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Leading Causes of Death in America - 1201 Words

The United States takes the eleventh spot in the top fifteen causes of death because of suicide. For our youth suicide is the third leading cause of death. In today’s society suicide in our youth is becoming a huge issue. Recently, youth suicide in Delaware has been a concerning topic. With the many suicides that have been taking place; we ask ourselves why is this happening to Delaware’s youth? It’s quite sad reading of all the lives taken at such young ages. It’s still questionable on the real reasons why so much of our youth want to cut their life short. There are numbers of things on why possibly our youth would want to commit suicide. There is one reason that has been proven to be the head cause and that is mental illness. A mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions and disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Examples of mental illness includes depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating diso rders and addictive behaviors. (Staff, 2012) Some other causes may be bullying, drug and alcohol abuse and physical and sexual abuse. Youth that die by suicide believes that suicide is the only option at that moment; however Delaware has several resources available to prevent youth suicide. Youth Suicide is the number one most preventable cause of death in the United States. The number of youth in the United States taking their own lives is increasing rapidly each year and Delaware is not exempt. In Delaware about 116Show MoreRelatedThe Third Leading Cause Death Of America May Surprise You. Hospitals And Healthcare Organizations1783 Words   |  8 PagesThe third leading cause of death in America may surprise you. Hospitals and healthcare organizations dedicate their branding to reflect a place of hope, comfort, and healing when ones health is compromised. Sadly, medical errors do exists in the realm of healthcare. The National Center for Biotechnology Information defines medical error as â€Å"an act of omission or commission in planning or execution that contributes to or could contribute to an unintended result.† Medical errors may include incorrectRead MoreThe Mortality Of Alzheimer s Disease971 Words   |  4 Pagessick people. Sometimes the sick go unnot iced because their illness is not apparent to the naked eye. Alzheimer’s disease is one of many diseases that early on does not show any physical symptoms. On the other hand, Alzheimer’s disease will end in death. Below will define morbidity and mortality, describe Alzheimer’s disease, and present the rates of morbidity and mortality as they relate to Alzheimer’s disease. When someone is diagnosed with a disease, they usually first want to know what it isRead MoreRecent Top Five Causes of Death in Ameri and South Africa1591 Words   |  6 Pages This essay will look at the more recent top five causes of death in America and in South Africa with regards to Heath psychology, and further go into detail about one of those top five causes to better understand the reasons for its prominence in the different contexts ranging from risk factors, health policy, disease progression and treatment advances or lack thereof. In order to do this, first a brief explanation into some key concepts in health psychology that may aid in this analysis will beRead MoreEssay On Police Brutality1478 Words   |  6 Pagesdiscrimination. In current day America racial discrimination is ongoing, which leads to police brutality. In â€Å"Why Are So Many Black Americans Killed By Police?†, Carl Bialik, reveals racism (consciously or not) leads to police brutality of African Americans. Kia Makarechi in â€Å"What The Data Really Says About Police and Racial Bias†, shows evidence of African Americans receiving more police brutality because of racism. Clint Smith in â€Å"Racism, Stress, and Black Death†, conveys how studies show thatRead MoreMental Illness is not an Adjective to Describe People821 Words   |  3 Pageslargest leading health problem in America. Mental illness is an ever growing problem that affects all types of people all across the world. In order to make others understand the gravity of mental illness we must answer, what is mental illness? Mental illness is a medical condition or disorder that disrupts a persons thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning (NAMI). Mental health concerns can become a mental illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause stressRead MoreOutline Of An Outline On The Gun Ownership Of The United States Essay1241 Words   |  5 PagesAmerican as apple pie (Cramer). In America, gun ownership is a tradition older than the country itself and is protected by the Second Amendment. Many believe that more gun control laws would infringe upon the right to bear arms. In the United States, there are around 89 guns for every 100 people, and about 270,000,000 guns in the whole nation, which is the highest total number in the world. 