model involves a commitment to how the company will operate opening computer architectureThis is the organizing logic for business processes and IT infrastructure which reflects the integration and standardisation requirements of the companys operating model. The enterprisingness architecture provides a long term view of a companys process, systems, and technologies in parliamentary law to hit long term sustainable capabilities. IT Engagement ModelThe IT Engagement Model is the goernance mechanism that ensures business and IT projects achieve both local and companywide objectives. This Model influences projects conclusions ensuring that individual solutions are designed according to the enterprisingness architecture. The IT Engagement Model provides alignment between IT and the business objectives of projects.2) The Enterprise Architecture communicates the high-level business process and IT requirements of a companys operating model. This differs from IT Architecture to the degree of granularity that is presented. Enterprise Architecture does non provide the necessary details to map out technical or process design requirements. The IT Architecture positive by the IT unit is a more detailed architecture of applications, data and information, and technology. IT Architecture when developed with a clean-cut understanding of the Enterprise Architecture provides long-term value because they provide the long-term fantasy for immediate solutions.3) The current market trends and speed at which techno logy and the competitive landscape is constantly changes determine it difficult for companiesto be able to conform and survive. Complex Information systems restrain companies from beingness able to adapt in order to compete or leverage new technology and concepts.Companies without a solid asylum face the following risksThe effects of growing complexity on business operationsThe pressure that high spirits places the prat of execution portion of business discipline in current national and political environments Role of costs in absence of foundation of executionBusiness agility increasingly depends on a Foundation of Execution. Implementing standardize, digitized processes results in simpler technology environments, lower cost operations and greater agility.4) An operating model has dickens dimensions business process standardisation and integration. Companies are characterized into the following Operating ModelsDiversification Low Standardization, Low IntegrationCoordination Low Standardization, eminent IntegrationReplication High Standardization, Low IntegrationUnification High Standardization, High IntegrationExamplesa. Unification Model Delta AirlinesConsisted of many IT platforms unable to communicate with each other Management and IT mental faculty reached a common understanding of what capabilities the company would develop to support future strategies. In order to get to a clear vision forethought defined four impression processes.b. Diversification Model Carlson Companies to each one of Carlsons portfolio of companies run more or less independently of each other. Carlsons enterprise architecture core diagram shares technical infrastructure services temporary hookup the business units retain control over local business processes and IT applications c. Coordination Model MetLifeMetLifes strategy and operating model focused on providing compound customer service across products. This required extraction of customer information and making it centrally operabled. Replication Model ING DIRECTING DIRECTs service modules digitize standardized processes across its business units. The identification of major(ip) service categories helps management understand existing capabilities and scratch new opportunities.5) The four stages of Architecture Maturity areBusiness Silo Architecture where companies look to maximize individual business unit take or functional needsStandardized Technology Architecture providing IT efficiencies through technology standardization and, in most cases, increased centralization of technology managementOptimized core architecture provides companywide data and process standardization as appropriate for the operating modelBusiness Modularity Architecture where companies manage and reuse loosely pair IT-enabled business process components to preserve global standards while enabling local differences6) The strategic implications of the four architecture stages are as follows Business Silos Local / Functional optimizationStandardized Technology / IT efficiencyOptimized core / Business Operational efficiencyBusiness Modularity / Strategic Agility7) The three main ingredients 0f the IT Engagement ModelCompanywide IT governance decision rights and accountability framework to encourage desirable behavior in the use of IT scheme management formalizedproject methodology, with clear deliverables and regular checkpoints Linking mechanisms processes and decision-making bodies that align incentives and connect the project-level activities to the overall IT governance.8) IT governance is the decision rights and accountability framework for encouraging desirable behaviors in the use of IT. IT governance reflects broader corporate governance principles while focusing on the management and use of IT to achieve corporate performance goals. IT governance encompasses five major decision areas related to the management and use of IT in a firm, all of which should be driven by the operating m odelI. IT principles high level decisions about the strategic role of IT in the business II. Enterprise architecture the organizing logic for business processes and IT infrastructure III. IT infrastructure centrally coordinated, shared IT services providing part of the foundation of execution IV. Business application needs business requirements for purchased or internally developed IT applications that both use and build the foundation for execution V. Prioritization and investment decisions about how much and where to invest in IT, including project favorable reception and justification techniques.9) Linking mechanisms is the third essential ingredient of the IT engagement model. Linking mechanisms connect companywide governance and projects. Good IT governance ensures that thithers clear direction on how to evolve the companys foundation. Good project management ensures that projects are implemented effectively, efficiently, and in a consistent manner to maximize learning. Good l inking mechanisms ensure that projects incrementally build the companys foundation and that the design of the companys foundation is informed by projects. at that place are three types of linking mechanisms (architecture linkage, business linkage, and alignment linkage) that address the key alignment and coordination concerns of the company.Architecture Linkage establishes and updates standards, reviews projects for compliance, and approves exceptions. Architecture linkage connects the IT governance decisions about architecture with project design decisions. Business linkage ensures that business goals are translated effectively into projectgoals. Business linkage coordinates projects, connects them to larger transformation runs, and focuses projects on attacking specific problems in the best possible way. Alignment linkage mechanisms ensure ongoing communication and negotiation between IT and business concerns. Business IT relationship mangers and Business unit CIOs are typically a critical linkage fro translating suffer and forth between business goals and IT constraints.10) The three ingredients of engagement that create business value are IT governance, hurtle management and Linking mechanisms.Clear, specific, and actionable objectives In order to be effective, IT engagement models clarify strategic objectives so standardization and integration requirements are clear.Motivation to meet company goals Formal incentives such as bonus plans, one-year reviews, etc help ensure focus from business unit leaders and project managers on company, business unit and project goalsEnforcement authority Formal enforcements such as complementary to formal incentives help build an efforts credibility. Enforcement provides a process for changing, discontinuing, or granting an exception to a project that is not compliant with the target enterprise architecture.Early Intervention and prevention In order to prevent bad solutions form being deigned, IT groups engage with bu siness projects during the earliest stages of development to prevent bad solutions from being designed in the introductory place and also to learn how to improve target architecture.Transparent, regular, two-way communication Good engagement ensures that everyone is clear on how the model works. Alignment and coordination are achieved and maintained through regular dialogue between business and IT and across business units.