22% of Americans, 35% of men and 12% of women, own more than one firearm. America s gun culture originated fromRead MoreLetter Of The Board Of Education1399 Words   |  6 PagesSystem, which made restaurants like a factory, and improved on franchising, an easy way to set up businesses and make money. Other restaurants began basing themselves off of McDonald’s. As of McDonald’s influence on America: â€Å"We believe that the McDonald’s brand is†¦ omnipresent†¦ in America,† Chew on This [1] states. Nevertheless, McDonald’s wide impact isn’t entirely as positive as they would like people to believe, which leads to this letter’s main point: McDonald’s should not be sold as part of theRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Why America Slept By Gerald Posner1535 Words   |  7 PagesDaniela Reynoso October 17, 2014 Capron Online CRJ 115-05 In the book, Why America Slept: The Failure to Prevent 9/11, by Gerald Posner he argues that the act of terrorism that occurred on September 11, 2001 could have and should have been prevented. He presented a powerful case of how stupidity and misdirected priorities made America an easy aim for terrorists. Gerald Posner, the author of the book was a former Wall Street Lawyer, award winning investigative journalist and bestselling author. PosnerRead MoreChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ( Copd )990 Words   |  4 Pagesthat can hinder us from breathing properly. A disease on the rise and one of the top three leading causes of death in America is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) it is the third leading cause of death in America, claiming the lives of 134,676 Americans in 2010 alone. In 2011, an estimated 10.1 million Americans reported a physician diagnosis of chronic bronchitis. (COPD Statistics across America, 2015). COPD is a very serious disease that is claiming the lives of people every day. COPDRead MoreFast Food Research Paper1014 Words   |  5 Pagestruth behind it and the harmful effects that contributes to eating fast food continuously. Fast food is made of low quality ingredients and consists mainly of sugar, fat, high calories, and high sodium. Fast food causes obesity and nothing is being done to stop this major issue in America right now. Some fast food chains are: McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, and KFC. The list could go on and on which is the problem, fast food restaurants are everywhere! When it’s dark outside and you are driving home

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Renewable Energy Resources and their Limitations Essay

Curiosity and desire have led man to the peak of material progress. Discontent has always prompted him to change his environments and living conditions. Change is fundamental law of life for no change no progress. The more the peoples of the world have tried to change and ameliorate and better their lot, the more they succeed. The magic wand behind the spectacular and sustained progress has been the scientific technology. When we survey the achievements of men in their historical perspective; we get a clear idea about technological development from the earliest days from simple to sophisticated. The Present era is the era where energy is the basic resource which is essential for living. The present age can easily be termed as Fossil Fuel†¦show more content†¦Renewable Energy Resources and their Limitations: It is commonly believed that world can fulfill easily through renewable sources of energy if the present energy resources are consumed completely. This is not true. It is estimated that renewable energy resources like wood fuel, farm wastes, solar heat etc. would be able to fulfill only 7 to 15% of the world’s energy requirements. The remaining resources i.e. wind and water power can only fulfill a very small percentage of energy needs while for solar energy, expensive infrastructure is required. Solar Energy As far as the solar energy and its usage are concerned, one major area is installation of photovoltaic solar panels, which will cost more than a consumer, can save in the form of electricity tariffs. However, a collaborative research that was conducted by the professors of University of Ferrara and Bologna revealed that the use of domestic solar PV panels can save up to 2000 kWh per square meter of energy and can work effectively for a period of 20 years. The following table gives a cost comparison of different energy resources. Energy Resource Energy Produced (in KWH) Cost (in Dollars 1 ton of Coal 6,182 0.0006 1 barrel of Oil 1, 699 0.05 I Cubic Foot of Gas 0.3 0.03 2 KW Solar Energy System Approximately 9 8.95 per watt (Green Econometrics, 2007) Figure 1 Solar energy is beneficial for environment as it emits negligible amount of pollutants. Nevertheless,Show MoreRelatedIs Renewable Energy The Solution For Our Energy Problems?1453 Words   |  6 PagesIs renewable energy the solution to our energy problems? Energy that can be re-used or re-grown in a shorter period of time than, for example, a fossil fuel, is the simplest way of defining renewable energy. It is considered very eco-friendly as energy from resources such as oceans, the sun and the wind contribute very little to pollution overall when producing energy. The energy problem which we are faced with today is critical and governments, scientists and environmentalist continue to searchRead MoreAnalysis Of Renewables Or Bust And Its Effects On Our Health And Environment?1503 Words   |  7 PagesRenewables or Bust Many American cities have experienced the phenomenon of smog or haze at one point or another. This smog has led the general population, political leaders, and scientists to ask the question, â€Å"What produces this haze and what are the impacts on our health and environment?† (Fischetti). The average amount of energy consumed per person has dramatically increased over the past several hundred years (Christensen, 482). The prevalence of fossil fuel use in our world is a primaryRead MoreRenewable Energy Rural Areas Of China1520 Words   |  7 PagesRenewable Energy in Rural areas of China Introduction Currently , the development of renewable energy resources , reduce consumption of fossil energy , environmental protection and mitigation of global warming has become a common sense of every country in the world. Despite China as a developing country and its historically low emissions, China faces international pressure to control its carbon emissions, which China is already the world s largest carbon emitter, sharing 29% of global carbon emissionRead MoreWind Energy : One Approach From The Energy Crisis996 Words   |  4 PagesWind Energy: One Approach to the Energy Crisis Introduction The renewable energy from wind energy has become a popular method of producing energy. When the world realized fossil fuel emission are harmful to our atmosphere, many countries started to look toward renewable energy sources. In recent years the U.S. has given tax incentives and tax breaks for using a renewable energy sources. The U.S. has become the leaders in using wind energy for a renewable resources. Even though wind power energyRead MoreEssay about Renewable and Clean Energy1611 Words   |  7 Pagesthrough time, renewable and clean energy is increasingly the ideal solution to energy related problems we have to solve one way or another. Biofuel is currently one of the mainstream and highly supported solutions, an idea to make renewable fuel by living organisms such as fiber, corn, vegetable oil or sugarcane. Biofuels, unlike nonrenewable fossil fuels over extracted by people, contains the potential to tackle most of the problems people encounter when using fossil fuels. T his makes renewable fuels makingRead MoreCanada s Population Of Canada1182 Words   |  5 Pageskeeps raising, Canada’s energy demand will also increasing as expected in future. Natural resources and the human survival and reproduction are tightly linked together. The abundant resources can let human beings to live with a steady, and even better living environment and standard. Canada is a country which with plentiful resources, especially in crude oil, coal and other traditional energy are rich in reserves. Canada puts a lot of effort in promote clean energy and renewable energy’s research, developmentRead MoreThe Theory Of Going Green850 Words   |  4 Pageslive in, the paper we write on, the vehicles we drive, all need energy to be created or transformed from some natural resource to the final product. There are many ways in which we can reduce the negative impact in which we have on the environment, many of them are low or no cost actions that we can implement o n a daily basis. The whole theory of going green is so that we can all put forth an effort to switch to clean renewable energy sources. By purchasing products that can be recycled it show thatRead MoreGenerating Electricity1712 Words   |  7 Pagescharge. It is the most routinely and widely used energy. It is an energy carrier and a secondary source as we get electricity from the conversion of primary sources such as coal, gas, and solar energy. These primary sources are either renewable or non-renewable sources but electricity itself, is neither. The most common way to generate electricity is using fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. They are known as fuels because they release energy when they are burned and fossil fuels becauseRead MoreThe Wind Turbines Are A Dominant Method Of Harnessing Wind Power891 Words   |  4 PagesLondon, and make wind energy a sustainable energy resource. Three-blade wind turbines are a dominant method of harnessing wind power, but this t echnology has drawbacks which make it unsuitable for placement in London. Small Wind Turbines, owned by individuals and/or communities have attempted to fill the gap, but are only capable of supplying lower levels of power than a city demands. This paper assumes that wind power will continue be used in combination with other (renewable) energy sources, such asRead MoreMicrogrid Essay1312 Words   |  6 Pagesmicrogrids in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Since Saudi government released 2020 National Transformation Program and Saudi 2030 Vision in 2016, King Abdullah City for Atomic Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE) began to develop an energy mix program to adopt new technologies in Saudi Electric power system (EPS) such as renewable energy and microgrids. This program defiantly needs practical and technical standards to accomplish the target objectives of this program. Saudi Electrical and Cogeneration Regulatory