Group Decision Making Essay Example for Free

gathering Decision realise EssayAbstract Group decision making is imperative for deciding what achievement a classify should yield. This paper aims to define the butt on of theme decision making and examine the discipline, theory, paradigm, and methodology that dominate approaches to root decision-making whole tone. Furtherto a greater extent, it provides an protrudeline of the look intos perceptual process and endeavors to address an appropriate alternative approach to this research problem, and an evaluation of qualitative and quantitative research designs for this atomic second 18a of research.These are discussed in connection with selected observational data. minute Review of Group Decision Making Research Group decision making is i of the close significant and methodological trends of overcoming and/or resolving underway(a) conflicts with the aid of other idiosyncratics. It befits a much controversial in deciding what action a meeting should take due to the varieties of systems, which are adjudge in cabaret to solve a particular(prenominal) conflict.Decision making in a certain comp some(prenominal) is frequently evaluated in a separate manner, as the out with regard to the process and upshot is concerned. While such a process of chemical free radical decision making refers to how both member of a conventioning interacts with the others, the outcome is the result of preferred method or action that the entire group has taken. A number of masters from prestigious universities have been arguing with regard to the critical brushup of group decision-making research since the 19th century.One of the world-ren avow masters of that time was James St iodiner who observed that group decisions are more(prenominal) speculative than the earlier exclusive decisions of the members of a particular group or organization (St adeptr, 1961). During the period ulterior to the time when he released his masters thesis and scholarly articles concerning the critical review of group decision-making research, legion(predicate) researched studies with empirical bases have shown that such a perilous accommodation is omnipresent or ubiquitous occurrence.Moreover, there is the social movement of judiciousness on certain group decisions than the members (Moscovici Zavalloni. 1969 Myers Lamm, 1976). However, the tendency of quite a little to tie decisions, which is inherent when they are in a group as opposed to a decision make comp allowely or independently, ordain take amaze as a commencing disposition of an someone group members toward a specified way is increased attendant to the weakenn group decision. For instance, a group of pro-feminist women will be more strongly pro-feminist later(prenominal) to the chargen group decision (Myers.1975). Therefore, on decisions that present to every individual group and/or member, a reasonable disposition in a specified way comes along with a group decision, wh ich belongs to a more reasonable disposition in the same way. Critical Review on a Group Decision Some other conceptualization with regard to the tendency of concourse to make decisions, which is extreme when they are in a group as opposed to a decision made alone or independently, will be superfluous due the number of outstanding reviews and/or conceptualization until seventies (Myers Lamm, 1976).Throughout this time, the arguments concerning such a conceptualization have bewilder remarkable. Hence, numerous researchers contributed various ideologies and significant contributions to uncover group decisions, which are more speculative than the earlier exclusive decisions of the members of a particular group or organization. In latter years, vehemence for group research with regard to disposition has begun to lessen it has believed that a perfect retrospective view or survey will contribute to the reorientation of research in such a field.In addition to this view, reassessment w ill also incorporate the tendency of people to make decisions, which is extreme when they are in a group as opposed to a decision made alone or independently, with other gregarious or communal imaginary and cognitive phenomena. Thus, this research concludes by proposing a few significant matters of desegregation.Moreover, basic cognitive process will be involved in obtaining and storing more knowledge and insights upon demonstrating convincing disputation and communal distinction intervening the doctrine that all natural phenomena are explicable by material causes and mechanical principles deep down the bounds of group decision making. area of this consequence shows that subsequent in time of taking part in a discussion group, every member tends to propose greater whereabouts the demand for more perilous procedures of exploit than individuals who do non take part in any such discourse becomes inevitable.This incident has given birth to the perilous passing of group decision maki ng. Moreover, the tendency of people to make decisions, which is extreme when they are in a group as opposed to a decision made alone or independently, is used in order to explicate and give light to the decision making of a panel or a group of people legally selected to hear a case and to decide what are the facts.Contemporary studies of world-renown scholars and savants show that subsequent in time to meditating into a single group, simulated panel of experts frequently determines retaliatory impairment precedent to deliberation. Hence, the studies showed that when the favor of the panel of experts is given to an individual that bears insufficient facts and/or explications with regard to the extant issues, matters of argumentation susceptibility lead to a more compassionate outcome.While the panel of experts is influenced to ordain an efficacious or dark treatment, such contemporary discourse could yield severe and arduous circumstances to cope with. Progress in Analysis of Gro up Decision Making Browns (1965) innovative discourse of such a perilous modification, one of the vital vindications of selected changes, has been a communal juxtaposition. Based on the entire view of this conceptualization, people are regularly encouraged both to identify and to hive away themselves in a gregarious equal illumination.To do this, every individual should be constantly preparing knowledge and insights with regard to how other groups of people introduce themselves, and changing his/her soulal investiture. Some adaptations of social comparison theory shows that the number of people wishes to be tacit as more advantageous than what other groups of people comprehend to be the standard movement. In one case that every individual distinguishes how about other people demonstrate and/or introduce themselves, he or she present him/herself in a reasonable illumination or awareness.Whenever all members of a colluding group involve in the same examination of such a methodolog ical or systematic procedure, the outcome, therefore, is a mean modification in a way of valuable community. There is the presence of two fluctuations of the utter temporal arrangement one is that highlights the displacements of cognitive contents, which have multiple numbers of aspects, while the other one concerns the practice of keeping one jump ahead of a friend or competitor.Based on the studies of such a pluralistic ignorance, every individual or group of people introduces itself and/or its own positions as a settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions in the interval of two dissimilar proclivitiesthe petition to be bound by mutual interests, loyalties, or affections to an individuals own initiation of absolute perfection. In addition to this view, the desire non to be aberrant from the notion of the inner commissioning of a certain group is also acknowledged.Thus, prior to group discussion review or argument, every member of a particular group triviali zes the standards of the group ab initio. Evaluation from the primary valuations of their personal standards becomes contrary to some extent or degree. Throughout the argumentations, which are unfolded by the entire group, every individual or member of the group is acknowledged nigh to the right standards hence, an instance of divergence or disagreement by the unwashed action of how good a group member is and how he or she likes to be ostensible.On delving into the second set of options, a group member directly changes to a more idealistic panorama or matter of argumentations. As such, the strategic method of group decision making with most group members is acknowledged. Therefore, the theory concerning pluralistic ignorance is that it prevails for the mere reason of precise exchange of information with regard to the true beliefs of most members of the group in spite of the fact that it might be due to the preconception, which has a basis in or reducible to empirical factual know ledge (Jones Nisbett, 1972).Other evaluators made a thorough explication concerning the affirmable outcomes of procedures in relation to the social comparison. These evaluations have become a more controversial along the issue concerning such matters of argument in which the group of people are encouraged by an aspiration to be unique from the other groups of people in a more precious and significant way or direction of feelings and/or feelings (Fromkin, 1970). Moreover, these people are also encouraged to introduce themselves in a more advantageous way than the other groups of people.Briefly, such a group of people desires to be unique and become better than other groups of people. As an analogy, Brown expresses his own feelings by acknowledging the fact that when creating pre-valuations in a certain aspect, every individual member of the group gives him/herself a valuation, which is moderately advantageous than the valuation that he or she takes for grantedthe norm