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Energy for a Sustainable World

Question: Despite recent developments in the field of Litigation, parties embroiled in an oil and gas dispute still prefer to choose International Commercial Arbitration as a preferred method of resolving their disputes.Examine the truth behind this statement and evaluate the reasons why this may be the case in Oil and Gas Disputes. Answer: Introduction Their various sorts of enactment are relevant in the business of oil and gas. The worldwide business mediation is assuming a critical part in the oil and gas industry. Then again, the oil and gas sector incorporates numerous hazardous, intricate and costly operations which exist for a long stretch. Keeping in mind, end goal to draw in different gatherings in these transactions, extraordinary contracts have an individual part to play in the oil and gas industry. The multifaceted nature of the operations makes numerous sorts of question in the administration of oil and gas industry. Then again, there are different sorts of debate recognized in the oil and gas industry, for example, claims identifying with amount and nature of products, master determination, claims over power, hardware related cases, protection issue, and global marine. The majority of the gatherings of oil and gas industry incline toward the concurred debate determination (ADR) prepare as opposed to lead it to national courts. Besides, the universal discretion incorporates some stages, for example, the economy, simple authorization, lack of bias, and expediency. In this way, it is more desirable over the suit. What's more, mediation is viewed as private, moderate and non-antagonistic for gatherings and they make a determination of their question. Effect of functional rules of global law on oil and gas industry With the assistance of understanding of the gatherings, the lawful framework and guidelines of law relevant to the substance of worldwide oil and gas industry's debate. As per the Art.28 (1) of the intervention demonstration, the discussion in understanding including standards of law by the gatherings as fitting to the substance of the question (Domingo, 2010). The assignment of law or any legitimate framework ought to be either finished up or communicated by the gatherings in oil and gas industry. The substantive principles of worldwide law are extremely successful in expressing the issue of oil and gas industry. The determination of international law is essential with a specific end goal to use the substantive guidelines in the debate of oil and gas sector. With the assistance of chain of command recourses, the law ought to be led, and the national law will apply the greater part of the standards of that law. Aside from that, the gatherings of the oil and gas industry might pick or turn into the judges, and they will choose to apply the non-national, global and transnational substantive guidelines or the standard estimation of worldwide law of oil and gas industry (Musa and Volder, 2013). All reference mentioned above are vital for appropriate substantive tenets of the worldwide law. It is extremely huge to tell that the Russian parties once in a while utilize the picked applicable law rather than the lawful framework. Then again, the legal advisors for the oil and gas industry are assuming a huge part in this segment. A large portion of the legal counselors prescribes against the references to the arrangements of substantive principles of the worldwide law. Aside from that, the general principals of global law are chiefly led by the mediators and judges to keep away from the troubles of interior debate of the oil and gas industry (Bell, 2012). On the premise of general principals of law, the gatherings of oil and gas industry lead towards the development of a framework and they are searching for the 'de-nationalize' appropriate law. The universal law is material on account of agreement relationship; likewise, the principals of law ought not to be utilized when the gatherings are explicitly concurred about the recognizable proof of question. Also, that sort of understanding can't be forestalled to apply, and it was demonstrated by the specific recompenses of arbitral (Lybeck, Shreves, and Lambert, 2011). The constraint of internationalization could be found in the general population request of the discussion state's court or the crucial standards; the remote choice would be perceived and upheld by either legal or arbitral keeping in mind the end goal to determine the debate in the oil and gas industry (Hilyard, 2012). The main principals of bond formation in international commercial contacts in the oil and gas segment Keeping in mind the end goal to concentrate on the cross-fringe offer of produce, the lawful parts of global business exchanges are assuming a huge part. The agreements for the worldwide offer of merchandise was presented in 1988, and the United Nations Convention inspected it with 73 nations had endorsed it. Besides, the development of the agreements for the universal offer of merchandise and an extensive lawful code of common law were overseen through the foundation of the discussion (Hilyard, 2012). Furthermore, the legitimate commitment of purchaser and merchant likewise determined with the assistance of that discussion. Also, the principals of worldwide business exchange decide the break of agreement and other contract related angles. Then again, a historical point is exhibited by the accords for the universal offer of products in the methodology of a global combination of law. In any case, it is unsurprising that more than 74% of every global deal exchanges are possibly control led by the agreements for the universal offers of products. Aside from that, the hugest arrangements of guidelines are considered by the UNIDROIT principals on the universal business contracts. Furthermore, the gatherings of the oil and gas industry who take after the global agreement can direct their understanding. Both the agreements for the worldwide offer of merchandise and UNIDROIT contract principals have their individual part to play in the global business exchange and universal exchange (Li and Frmlohner, 2005). Discussing the key worldwide law principals and patterns, both impact the lawful parts of oil and gas industry. As per the principals of universal law, the agreement incorporates some strong components, for example, licenses, grants, approval and impermanent grants which are required by tenets and regulation of the oil and gas industry. The permit is vital keeping in mind the end goal to pattern merchandise. The permit mirrors the endorsement of government alongside consent (Oil Gas Industry Waste Management, 2015). The license ought to be saved painstakingly. Then again, the grants are assuming a memorable part in the oil and gas industry. As per the relevant law, the grant is required to maintain the business smoothly with no legitimate issues. Along these lines, the worldwide business exchanges and key universal law principals impact the principles and regulation of the oil and gas part (Business knowledge for IT in trading and exchanges, 2008). International law and environmental effect of the oil exploration and exploitation Because of the oil investigation, the earth is all that much contaminated and harmed. As per the universal law, the oil and gas industry puts additional consideration on the oil research. The hazardous harmful corrosive is created by the oil investigation, and it is blended with the adjacent water (Armaroli and Balzani, 2011). The physical harm happened for both creatures and human because of the lethal corrosive. The water is being contaminated which utilized as a part of the cropland. Keeping in mind the end goal to manage the products are required for the human. Because of the impact of dangerous corrosive, the products convey different sorts of sickness, for example, hepatitis A, loose bowels, lead harming, polyomavirus disease, and so on (Jessup and Rubenstein, 2012). Then again, the compound segments in the natural fluid wastages make a natural blend which contaminated the water of lakes and waterway (Scherer, 2008). The water of the stream is utilized as the drinking water as a part of numerous regions. As to investigation and penetrating, the recourses of that drinking water is being dirtied. Subsequently, the human is influenced, and they experience the ill effects of various maladies. Aside from that, the oil investigation drives the dirt contamination moreover. Numerous oil organizations penetrate the downpour backwoods with a specific end goal to augment their business and expansion the earth pollution (Jessup and Rubenstein, 2012). Because of the water pollution fishes are biting the dust, and numerous individuals need to confront monetary issues which manage it. The deforestation is one of the critical reasons for nature disease. An extensive variety of timberland had been cut off by the oil organizations to extend their business. Then ag ain, the wood is utilized for the streets, fuel, development, and furniture. Additionally, the impact of oil contamination on the human culture is exceptionally huge matter. Keeping in mind the end goal to control the ecological contamination, the World Health Organization and worldwide law executes some powerful guidelines and regulation (Klein and Edgar, 2002). As indicated by the pertinent law, the oil organizations need to clean all underground passages, loads and depletes to natural wastages evacuation. The specialists ought to give careful consideration to nature issues. They ought to work all the more earnestly and