or standards the mean group member will share.For a better lore with regard to this conceptualization, when a member directly or indirectly deducts the precise standards, he or she agreely develops his or her personal valuations hence, making the general options with regard to the perilous modification becomes inevitable to acknowledge. Inasmuch as the technological aspects of making the perilous modification in cognitive contents, which have multiple aspects, the technical aspects concerning a current or fashionable trend is a settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions by the common action of self-enhancement and self-abasement.Indeed, however, it whitethorn be quite arduous to acknowledge these two technical aspects theoretically. Nevertheless, there are respective imbrications on the pluralistic ignorance and current or fashionable trends. To support such an argument, the general telephone extension for social comparison comes from presentations that coherent knowled ge and insights with regard to the standards of other group members is able to make course bias. It takes place when combined or neutral shadow is used to reinforce an already made and clear one-sided point of view.Consequently, every member of the group on both sides may therefore make an action or any movement farther apart, when he or she is presented with the same combined vestige. such(prenominal) e strategic effect is called mere exposure effects in which numerous researched studies have tried and true creating this terminology for further explication of the denotations of the perilous modification within the group decision making. Processing the Information that Affects the Group Decision MakingA number of scholarly studies with regard to the group decision making from divergent pats of the world have been published now, it remains one of the global contemporary issues. The original perilous modification research of Stoner (1961) has been globally recognized upon the use of certain outlines of the summary with a dramatic or literary workthe scenario, which shows the value of perils that a group member thinks what action he or she should take. For a better comprehension, it is explained with the best example, which Stoner used.He shows such a perilous modification through contend with a chessthe moves, careers shifts, professional shifts etc. In addition, other studies concern the probability of such a perilous modification. It is showed through the frequent exposure of watchs in which it is more likely to be substantial than any moderate exposure of such conditions mixed with non-significant. Some studies argue that a certain members option or a standard on the matter of argument is methodological function of numerous pro and con debates.It is acknowledged as an individual calls back the memory when hypothesizing his or her personal thought or standards. Therefore, in forming an opinion or estimation of the guilt or innocence of an accused person after careful consideration, a body of citizens sworn to give a true verdict according to the evidence presented in a court of law comes to pre-deliberation decisions in accordance with the respective number and aptitude of the pro-guilt and pro-innocence statements.Consequently, a formal discourse on a topic or an exposition becomes the cause of an individuals modification of his or her thought with regard to the running skepticism in the court. During the period subsequent to the time when the conceptualization of the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty is acknowledged, a number of studies distinguish the characteristics of statements, which lead them into being convincing.Moreover, some studies express the denotations of perilous modification. They show this through presenting deputations on the statements within the group members. For a better comprehension concerning this ideology, a specified group may or may not change the way, which has given to it. While every member thinks of producing a good outcome, the arguments take place from the other members of the group. Thus, the function of originality is certainly and specifically determined.However, if such statements or arguments are given from the fact that the individual member is already acquainted with such matter of argumentations, he or she then cannot modify or change his or her position or standards of thought or sharing his or her thoughts with the other members of the group of alternative (Kaplan, 1997). Evaluating Qualitative and Quantitative Research Designs As such, if new convincing arguments are given, but fence the way that has been pre-approved by the group member, their standards will be modified reversely.Hence, a body of citizens sworn to give a true verdict according to the evidence presented in a court of law who pre-approved one who is justly chargeable with or responsible for a usually grave br each of conduct or a crime will come to regard a more guilty opinion or treat him or her with favor. This occurrence takes place only if he or she is liable to the new statements, which give favor to the fact of having committed a breach of conduct especially violating law and involving a penal.The condition of being peculiar to a particular individual or group, as the issue with regard to the process by which other studies or scholarly researched articles produce, accommodates two general empirical bases. One is that concerns the given decry information. To understand better, such studies or scholarly articles anticipate the methodological system and extent of selecting the thought to be unfolded on the matters of argumentation whether they are breaking up into opposing factions or grouping, or causing to become partially or wholly unbroken up to opposing factions.In addition to this statement or argument with regard to the critical review of group decision making, the number of s tudies make it easier to bring out the conceptual coordination of mental processes into a normal effective personality or with the individuals environment, or the operation of finding a function whose variedial is known and/or solving a different equation.In view of that fact, the fundamental technical aspect is the same for statements, which have been processed in a more move and secure system, or in a mutual or reciprocal action or influence with the other people or group members. Therefore, to support the entire conceptualization of this view, the vestige for the proposition that convincing statements alone may yield choice modification and a position of polarization, which has been take for granted for a specific purposeboldly supported by advanced explications of polarization (Pruitt, 197la. 1971b). ConclusionI have conditioned substantially from the said research and conceptualization of contemporary argumentations with regard to the critical review of group decision making and it impelled me to seek various means to learn the more advanced and methodological process of critical thinking and evaluation on the group decision-making. First, I have knowing to perceive more contemplatively. This means, prior to making decisions or establishing beliefs, a group member must be aware that he or she has personal biases about certain things and he or she should not let this get in the way of arriving at an accurate perception and wise decision.Second, I have learned that by being more involved and by listening to and observing people a particular member of the group, who joins the arguments while discussing the best things to gain favorable outcomes, would be able to gain a broader perspective, if not a holistic view, of people and circumstances as a whole. This means that he or she should not only be satisfied with what he or she sees or wants to see but endeavor to look further and probe deeper into what is actually happening that he or she could not direct ly sense.Moreover, he or she should also verify his or her perceptions and the conclusions he or she has reached through critical thinking by communicating and learning more about the entities involved. These helpful hints have caused substantial improvement in my critical thinking process relative not only to the office works but to all the other everyday activities as well. They have led me to perceive accurately, think critically and gain greater understanding of people and contemporary events.ReferencesBrown. R. (1965). Social psychology. New York Free Press. Fromkin. H. (1970). Effects of experimentally aroused feelings of indistinctiveness upon valuation of scarce and refreshing experiences. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 16. 521-529 Jones, E. E.. Nisbett R. E. (1972). The actor and the observer Divergent perceptions of the causes of behavior. In E. E. Jones, E. E. Kanouse. H. H. Kelley. R. E. Nisbett, S. Valins. B. Veiner(Eds. ). Attribution. Perceiving the causes of behavior.Morristown. NJ General larn Press. Kaplan. M. F. (1977). Discussion polarization effects in a modified jury decision paradigm Informational influences. Sociomeir) 40, 262-271 Moscovici. S. , Zavalloni. M. (1969). The group as a polarizer of attitudes. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 12. I25-135. Myers, D. G. (1975). Discussion-induced attitude polarization. Human Relations, 28, 699-714 Myers. D. G. , Lamm. H. (1975). The polarizing effect of group discussion.American Scientist, 63. 297-303. Pruitl, D. G. (197 la). Choice shifts in group discussion An introductory review. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 20, 339-360. (197lb). Conclusions Toward an understanding of choice shifts in group discussion. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 20. 495-510. Stoner, J. A. F. (1961). A comparison of individual and group decisions involving risk. unpublished masters thesis. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, MA.

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Why Learn English Essay Example for Free

Why L earn incline EssayThere are many occasions to learn English, plainly beca go for it is one of the most difficult languages to learn it is important to focus on exactly why it is you regard to learn English. Here we will look at ten great reasons why English is so important. Post this list somewhere you can see it and it will motivate you to keep going in quantify when you are tired of trying to figure out which witch is whichEnglish is the most commonly utilise language among foreign language speakers. Throughout the world, when people with different languages come together they commonly use English to communicate. Why learn English when it is so difficult? Well, cognizeing English will shake up you bilingual and more employable in every country in the world. You have all the skills only when you are heard in an interview with poor communication, chances to get the job come down by 30%.English is commonly spoken throughout much of the world due to Great Britain s expansion during the colonial age. People in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, parts of Africa, India, and many smaller island nations speak English. English is the commonly adopted second language in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. Speaking English opens these countries and cultures up to you. Another reason why English is so important is that it is the language of science. To excel in science you need to hit the hay English. English is based on an alphabet and, compared to Chinese, it can be learned fairly quickly.English is as well the language of the Film Industry and English means you no longer have to rely on subtitles. Speaking English immediately opens up opportunities regardless of your ethnicity, color, or background. Learn English and you can accordingly teach your children English or if they are already learning, you can now communicate with them in English. English speakers definitely earn more money than non-English speakers. Learning English will open your job prospects and append your standard of living. Last but not the least, because you have always wished to be more articulately audible, and, to inculcate your listeners with your fluent and flawless professionalism. Why Learn English From UsFirst and Most Important to manage that we are charging very nominal for you just to provide a platform to overcome your hesitations in monetary value of communication. Our heartfelt Objective to bring you for the training comesfrom our personal experience with the job-seekers. We are providing Basic English to planetary communication skills in one single customized course for you. Register yourself Today for the Induction / Introduction and slam your level to enroll in the training. Lets move one step ahead by being more(prenominal) ConfidentBusiness Skills (iSkills)You are very good technically, but you find it difficult to present your thoughts to others in English. You can negotiate brilliantly in your mother-tongue, b ut with English, you are tongue-tied. You can write letters and e-mails in English easily, but they seem to be very long, or your boss has to correct them before they are sent across. You know your subject but cant speak before a crowd.So, you go intot get the recognition you deserve because your communication skills are below par. The iSkill series taps the uniqueness in you and helps you perform effectively, developing you into a well-rounded professional. ProgramsA. Complete programs (120 hrs)Effective Performance Appraisals Professional netmail writingTime Management Assertiveness skills Negotiation skillsSelling skillsBusiness Writing Presentation skills Telephoning skillsLeadership skillsPublic Speaking Voice partMeeting skills Recruiting and Interviewing Voice QualityB. i-Workshops(Spread over 8 hours one to two days)Professional email writingEffective domain speakingEffective presentation Time managementImprove your fluency dramatically iBlazeWe offer iBlaze to improve your listening comprehension, fluency, pronunciation, and audile memory. What it means is you get to understand the target language better, build your confidence, and improve your pronunciation. How does iBlaze work? Each iBlaze posing begins with a listening phase, followed by pronunciation exercises 1. The listening phase The learner listens to modulated music that opens his ear to the dominant frequency of the targeted language.2. The pronunciation phase During 30 minutes, the learner trains his pronunciation by repeating actors line and sentences. The learner listens to a native speakerHe then repeatsHis voice is filtered in real time and his ear instantly opens itself to the frequencies of the learned language By hearing yourself speak properly, you correct your pronunciation unconsciously and naturally You can start seeing all this after just 24 sessions. Register yourself to know whether you are at the basic or the advanced. Email emailprotectedNew Delhi +91-98118655500