put wastages at appropriate places and take assurance from those infective natural wastages with a specific end goal to keep up their physical condition. In this way, the oil investigation and misuse impact the ecological contamination however, the global law keeps the contamination through different ways (Klein and Edgar, 2002). The prominence of oil and gas law as a distinct subject The oil and gas law ought to be presented in various sorts of Business College, colleges and graduate schools (Martin, Kramer and Williams, 2004). The understudies ought to know about the significance of oil and gas law. Numerous sorts of exploration demonstrated that the law is a critical subject which builds the human information about the tenets and regulation. Aside from that, the understudies ought to know the oil and gas industry since it is identified with nature and their lives. We all knew the effect of oil and gas investigation, generation and circulation on the earth. We ought to secure our surroundings with the assistance of oil and gas law. On the off chance that understudies know about the oil and gas law, then they can keep the contamination by actualizing that law (Connor and Milford, 2008). Then again, the fuel is one of our days by day necessities forever. Oil and gas industry creates the fuel and gives it to us. Amid the creation process, bundling procedure and dis semination prepare the earth is contaminated by the oil and gas sector. A large portion of the representatives don't comply with the tenets and regulations of the oil and gas industry and spread natural wastages in all over. The understudies can actualize the oil and gas law, and they ought to report it to the power of the oil and gas industry (OIL GAS WITHSTAND TOUGH YEAR, 2002). Aside from that, the educator can likewise grow their insight circle through the oil and gas law. As a matter of first importance, instructor and teachers must comprehend the hypotheses of oil and gas industry. After the complete preparing, they ought to begin educating the understudies, and they ought to take a test on this critical subject. The power of instruction framework ought to incorporate the oil and gas law as a noteworthy subject in their yearly syllabus. What's more, the oil and gas law ought to be an obligatory subject for the understudies of the establishment (OIL GAS WITHSTAND TOUGH YEAR, 2002). Also, the oil and gas law ought to be presented through pragmatic and business connection. Numerous youngsters are working in the oil and gas industry who don't have a clue about the law of oil and gas. The administration ought to know them about the noteworthiness of the oil and law which helps them to enhance their execution, learning, and obligation. Regarding a crisp appli cant who needs to join the oil and gas industry, the administration ought to give a common sense lesson to them. Be that as it may, the oil and gas law can turn into a valuable subject of the country (Lowe, 2009). Conclusion The oil and gas industry incorporates some significant global law which decides the guidelines and regulation. Then again, the universal business discretion is best instead of a case. The genuine reason is that the gatherings of the oil and gas industry need to determine the debate with the assistance of pertinent law. They would prefer not to visit the business court of the state. Accordingly, the discretion is the most loved question determining strategy for the oil and gas industry. References Armaroli, N. and Balzani, V. (2011). Energy for a sustainable world. Weinheim, Germany: Wiley-VCH. Bell, R. (2012). Mentoring in the oil and gas industry. Proceedings of the ICE - Management, Procurement and Law, 165(2), pp.95-101. Business knowledge for IT in trading and exchanges. (2008). London: Essvale Corp. Connor, J. and Milford, L. (2008). Out of the red. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley Sons. Domingo, R. (2010). The new global law. Cambridge [England]: Cambridge University Press. Hilyard, J. (2012). The oil gas Industry. Tulsa, Okla.: PennWell. Jessup, B. and Rubenstein, K. (2012). Environmental discourses in public and international law. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press. Klein, R. and Edgar, B. (2002). The dawn of human culture. New York: Wiley. Li, Z. and Frmlohner, K. (2005). Database for supporting engineers and innovators on the basis of a CD-ROM infor-mation system for aging processes. Gerontechnology, 3(4). Lowe, J. (2009). Oil and gas law in a nutshell. St. Paul, MN: Thomson/West. Lybeck, K., Shreves, H. and Lambert, W. (2011). The law of payment bonds. Chicago: ABA Tort, Trial Insurance Practice Section. Martin, P., Kramer, B. and Williams, H. (2004). Oil and gas law. Newark: LexisNexis. Musa, S. and Volder, E. (2013). Reflections on global law. Leiden: BRILL. Oil Gas industry Waste Management. (2015). Applied Science Reports, 12(3). OIL GAS WITHSTAND TOUGH YEAR. (2002). Filtration Industry Analyst, 2002(8), pp.2-3. Scherer, L. (2008). Oil. Detroit: Greenhaven Press/Gale Cengage Learning.