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Film Sense Shot Essay Example for Free

ask Sense Shot EssayThe development of miscellaneaalist hire surmise was deeply connected with the formation of cinematograph as the autonomous art. The specific character of this possibleness, hence, should be understood in terms of theoretical and practical civilisation of movie theater production instruments and thorny path of mastering various means for delivering cinematographic ideas and content to spectators. It should be noned that the canonic elements of formalist aim surmisal, such(prenominal) as collage, lighting, scoring, shooting etc.became generally accepted technical means in cinematograph, which were employ irrespectively of theoretical burn downes preached by a given director. stock-still, it should be noted, that notwithstanding universal circularize of major theoretical and technical purposes of formalist theory, it has its own unique historical features, represented by the work of such notable contributors as S. Eisenstein and R. Arnheim. G enerally speaking, formalist pullulate theory may be draw as the total of views, which claim the exchangeity of technical and formal means of spud production to maintaining its inherently artistic and cultural nature.Eisenstein, the innovator of formalist theory, in his major works Film Form and Film Sense Shot claimed that montage is the central practice to image-making, because it covers its both technical and artistic aspects (Beyond the Shot, p. 13). The utilization of technical approaches to montage and shooting is essentially associate with general quarrys of direct production, as it is understood in formalist film theory, that is, creating meanings and artistic ideas through copulation/combining of images, shots and sound elements. Basic features and premises of the formalist film theoryFormalist film theory is premised on the dialectical intelligence of relations between form and content in film production. Technical means, including montage, shooting, lighting, s ound be not neutral vis-a-vis artistic content of a given film. In contrast, their collision or sequence, serving realize artistic ideas. Based on this theoretical underpinnings Eisenstein developed several approaches to montage, which should be utilized depending on specific goals director pursues. Eisenstein defines five basic approaches to montage such as metric, intoned, tonal, overtonal and bright (Eisenstein 1949 72-79).All these approaches be premised on the complexity of artistic ideas, which director delivers to spectators. The dialectical relations between shots in these types of montage ar based on conflicts between volume, rhythm, scale, speed etc. Metric montage may be described as the control of eon sequence of take issueent episodes and images, irrespectively of their intellectual content. These include various formal transitions and interruptions in the visual sequence of shots. Rhythmic montage includes metric elements, but pays specific attention to the v isual musical theme and content of shots, which is made to deliver complex meaning.One of the notable examples of this type of montage, developed by Eisenstein and full by his colleagues such L. Kuleshov and D. Vertov, is a famous scene from Eisensteins masterpiece battlewagon Potemkin, often referred to as Odessa Steps. This scene portrays the massacre of protesters (including women and children) in Odessa by Imperial Cossack Forces. Metric and rhythmic approaches to montage argon extensively used to portray the ugliness and brutality of Tsarist regime and its servants and the sufferings of ordinary people.To get through this rig, Eisenstein copulates shots of soldiers boots, process down the steps with shots of baby carriage with a child in it, moving downstairs. Besides this, Eisenstein uses remainder images of people, who were killed and massive flight, caused by the gunfire. Temporal metric transitions, hence, be copulated with rhythmic elements, delivering ablaze conte nt (Eisenstein 1925). Tonal montage ranks the next stage in complexity of emotional appeal. It uses entire image to frame indisputable emotional effects in spectator.Using specific lighting, sound techniques or special effects, a director creates certain aesthetic atmosphere, which communicates new artistic meanings to visual dimension of the episode. The next type of montage, which Eisenstein calls overtonal, represents combination of tonal, metric and rhythmic elements to stool complex psychological impact on the viewers. The characteristic features of each type of the montage are used in complex to capitalize on the volume, rhythm, scale and speed. And, finally, the most complex type of montage is intellectual montage, which does not only affect feelings, but imbues thinking and reflection.Objectives of formalist film theory Hence, the main objective of formalist film theory, as Eisenstein constantly repeats, is creating artistic effects and meanings, which are communicated to spectators. Eisenstein vividly showed this opportunity, provided by montage, referring to Japanese hieroglyphs, which create new meanings by adding new elements to already existing (Eisenstein, Beyond the Shot 14). Formalist theorys basic objective may be described as creating conditions for artistic representation of macrocosm in film production.According to Eisenstein and Arnheim, using technical means is not neutral vis-a-vis objective representation of reality. softness to master technical means results in negative implications for films artistic content and precludes intellectual perception of reality. Therefore, formalist film theory, seeks to overcome mere reproduction of reality, peculiar to commercial movie projects. Besides this, representatives of formalist theory hold that spectators should be influenced emotionally and intellectually in order to give them proper understanding of directors ideas and indispensable goals.This goal has its real historical reasons, becau se the formalist theory developed at bottom a tradition of revolutionary propaganda films, such as Battleship Potemkin and Alexander Nevsky by S. Eisenstein. Arnheim, who is another important representative of the formalist film theory, showed that representation of reality peculiar to cinema, essentially differs from physical contours of reality. Hence, according to Arnheim, formal elements of film-making have great significance for creating emotional and intellectual effects (Arnheim 323). Arnheim gives vivid examples of unique modes of reality perception, generated by films.As he states, film images can not be reduced to physical dimensions. Neither a position of shooting, nor its objects can not be outlined mathematically, because they are premised on artistic taste and understanding of reality. Moreover, as Arnheim states, film and visual realities really differ in depth, as films are neither absolutely two-dimensional, nor three-dimensional, but something in between(Arnheim 324) For instance, in Ruttmanns film Berlin, the director creates interesting juxtaposition of two physical dimensions, picture trains moving in the opposite directions (Arnheim 324).Tensions and Contradictions within Formalist Film Theory Notwithstanding positive elements, inherent in the formalist film theory, it has certain contradictions and inner tensions, which are often mentioned by the representatives of opposing film theories. For instance, Andre Bazin, one of the most prominent representatives of realist film theory, claimed that formalist understanding of form and technique of film production is manipulative and precludes genuine communication between spectators and artistic subjects (Bazin 48).Besides this, it should be noted that heavy emphasis of formalist film theory on formal and technical means prevents directors from focus on objective cognition of reality and its representation, making it (reality) a hostage of subjective manipulation with it. However formalist film theory claims that it provides the tools for objective representation of reality, in fact, it is one of the most subjective approaches, even to a greater extent subjective than auteurship film theory. According to Bazin, formalist film theory breaks world into many small separate pieces, which are then linked to give away structured, but subjective worldview (Bazin 48).Advantages of formalist film theory and its relation to other film theories Formalist film theory has its unique advantages, which are proved by the widespread utilization of its theoretical findings and innovations by film currents, which theoretically contradict its main premises. The importance of montage and other technical procedures was recognized by the majority of directors, who worked after S. Eisenstein. Today, we can not imagine any film, which does not use montage to produce certain artistic affects.Even documentary films, which represent a separate genre, essentially focus on montage. Besides this, deep connections are obvious between formalist film theory and auteur theory, which both put significant emphasis on the role of subjective artistic appeals and aims, which are necessary to maintain cinematograph as a genuine form of art. Both auteur and formalist film theories oppose neutral and quasiobjective film production, which is prone to standardization of techniques and approaches to achieve certain commercial results.In such kind of film production standard genre elements, ideological prejudices and common sense significantly erode the instance of auteurship, transforming films into faceless (without auteur) products of cinema conveyer. It should be noted, however, that formalist film theory is characterized by excessive emphasis on such elements of film production, which often have negative effect on the quality and artistic value. The parasitizing on formal elements and conscious manipulation, as it was noted, is harshly criticized by representatives of realist film the ory.It seems that this critique has proper theoretical grounds. Realist film theory, represented by Bazin, calls upon to following the continuity of real images and events and finding artistic meanings in their mere existence. In this view artistic truths should be found in heavy relations between time and space, which entails montage, having subordinate function. Moreover, unlike realist film theory, formalism leaves practically no inhabit for the freedom of interpretation and understanding, aggressively imposing already designed meanings and interpretations on spectators.Such important elements used in realist film theory as deep shot and focus, which help meet its theoretic goals, are ignored in formalist film theory. Failing to master these tools leads to losing visual integrity of reality, which is, according to Bazin, is even much important than montage (Bazin 49). Formalism in Hitchcocks Spellbound We have already mentioned the use of formalist theory of montage in Eisenst eins film Battleship Potemkin. However, it should be noted that crucial aspects of formalist film theory may be found in films, directed by people, who are not openly associated with this tradition.This is, for instance, the causa with Hitchcock, who based his techniques of film production on Expressionist approach. Hitchcocks film is based on psychoanalytic and surrealist subjects, which may be proved by its plot and extensive use of Dalis designs in the brownnesss mysterious dream. One of the major characteristics of Spellbound, which links it with formalist film theory, is that it distorts normal physical perception of time and space in reality.As we remember, Arnheims main requirement for film production referred to its creative approach to time and space, designed to break false continuity and present artistic sequence. Hitchcock pays primarily attention to the photograph of different protagonists and objects, but not on their appearances and actions, which is so characteri stic of mainstream thrillers. The characters of Constance, false Dr. Edwards, Dr. Murchison are developed in a coherent way, following strict formal structure of plot development.Besides this, Hitchcock utilizes other techniques of formalist film theory, such as fragmentary editing, psychological collision of shots, various lighting effects, and extreme angles. Moreover, Hitchcock uses different approaches to montage, enlarge by Eisenstein. Rhythmic and tonal types of montage are extensively used in scenes, designed to produce strong emotional effects on the spectators. Rhythmic montage is used in the scene depicting Ballantine/Brown/false Edwards phobia of seeing black lines on white things, when these objects are juxtaposed with protagonists terrified look.Another example includes Constance reading false Edwards book on the guilt complex and notices that Dr. Edwards signature differs from that of the man who is the author of the book (real Dr. Edwards). Intellectual type of mont age, developed by Eisenstein is evident in surrealist dream scene, when false Dr. Edwards looks at the wall covered with eyes. The same episode includes rhythmic juxtaposition of the close-up shots of Constance and Brown, tone at each other, as well as purely technical tool of shots imposition, which creates flexible and dark atmosphere of surrealist dream.Another episode including this type of montage is when Constance, while recollecting Browns dream, realizes that the real receiver is Dr. Murchison. In this scene, her recollection of the dream is juxtaposed with her thinking process and eventual discovery. To sum it up, we have canvass basic characteristics of formalist film theory, its objectives, positive and negative aspects and relation to other film theories. Practical realization of formalist film theory was researched based on the examples of Eisensteins Battleship of Potemkin and Hitchcocks Spellbound.Works Cited Arnheim, Rudolf. Film as Art. University of calcium Pres s,1957. Bazin, Andre. What is cinema? Vol. 1 2 (Hugh Gray, Trans. , Ed. ). Berkeley, University of California Press, 1967-71. Eisenstein, Sergei, Film Form Essays in Film Theory, New York, Hartcourt. Trans. Jay Leyda, 1949. Eisenstein, Sergei. dir. Battleship Potemkin, 1925, USSR. Hitchcock, Alfred. dir. Spellbound. 1945, USA, Vanguard Films.

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African Traditional Literature Essay Example for Free

African Traditional Literature EssayIndigenous belles-lettres whether unwritten or written is the cultural heritage of most societies. Unfortunately, African traditional literature overtime has been set as something inferior to their Western counter split. But to a large extent, both traditional African literature and their European counterparts have similar socio-artistic values. Both express interest in the events happening in their hostel because they recognize their role as social barometer, hence, they need to express themselves properly to their audience no amour the language they use.African traditional literature shares a lot with similar literature from other parts of the world. More recent studies have indeed revealed that the old ascertain that rural societies are not undetermined of producing elegant literature expressing the responses of men in an advanced culture to events around them is no longer tenable. This view was upheld by Westerners who studied tradi tional African literature with racial prejudice. They believed that African culture was still try for elementary problem of existence and was yet to attain the level of civilization that will facilitate the interestingness of literary achievement.But this view was met with a lot of controversial criticisms, as African Scholars began to argue the greatness of African traditional literature in the literary world, stressing the fact that traditional literature is not wholly relevant, but should also be accorded a literary status in the literary world. Their reasons being that African literature perform certain functions in the society the noticeable variety in the existing literary genre and the competent evidence in the elegant use of language exhibited in the cause of performance with the answer aesthetic effect, and with time, African traditional literature began to be accepted.But it was not wholly accepted by these Europeans. They began to employ their foreign concepts in th e critical evaluation of African traditional literature. They believed that Africans do not accept adequate tools for the appraisal and evaluation of their literature. Hence, they began to employ these foreign approaches in the study of African traditional literature.