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Business Investment Strategy Key Deliverables

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Investment Strategyfor Key Deliverables. Answer: Timelines for Key Deliverables An event timeline is an important determinant, which can coordinate all of the organizational aspects. This factor is benefitted to the vendors as well as to the service workers, who supervise the organizational operations from start to finish. In this context, this study has highlighted the timeline for the key deliverables in the following: Key Deliverables Time Line June July August September October November December Advertisement Inventory Communication/ Distribution Technological up-gradation Background of the Company Mayrah is a popular Australian fashion and lifestyle brand, which is embodying an ethereal elegance with the artisan influence. It is known that the meaning of Mayrah implies Spring Wind. In this report, the organizational structure, mission, organizational valuation of Mayrah would be discussed in order to explain the online business investment strategy. On the other hand, the financial performance of the organization would be discussed in order to identify the investment strategy. In the opinion of Curtis (2016), it can be mentioned that investment strategy is a bunch of rules and behaviors, which would be benefitted to guide the investors selection within the investment portfolio. Mayrah has a unique strategy for achieving the profit objectives. The apparel brand would be launched with the instigation of Julie Shaw. The organizational structure of Mayrah would be discussed in the following: Figure 1: Structure of the organization (Source: Created by the author) Organizational Values Online fashion business investment strategy is one of the important factor to increase the organizational valuation. According to Mei (2014), it can be mentioned that this would makes the Mayrah marketing online highly attractive compared to the offline marketing and therefore, tracking and measuring the return on investment is more easier. Therefore, the satisfaction level of the consumers would be increased. On the other hand, targeting specific demographics would not be easier, especially with the increase of social media advertising. In order to increase the organizational valuation, Mayrah needs to improve the performance of the organization and also needs to maintain the working environment and working culture. Therefore, the satisfaction level of the employees would also increase and their individual performance would also increase. These elements allow the organization a greater organizational adaptability. Moreover, it can be mentioned that organizational values come from th e purpose of the organizational works. Mission It is known that Mayrah is one of the largest fashion apparel organizations of Australia. According to Curtis (2016), it can be mentioned that the mission statement of the organization is to lead the Australian fashion industry within the next 3 years. After getting success in the home country, Mayrah aimed to expand the business in the global market within next 5 years to 6 years. In this purpose, the organization has made a unique and essential business strategy with which the organizational performance would be increased. Therefore, the overall sale of the fashion retailing company would be increased and the revenue earning would also be improved. As a result, the organization would have the capacity to return the shares of the suppliers and also of the other shareholders. The shareholders are also willing to invest in the project of this organization. As a result, it can be stated that the organizational performance would be successful and Mayrah can achieve the mission statement . Importance of Organizational Team As per the statement of Mei (2014), Mayrah mainly gives importance to the customers. Therefore, to improve the performance of the organization, it is necessary to focus on the development of team. Good team collaboration is also helpful to improve the online business investment strategy. In this context, it can be mentioned that a well established online business do not need the organizational staffs and the business infrastructure would be maintained. Organizational team can take the help of several websites, blogs, advertisement and promotion. Curtis (2016) opined that technological support is required to improve for better service. References Curtis, G., 2016. First Meeting: Governance, Investment Strategy, and Other Introductory Matters.Family Capital: Working with Wealthy Families to Manage Their Money Across Generations, pp.53-62. Mei, J., 2014. Development in Banking and Financial Law: 2014: IX. Appraisal Arbitrage: Investment Strategy of Hedge Funds and Shareholder Activists.Rev. Banking Fin. L.,34, pp.83-745.