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Misogyny in Theogony Essay Example for Free

Misogyny in Theogony EssayIn Theogony, Hesiod expresses misogynistic notions and shows the triviality of the creation of women. Hesiod portrays the undistinguished role for women. He uses marri suppurate as a light-hearted yet serious judgment and stereotypes against all women. Hesiod explains the close to misogynistic attitudes in the story of Pandora. He works misogyny into fe male monsters and goddesses that use their tricks on men. Hesiod displays the dominance of the male sex in his poem, Theogony.Hesiod touches on his feelings toward the idea of marriage. Referring to Theogony, he states that the man who avoids marriage arrives at an old age with no one to look after him and distant relatives share out his living. The man who finds a wakeless wife spends a life, that is balanced between evil and good, / A constant struggle.(393-394) While the man who gets an foul wife lives with, He lives with pain in the heart all down the line, / Pain in temperament and mind, incura ble evil.(395-396) Hesiods idea of marriage is more of a teaching process with the man as dominant and the woman is to be controlled.The very creation of women was a punishment to mankind. Out of Zeus angriness toward Prometheus, came Pandora, the first woman. Hesiod explains the thoughts of immortal gods and mortal men as they first glanced at the scenic creation as sheer deception, irresistible to men. / From her is the race of female women, / The deadly race and population of women, / A great pest among mortal men. (373-376) The only reason women live in this world is because of the sins of one male figure. Women have no other purpose in Hesiods words than to be the bad that upsets the good in the world.In Theogony, Hesiod mentions the monster Echidna stern of heart, who was half nymph with fair cheeks and curling lashes, and half a foolish serpent, terrible and huge, glinting and ravening, down in the hidden depths of the numinous earth. This monster that Hesiod describes se ems to parallel with his image of women beautiful but deceiving. Theogony also describes Aphrodite as a modest and beautiful goddess. Although she is the goddess of intimacy, tenderness, and pleasure, she is also the goddess of deceptions. Aphrodite claims she is the most powerful because she give the sack influence all other gods.Hesiod wrote this poem with a lot of misogynistic thoughts in mind. The idea of marriage is impertinent except for the matter of reproduction of strong and courageous men in Theogony. The creation of women was originally a punishment to Prometheus but Hesiod shows that this is a punishment to all mankind. Women are also often compared to monsters and evil creatures. Hesiod states throughout his poem that women are often insignificant and trivial to the lives of men.

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Saint Clare Essay Example for Free

canonise Clare EssaySt. Clare was born on July 16, 1194 and died on August 11, 1253. She was the daughter of a face and countess. She heard St. Francis preach in the streets of Assisi and told him of her desire to give herself to God. They grew to be close friends. On Palm sunshine in the year 1212 the bishop of Assisi presented a palm to this noble maid of eighteen who was beautifully garbed. That same night she left her castle with one acquaintance and went to the church of Our Lady of the Angels, where she met Francis and his Brothers. At the altar of Our Lady, Francis cut off-key her hair and Clare gave her life to Christ. In an old house outside Assisi she began her Order of the Poor Clares. Later, her sister and buzz off and other noble ladies joined her. They lived a life of prayer, silence and fasting. One day, enemies of the Church were about to approach shot the convent. The saint had the Blessed Sacrament placed in a monstrance above the gate of the convent and, rest before it, she prayed for help. Abruptly the enemy fled. During her illness of 28 years the Holy Eucharist was her strength. She died in 1253.She is the patronne of, eye disease, goldsmiths, laundry, embroiderers, gilders, good weather, needle workers, Santa Clara Pueblo, telephones, telegraphs, and television. pope Pius XII selected her as the patron saint of television in 1958, on the basis that when she was too ill to be present at Mass, she had reportedly been able to unwrap and hear it on the wall of her room. Her remains were entombed at the chapel of San Giorgio while a church to conciliate her remains was being built. On August 15, 1255, Pope Alexander IV canonized Clare as Saint Clare of Assisi.Construction of the Basilica of Saint Clare was completed in 1260, and on October 3 of that year Clares remains were move to the recently completed basilica where they were buried under the high altar. In further acknowledgment of the saint, Pope Urban IV officially altered the name of the Order of Poor Ladies to the Order of Saint Clare in 1263. About 600 years later in 1872, Saint Clares remains were transferred to a newly constructed memorial in the crypt of the Basilica of Saint Clare where they can still be seen now.

Proud to Be a Malaysian Essay Example for Free

Proud to Be a Malaysian EssayI am proud to be a Malaysian because of so many reasons. Firstly, Malaysia is surprisingly comely. We imbibe beautiful islands and to a fault the biggest caves in Southeast Asia. Not only that, Malaysia has the tallest twin tower in the world (KLCC). We also comport the highest and the longest female genitalsopy walk in the world in more than 100 meg years old of the tropical rain forest (Taman Negara). Forests are well preserved and the wildlife here is voluminous with many protected endangered species. Besides that, Malaysia has modern and efficient public transportation with different types of train, taxis and the outmatch airport in the world, KLIA. Our Malaysia Airlines won the Best Cabin Crew Awards a few times. Malaysians are sincerely friendly and understanding. In my opinion, the most beautiful thing in Malaysia is our variety of culture, belief, and the scrumptious food. We are unique, as we can still get along well even though were a multi-racial and multi-cultural country. at that place are the indigenous tribes, Malays, Chinese and Indians but we get along like close siblings.We also have the freedom of religion and equality in education, which is good. There are also many languages spoken by all Malaysians, the famous one being Manglish (Malay + English), and the most famous word being lah. Malaysia is actually truly Asia because of its unity in diversity that can be seen in the various festival celebrations by all the races in Malaysia. Therefore, we have many public holidays, which Im sure we all love. Also, these sunny holidays are participated in by all Malaysians, we usually have open houses whereby everyone is invited to attend, regardless of their background.When it comes to food, there is no other place in the world that can be compared to Malaysian food. It is obvious as we have different races and 14 states where every state has its admit specialities. The Malaysian food is so diverse and pal atable that the main reason why I wouldnt migrate to another country is because of the food here. off from the traditional sports like wau, gasing and sepak takraw, Malaysia takes part in popular sports such as bowling, badminton, football, hockey and squash. The world function one for badminton, Lee Chong Wei, is from Malaysia, so is the world number one for squash, Nicol David.Because of Malaysias location, it is free from natural disasters, the chastise we experience is the annual flash floods during the monsoon seasons and also the earthquake tremors from neighbouring countries. Malaysia also has cheap petrol, which explains the number of cars people own here. Even though the government subsidises the cost of petrol here, we have the cheapest petrol rates in Asia. Malaysia may not be great, but Malaysia is my home, and thats more than enough of a reason to love it. Even if we cant compare to other countries, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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Origins of Quinceanera Essay Example for Free

Origins of Quinceanera EssayQuinceanera cerebrations history is mainly found in the Aztec and Mayan heartyisations of the Latin American people with the roots in the ancient Mexican society. A missy climax her fifteenth birthday would be interpreted from her home to be prep ard on how to transcend from girlhood to womanhood and marriage. During this time, she would be taught about her traditions and history as well as being given instructions and guidelines through which she would learn to be a responsible adult and a good wife in her community. By the time she was returning to her family, a great celebration was launched that marked her womanhood (sexual maturity) status.The celebration is let off held to this date in Latin and Hispanic families all over the world. However, the girls ar no longer taken from their families but they rather get involved in group discussions and classes where they learn issues such as family, adulthood, and religion. In around cases, thi s goes on for a period of six months or even more as adoptive by different communities around the world. Preparations for the major quinceanera celebrations often begin about two years forwards the actual date of the wonderful occasion.The major purpose for the quinceanera is to act as a right of overtaking or mixer initiation that is intended to teach as well as reinforce the classical and valuable cultural values of the community. These days, the ceremony is conducted to acknowledge the young girls rite of course to womanhood. Since more societies that practice this ceremony have turned it into a religiously oriented activity, the ceremony acts as reaffirmation of the baptismal vows the parents made on behalf of their daughter(s). The ancient Mexican quinceanera is equivalent to the sweet sixteen in many United States societies.At the age of fifteen, boys traditionally became warriors. This therefore necessitated the call for for girls to be presented to their communities a s a vital force of communitys future in the sense that their power to become mothers would check over continued provision of more warriors for the tribe (http//kufflynx. com/historyofquinceanera. aspx) The history of quinceanera, unlike the sweet sixteen, has many religious components that subscribe to it more or less the same as the Bar Mitzvah which is held in the Jewish culture when their youth turn thirteen (Lankford, 1994, pp.18). Before the celebrations commence, family members and guests accompany the quinceanera to a church service. The delivered sermon by the clergy is commonly one whose main theme is the importance of growing up to be a responsible woman in the society. In the process, the young lady is given an opportunity to share her future hopes. Other family members and guests may also be allowed to speak too. After the service is over, people proceed to the party where under shape circumstances plenty of food, games, dance, and music take the order of the day.Qu inceanera parties usually require a lot of supplying and planning. It is as thus a very big occasion for the young woman and sometimes it takes many years of saving to make the girls fifteenth birthday dream a reality. due(p) to the value attached to this event, it is very common to have live bands, catered food, superb location reservations, and photo sessions. The quinceanera girl will often have a lavish gown and the guest of honor will sometimes have one as well. This makes the birthday as elaborate as a wedding.The most life-and-death aspect of the quinceanera is invariably a thanksgiving Mass (Karen, 1996, pp. 76). Traditionally, the King conducted the girls exhortation, giving the relevant instructions related to the duties of the woman. In the Aztec tradition for example, if a woman died during child birth, she received funeral honors equivalent to the ones accorded a warrior who died in battle. During the whole session of the Mass, the girl remains specially seated at th e altars foot.When the Mass ends, bolos or commemorative favors are passed out by cousins, younger sisters and close friends to those who have attended, piece the quinceanera girl deposits her bouquet in a niche or on the altar honoring the arrant(a) Mary (http//kufflynx. com/historyofquinceanera. aspx) There is a traditional provision that the quinceanera, depending on the economic strength of the parents and the godparents, can pull ahead the celebration opulence by opting between a journey to a fancy city and a party with live band music.Today there is a general tendency of women from all social strata to opt for the later. Regardless of the magnitude of the opulence involved in the quinceanera celebrations, the highest goal of the event is to strengthen the social fabric and bonds that should remain firmly cemented not only among families but also at the societal level. This pick outs the tincture of communal cohabitation, togetherness, and cohesiveness that must be maintai ned at all times. One uncertain affair is how far this norm is maintained in our electronic global community (Lankford, 1994, pp.40). Learning from the importance that was, and to some extent is still associated to quinceanera or the sweet sixteen in most parts of the United States, we need to realize the significance of the social bonds that persist in our societies from ancient times to date. Beyond any sensible doubts, there are certain stages and rights of passage that each one of us passes in life and which are given some form of communal responsibility, however little it may be compared to earlier times.These allow in similarly shared social functions such as child birth, the first marriage, parental responsibility, and lastly the net stage which is death. These are considered in different perspectives in different cultural backgrounds but the truth of the issuing is that they are present in all communities in the world. Furthermore, the quinceanera topic is significant in the sense that it portrays the grammatical gender differentials were and are still seen in our societies today. Not many years have passed since women stated involving themselves in the disciplines which were traditionally regarded as masculine oriented.Examples of this can be found in cases where women were considered as child bearers and home keepers who were expect to be submissive to their husbands. In academic arenas, mathematics and science oriented subjects were gender-roles meant for men (Karen, 1996, pp. 45). The trend has fundamentally changed from women being submissive child-bearers, cookers, and weavers to equally productive citizens in the world. The political climate has also significantly changed since women occupied in politics.Further lessons from the quinceanera topic advocate for personal growth and development. The major reason I postulate this is because by learning of our cultural heritage and social institutions we find ourselves in, one is able to criticall y study on what needs to be reinforced and what should be abolished from our systems. On example is the fact that in many Mexican communities, women are still regarded as second-class citizens, even with the known fact that they are the lift out family maintainers as compared to their male counterparts (Karen, 1996, pp. 64).Some of these outdated opinions should be addressed with the most appropriate urgency if we are to claim of freedom from social segregations and inequalities. References Karen Mary (1996). La Quinceanera Making Gender and Ethnic Identities. Frontiers A daybook of Womens Studies, Vol. 16, pp. 45, 64, 76 Lankford, Mary D. (1994). Quinceanera a Latinas Journey into Womanhood. Brookfield, Connecticut Millbrook Press, pp. 18, 40 The History and inwardness of Quinceanera.